June 17, 2024

LG Unveils Groundbreaking New OLED Transparent TV at CES 2024

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Jan 8, 2024

LG Electronics has unveiled a groundbreaking new product at CES 2024 – the world’s first wireless, transparent OLED TV. Dubbed the “LG Signature OLED T,” this incredible new TV uses transparent OLED technology to create a television that literally disappears when not in use.

Revolutionary New Design Blends into Any Environment

Unlike previous transparent display prototypes constrained by wires, LG’s OLED T model can be installed anywhere in a room without wiring, allowing it to elegantly blend into any environment when not being actively used as a TV.

When turned off, the TV is completely transparent, offering views of walls or other objects behind it. But with the flip of a switch, LG’s self-lit OLED pixels illuminate to reveal a stunning 4K picture.

"LG OLED T blend into environment"

LG Display Vice President Dr. Changho Oh described the groundbreaking concept:

“OLEDs can be completely transparent when you turn off the TV. So we came up with the idea of how about we make the frame also transparent. So when you turn it off, the TV just naturally blends into the space.”

This allows the OLED T to serve as either a beautiful television or an elegant design element suitable for high-end retail and hospitality spaces.

Cutting-Edge Display Specifications

In addition to its unique transparent and wireless capabilities, the LG OLED T delivers exceptional picture quality and cutting-edge display specifications:

  • 65-inch 4K OLED panel with over 8 million self-lit pixels, enabling infinite contrast and the deepest blacks
  • Supports 120Hz high frame rate gaming with ultra-fast response time
  • Top-tier brightness expected to exceed previous LG OLED models
  • Utilizes new α9 AI Processor Gen6 to optimize picture and sound
  • Fully wireless operation without any cables
  • Four integrated speakers providing 60W Dolby Atmos sound

With these best-in-class capabilities, viewers can enjoy an immersive entertainment experience whether they are playing games, watching movies, or displaying art and decorative content.

Unique Audiovisual Experience with Vacuum Tube Preamp

In a CES teaser video, LG also previewed an additional concept product called the “LG Dukebox” which merges vacuum tube audio technology from vintage jukeboxes with a see-through OLED display.

This hybrid music player and display creates a multi-sensory audiovisual experience by:

  • Placing an OLED panel in front of vintage vacuum tubes used for the preamp stage, allowing users to visually enjoy the tubes’ natural warmth and musicality
  • Using a transparent film speaker to emit sound directly from the display’s surface
  • Supporting lossless hi-res audio playback to take advantage of the vacuum tube’s analog richness

"LG Dukebox"

While more of a concept showcase than commercial product, the LG Dukebox highlights the creative potential of OLED’s transparent capabilities combined with other display and audio technologies.

What Next for Transparent OLED Displays?

With its new OLED T TV and Dukebox concept, LG has signaled that transparent display tech is ready for primetime. This opens up new possibilities for retail, architecture, automotive, and other applications.

Over the next few years, we may see transparent OLED panels incorporated into:

  • Retail displays and signage: Glass storefronts, product displays, and interactive signboards
  • Smart home appliances: Refrigerators, ovens and other appliances with integrated displays
  • Automotive designs: Visually blending dashboard screens and displays into the vehicle interior
  • Commercial buildings: Conference rooms, lobbies, and other business spaces

As manufacturing scales up, transparent OLED pricing should become increasingly competitive with standard displays, allowing for broader adoption.

Potential Transparent OLED Applications
Augmented reality glasses
Interactive kiosks
Smart mirrors
Window displays
Shower walls

However, traditional opaque LCD/OLED televisions are also continuing to advance with larger sizes, better image quality, and more competitive pricing. It may take some years before transparent OLED TVs become mainstream products for home use.

In the nearer term, much like LG’s original rollable and bendable display prototypes, the initial unit pricing for these cutting-edge screen technologies can be very high, targeted more for luxury and commercial settings.

Nonetheless, LG’s ability to manufacture large transparent OLED panels is a significant breakthrough, overcoming past technical hurdles relating to visual clarity, transparency, wiring, and wireless operation at scale. We are likely just seeing the start of innovative form factors and applications that can leverage see-through displays.

Closing Thoughts

With the unveiling of the LG Signature OLED T, LG Electronics has achieved a remarkable feat of consumer display engineering – a completely wireless 4K television that switches between transparent or vibrant OLED picture at the touch of a button.

This will allow home luxuries previously only seen in sci-fi films, while also enabling new commercial installations not possible with traditional screens.

And the complementary LG Dukebox concept highlights the intersection of analog craftsmanship and digital precision through a visually transparent audiovisual showcase.

LG’s embrace of the unique aesthetic and experiential potential of transparent screens points the way forward for blending displays seamlessly into retail, architecture, automotive, and one day even our homes and daily lives. We’ll be keeping an eager eye on the evolution of see-through screen tech!




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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