June 17, 2024

LG Unveils Immersive New Lineup of Dolby Atmos Soundbars for 2024

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Jan 8, 2024

LG has unveiled an impressive new lineup of soundbars for 2024, aiming to provide premium, immersive audio experiences to home theater enthusiasts. The new lineup, announced at CES 2024, consists of three Atmos-enabled soundbar models – the high-end LG S95QR, the mid-range LG SG20Y, and the more affordable LG S70QR.

Cutting-Edge Audio Technologies Take Center Stage

The flagship LG S95QR soundbar, only 6cm in height, packs serious audio power with its 15-channel system, comprised of 13 speakers including two up-firing and two side-firing speakers to create a truly three-dimensional soundscape.

“The S95QR has cutting-edge technologies to analyze the signal coming from your TV and optimize the sound accordingly,” said an LG representative.

The soundbar proudly boasts support for wireless Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, high-resolution audio playback, AI Room Calibration, and even HDMI eARC connectivity for uncompressed audio passthrough from compatible TVs.

The mid-tier LG SG20Y soundbar packs a hefty 16 speakers including four upfiring speakers, to create three-dimensional audio rivaling traditional component systems. It shares many of the same cutting-edge features as its higher-end sibling.

Finally, the LG S70QR soundbar offers a scaled-down 9.1.5 channel system but still supports key next-gen features like Dolby Atmos and AI room calibration. With predominantly forward-facing drivers, it trades some of the immersiveness of its pricier siblings for a lower cost.

Model Key Specs
LG S95QR 15 channels with 13 integrated speakers, wireless Dolby Atmos & DTS:X, AI room calibration, HDMI eARC, Hi-Res Audio playback
LG SG20Y 16 integrated speakers with Dolby Atmos & DTS:X decoding, AI room calibration, Hi-Res Audio playback
LG S70QR 9.1.5 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar, AI room calibration

Dolby Atmos Takes Center Stage

One key theme across LG’s new lineup is support for Dolby Atmos, which has become the audio format-of-choice for home theaters.

“Dolby Atmos is increasingly popular and will likely be the dominant format over the next several years,” said LG. “Our soundbars are designed to unlock Dolby Atmos in all its immersive glory.”

Dolby Atmos expands beyond traditional surround sound by introducing audio cues from overhead speakers, resulting in breathtaking realism. LG’s new soundbars simulate this 3D effect through special up-firing and side-firing drivers.

“You’ll feel like you’re inside the action, with effects swirling all around you,” said LG. “It’s incredibly lifelike.”

Connectivity Options Abound

The new LG soundbars offer wireless connectivity options that unlock their full potential.

The S95QR and SG20Y models boast HDMI eARC compatibility, allowing lossless passthrough of Dolby Atmos from compatible LG TVs. The S95QR even supports wireless Dolby Atmos transmission to create clutter-free setups.

All models offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming from smartphones and tablets. Plus Chromecast and Apple AirPlay support allow effortless casting from popular apps.

AI-Powered Audio Tuning

LG is also heavily touting the AI smarts built into its 2024 soundbars. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, they can analyze room conditions and fine-tune audio output accordingly through a process called AI Room Calibration.

“Just place the included microphone in your seating area, and sophisticated machine learning algorithms will customize the soundbar’s frequency response and surround sound performance for your unique room layout and acoustics,” described LG.

Extensive Feature Sets to Satisfy Enthusiasts

All three models feature extensive format support, including lossless 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio playback for maxing out fidelity. Other shared capabilities include 4K/Dolby Vision passthrough, built-in Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa voice assistants, AI sound tuning, adaptive sound control, and more.

But the S95QR flagship truly pulls out all the stops by adding extras like Meridian Audio upmixing and headphone calibration for private listening.

With their expansive connectivity options, immersive Dolby Atmos support, and intelligent audio tuning features – these LG soundbars aim to conquer the home theater world in 2024 and beyond. Their cutting-edge specs and extensive format compatibility make them exciting propositions for home cinema buffs.

We can expect enthusiastic first impressions from reviewers in the coming months as these soundbars become available. With ever-improving audio technologies upping the ante, LG’s newest lineup looks poised to turn heads and delight home theater aficionados.

What This Means for the Home Audio Industry

The reveal of LG’s lineup, hot on the heels of other Dolby Atmos product unveilings at CES 2024, strongly suggests an intensifying arms race in the premium home audio category.

We’re seeing AV receivers boast more and more channels, soundbars stuff in more speakers, and TVs expand Dolby Atmos capabilities – all in an effort to plunge viewers deeper into immersive audiovisual experiences.

LG’s announcement in particular puts the spotlight firmly on soundbars – now able to replicate Dolby Atmos surprisingly well while requiring less setup complexity.

“This has the potential to really accelerate the growth of the soundbar category,” commented industry analysts. “Mainstream consumers have warmed up to more advanced home audio over the last few years. Now with impressive yet easy-to-use Atmos soundbars like LG’s, we may see the premium segment explode.”

This could eat into sales of traditional AV receivers and speakers, while bringing better audio to the masses. Established players in the category will need to keep pace with ever-advancing capabilities to stay competitive.

We’ll likely witness a technology arms race unfold over 2024 across TVs, soundbars, receivers, and speakers as manufacturers fight for the expanding high-end home theater market. Exciting times lie ahead for home cinema buffs!




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