June 14, 2024

Major Developments Unfold in New Season of “The Way Home”

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Jan 22, 2024

The hit Hallmark series “The Way Home” returned for its second season on January 21, 2024, bringing big changes and new mysteries for its characters. Based on information from cast and creator interviews as well as reviews of the season two premiere, it appears there are major storylines developing that will keep viewers tuning in each week.

Lead Actress Andie MacDowell Hints at Surprising Twist for Her Character

In an interview with Parade magazine, lead actress Andie MacDowell revealed that her character, Del, will take an unexpected turn this season:

“I do something pretty wild this season,” MacDowell hints. “I didn’t see it coming. It surprised me when I read it in the script, but it makes total sense. Del is changing and evolving; she’s been on this emotional roller coaster ever since Kat came back into our lives.”

Del is the matriarch of the central family on the show, so any major shift for her character is likely to impact other characters as well. MacDowell doesn’t reveal any specifics, but it sounds like longtime fans can expect to see Del act out of character as she processes her emotional state.

Chyler Leigh Teases “Edge of Your Seat” Season Full of Twists

Chyler Leigh, who plays Kat Elliot, promises an intense new season full of twists and emotional turns:

“It’s going to keep you on the edge of your seat,” Leigh told Musetv. “I think because there are so many twists and turns this season, you’re going to see characters that you love—and maybe some that you don’t—in situations where you just can’t imagine where it’s going.”

Leigh goes on to describe just how central the mystery of Kat’s son Jacob’s disappearance will be in season two:

“There are moments where I don’t even know what Kat’s thinking. Some of the choices she makes are things I would never have imagined her doing prior to reading the script. But it all tracks with this desperation to find Jacob,” she reveals. “As an actress that’s so exciting, to keep surprising even myself.”

It looks like Leigh has been kept on her toes with all the developments for her character, which should make for intense viewing for fans.

Refreshing Shift in Tone for New Season

According to early reviews from critics who viewed the premiere, season two features some tonal shifts that add depth to the series. TVFanatic critic praises these changes:

“There is a stylistic difference to The Way Home Season 2, Episode 1. The darker hues reflect the new mysteries afoot in Port Haven. But there are lighter moments as well sprinkled throughout that highlight the importance of laughter through strife.”

Meanwhile, awards site AwardsRadar also commends the balance of emotion displayed early on in the new season:

“The season two premiere toggles tonally between somber, as the Holmes family copes with the aftermath of son Jacob’s disappearance, and lighter moments as Del helps an old friend relive happier days amid a battle with dementia.”

Fangirlish reviewer Lissete Lanuza Sáenz emphasizes the depth of emotion still at the core of the series in her season premiere review as well:

“The emotion was always the heart of this show. That remains. Yes, things look prettier now, but it’s still emotions first. It’s still this cast baring their acting souls for us.”

Critical Plot Points Teased for Season Premiere and Beyond

The premiere episode of season two, titled “The Space Between” digs right in to the central mystery around Jacob’s disappearance. Some outlets had access to advanced screeners of the premiere and have dropped teasers for key plot points to expect.

Possible Break in Case via Informant

TVLine spoke with showrunner Phoef Sutton who gave them a hint about how the mystery kicks off:

“In the first five minutes, someone shows up at Kat’s door claiming he has information about Jacob,” Sutton reveals. “He seems to know something about where Jacob has been for the past couple of years.”

But Sutton notes we’ll have to wait and see if this informant actually helps provide answers.

Return of Estranged Husband’s Girlfriend

Parade Magazine has an exclusive clip from the premiere showing that Lizzie, the woman Kat’s husband Rob was dating when Jacob disappeared, has returned to town. Lizzie’s announcement rattles Kat and could stir up more tension in the Holmes family.

Speculation on Other Possible Twists

Critics who viewed the premiere speculate on some other paths the season could take. TV Fanatic muses about Kat’s informant:

“Might it be someone pretending to have insight into Jacob to scam Kat out of money? She’s desperate enough to try anything to find her son.”

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life asked star Sadie Laflamme Snow if someone besides Jacob could die this season, to which she responded:

“I think we might lose a few characters. Some that you may not expect,” teases Sadie. “A death would obviously profoundly impact the Holmes family and where the investigation goes from here.”

So it seems no one, perhaps not even core cast members, are safe as the mystery intensifies!

How to Watch

The Way Home airs Sunday nights at 9 PM Eastern on the Hallmark Channel. For viewers without access to the channel via cable or satellite, there are streaming options:

  • Hallmark subscribers can sign in on to view episodes.
  • Stream through live TV services like Youtube TV, Hulu Live, DirecTV Stream (free trials available)
  • Purchase episodes via Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play and more.

See the full details on streaming options via Good Housekeeping.

With major developments in store for beloved characters and progress towards solving the central mystery around Jacob’s disappearance, “The Way Home” is set to deliver a gripping and emotional second season. Stay tuned each week for more twists and turns!




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