June 17, 2024

Man Arrested Outside Taylor Swift’s NYC Home After Attempted Break-In

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Jan 23, 2024

Suspect Tries to Enter Swift’s Tribeca Townhouse, Detained by Police

A man was arrested outside of Taylor Swift’s New York City home on Saturday after allegedly attempting to gain entry into the singer’s Tribeca townhouse, according to multiple reports.

The incident occurred around 5 pm on January 20th, while Swift was not home. Police responded to a call of a suspicious person trying to enter the premises, located in the upscale Manhattan neighborhood.

Upon arrival, officers detained a 52-year old New Jersey resident identified as Patrick Muldoon. He was initially arrested for disorderly conduct and held on an outstanding warrant from an unrelated prior incident.

Suspect Has History of Stalking Attempts on Swift

This was not Muldoon’s first run-in with the law for stalking Swift. He has allegedly been fixated on the singer for years, with multiple prior arrests for attempting to enter her properties in Nashville and Los Angeles.

Restraining orders have repeatedly been issued against Muldoon, but he has continued his disturbing pattern of behavior. This latest incident marks an escalation, as he traveled across multiple states seeking access to Swift’s home.

Neighboring residents reported seeing Muldoon pacing erratically in front of the building for nearly an hour. He then tried unsuccessfully to open the front door and side entrance multiple times.

Swift Was Attending Football Game During Break-In Attempt

Coincidentally, Swift was not home during the stalking attempt, as she was attending the AFC Championship football game in Kansas City between the Chiefs and Bills.

She posted videos on social media showing her surprised reaction to a field goal miss by the Bills in the final seconds of regulation play. Swift has been a vocal supporter of Buffalo sports teams.

It is unknown if Muldoon was aware Swift was not home over the weekend. Regardless, his brazen actions in broad daylight have alarmed residents in the typically low-key neighborhood.

Police Commend Witnesses Who Alerted Authorities Quickly

The New York Police Department offered credit to witnesses who contacted 911 promptly when observing Muldoon’s suspicious behavior.

“Thanks to the swift response of our officers and the awareness of neighborhood residents, we were able to apprehend this individual before the situation escalated,” said NYPD representative Stan Olsen.

“We encourage all citizens to remain vigilant and notify authorities if you witness unlawful or threatening actions against others.”

Swift Recently Honored for Advocacy Against Stalking

Ironically last week, Swift was presented with The Impact Award from The National Center for Victims of Crime for her years-long activism against stalking.

Her acceptance speech condemned those who engage in harassment and stalking behavior, while advocating for stronger protections for victims nationwide.

This was not the first time Swift leveraged her immense celebrity platform to champion an important cause. She has also lobbied elected officials in support of LGBTQ+ rights, gender equity, and sustainability efforts.

Friends Express Relief Swift Was Absent During Break-In

Sources close to Swift expressed their horror at the event, combined with relief that she was not home when it occurred.

“While deeply troubling, we are grateful Taylor was not present or aware of the situation as it unfolded,” said an unnamed friend.

“She handles threats and security risks incredibly well, but no one should feel unsafe in their own home.”

Many also voiced anger and frustration that stalkers seem to repeatedly evade restraining efforts against Swift.

Swift Praised for Grace Under Repeated Threats

Despite the trauma of dealing with perpetual harassment from stalkers, Swift has handled the situation with grace and candor over the years.

She has worked productively with legislators, using her own difficult experiences to advocate for more effective laws protecting victims nationwide.

Swift even included tracks referencing her struggles with stalkers on multiple albums, bringing compassionate awareness to millions of fans.

Year Album Songs Referencing Stalkers
2014 1989 “Blank Space”
2017 Reputation “Look What You Made Me Do”, “Getaway Car”
2022 Midnights “Karma”, “Vigilante Shit”

While maintaining empathy for those with untreated mental health issues, she continues to demand accountability for those who threaten and harass.

“Fame can attract some unhealthy attention, but no one deserves to feel unsafe in their community or residence,” Swift wrote in 2019 Facebook post after an attempted break-in.

“I hope my experience can generate honest discussions and real change when it comes to protecting victims.”

Legal Consequences Expected to be Severe for Repeat Offender

As Muldoon is a known repeat offender against Swift, legal experts anticipate steep consequences from his latest violation of restraining orders.

“Given his extensive history of stalking and clear obsession, I would expect prosecutors to levy felony charges with real prison time if convicted,” said criminal defense attorney Amy Hartford.

“The fact that he traveled across multiple states to continue his harassment also shows premeditation and intent to terrorize the victim.”

Stalking convictions can carry sentences up to 5 years in New York. With enhancements due to being a repeat offender, Muldoon could potentially face over a decade behind bars.

Prosecuting attorneys also have the option to pursue charges in federal court, as the stalking crossed state lines. This could elevate penalties even further.

Swift’s Security Team Conducting Review After Latest Breach

Representatives for Swift are also reassessing security protocols after this most recent stalking incident.

Her security team had already implemented extensive measures to protect against threats, but will scrutinize if any weaknesses need to be addressed.

They will likely advise Swift on best practices going forward when returning to her New York residence. These could potentially include alterations to the building itself or assigning a rotating protective detail onsite.

While saddened by the continual need for heightened security, Swift has always complied with expert guidance to remain safe. Her safety remains the number one priority for her organization and management.


This weekend’s frightening events outside Taylor Swift’s home reminded how prevalent harassment remains in society. It also reinforced Swift’s bravery and leadership in the face of repeated trauma over the years.

Let us hope her advocacy makes meaningful progress towards greater protections for victims nationwide. No one deserves to feel unsafe in their own community.




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