July 13, 2024

Microsoft Office and Windows 11 Deals Abound Before the Holidays

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Dec 21, 2023

The holiday season often brings great deals on popular Microsoft products like Office and Windows. This year is no exception, with multiple retailers offering significant discounts on subscriptions, one-time purchases, and upgrades. For those looking to purchase Microsoft software, either as a gift or for themselves, now appears an opportune time with the year quickly coming to a close.

Huge Savings on One-Time Office 2019 Purchases

For Mac and Windows users not needing the latest 365 subscription, the 2019 one-time purchase versions of Microsoft Office are seeing prices slashed dramatically. Both the Home & Student and Home & Business SKUs for either operating system can be currently purchased for just $30, an almost unheard of low price.

CNET and MacWorld highlight these software bundles that include classic Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The Home & Student version covers single users looking for core functionality, while the Home & Business edition ads more advanced tools like Publisher and Access databases.

While Office 2021 and Office 365 have additional features, these older 2019 packages will continue receiving security updates. For basic home and student use, the extra capabilities likely go unused by many people. Students and families simply looking for good Word/Excel functionality for papers and personal finance will still get a lot of mileage out of a $30 purchase.

Product Original MSRP Current Price % Off
Office Home & Student 2019 for Mac $149.99 $29.99 80%
Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac $249.99 $29.99 88%
Office Home & Student 2019 for Windows $149.99 $29.99 80%
Office Home & Business 2019 for Windows $249.99 $29.99 88%

These deals significantly undercut Microsoft’s current pricing on newer releases. Office 2021 starts at $149 for Home & Student and $249 for Home & Business. And purchasing an annual Office 365 Personal or Family subscription normally runs around $70-$100.

So if you or a gift recipient doesn’t need the latest features or cloud access, now appears an incredible chance to get Office at a fraction of typical costs. However, there’s no word currently on exactly when these promotions will expire. So time may be limited if interested buyers want 2019 packages at these prices.

Upgrade to Windows 11 Pro for Only $25

Along with Office, Windows operating system offers are also surfacing to upgrade computers still on Windows 10. Full licenses for Windows 11 Pro, normally $199, have been steeply discounted to only $25 while supplies last.

Windows 11 build upgrades concentrate heavily on visual refresh and productivity enhancements. But Pro versions aimed at power users and small businesses also enable crucial tools like BitLocker drive encryption, Hyper-V virtualization, and Remote Desktop server/client access. Home versions lack these capabilities favored by many businesses and enterprise clients.

So for a single twenty dollar bill, eligible Windows 10 users can unlock all capabilities offered in Windows 11 Pro. Experts at BleepingComputer emphasize what an unprecedented deal this is for official licenses from Microsoft. Even heavily discounted gray market keys rarely dip much below $50-60 for Windows Pro verisons.

Keys for this promotion appear extremely limited, so upgrade eligibility limitations may apply for those wanting to redeem the licenses. But if you’re already on Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise on a desktop or laptop, jumping to Windows 11 Pro for $25 gives a bounty of new features for hardly any money at all.

Microsoft Software Bundles Also Seeing Steep Cuts

Along with individual SKUs of Office and Windows, some retailers are also bundling them together for additional savings as the holidays approach. Staples, Newegg, and StackSocial currently offer packages with Windows 11 Pro and Office 2021 Pro Plus for around $50.

These collections can save shoppers an extra $100 compared to buying both separately even at their discounted rates. For home users wanting both flagship Microsoft products, the bundles pose quite a value compared to normal pricing well over $400.

Thrifty shoppers can also pick up even cheaper combos using the aforementioned Office 2019 packages. Since those older editions are selling right now for only $30, stacking one on top of a $25 Windows 11 Pro key drops total checkout below $60. Of course feature differences between Office 2019 and 2021 still remain. But those wanting to maximize savings can get both primary Microsoft software worlds for the cost of one full-price program.

For employers and students gifting new computers over the next month, having Windows and Office ready to redeem beats needing multiple purchases after unwrapping. While timing and short supply of discount codes remains uncertain, those in need of either or both Microsoft flagships can ring in 2023 with tremendous holiday savings.

What Does This Mean for Microsoft’s Bottom Line?

With software bundles and upgrades reaching unprecedented lows, questions have arisen concerning potential revenue impacts for Microsoft both short and long-term. But financial analysts seem unfazed by deals they see ultimately driving more ecosystem activity benefiting the tech giant overall.

Many customers upgrading to discounted Windows 11 or Office may then opt for related software and services like 365 subscriptions down the road. And the reach of markdowns into retail channels ultimately builds Windows and Office market share – still crucial pillars of Microsoft’s business flying under the Azure cloud banner nowadays.

Perks like bundled Xbox Game Pass trials and Skype credit add avenues to upsell deal takers once inside Microsoft’s wider environment. So while deep discounts snip some immediate income sources, they help sow future revenue potential with both new and returning customers.

Of course whether current promotions ultimately pay off depends on if customers stick around post-deals or just take one-time upgrades/purchases and move on. But Microsoft’s scale likely assures correlated sales from peripherals, accessories, and gaming often make up for near-term dips in OS and productivity revenue.

With Windows still claiming over 70% of computing devices and Office used by 1.2 billion people monthly, Redmond’s reach ensures short-term losses likely pale next to lifetime customer value and spending habits established. So interested buyers need not feel overly guilty jumping on the current steal of deals as Microsoft’s dominance still looks solid going into 2023 and beyond.

The Final Word

Microsoft dropping prices this low on some of their most popular and entrenched products definitely qualifies as rare. Exactly how long the currently available promotions might last is anybody’s guess. But those considering purchases or upgrades for an Office or Windows license have an incredible opportunity at the close of 2022.

Both average consumers and business owners can lock-in years of access to Microsoft’s productivity and computing platforms at unprecedented bargains. So interested shoppers wanting to unwrap a little extra holiday magic have only a narrow window before seasonal sales likely disappear.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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