June 14, 2024

Midwife Falsifies Vaccine Records for Nearly 1,500 Children

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Jan 18, 2024

Midwife Provided Homeopathic Pellets Instead of Vaccines

A midwife from Baldwin, New York has been found falsifying vaccine records for nearly 1,500 children over the past decade, according to the New York State Department of Health. Jeanette Breen, a homeopathic practitioner, allegedly provided homeopathic pellets to children instead of administering vaccines for diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella. However, she created false documentation showing the children had received the proper immunizations.

The falsified records impacted children in school districts in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The children ranged from babies to teenagers enrolled in preschools, public schools and private schools.

Breen was penalized $300,000 by health regulators and ordered to stop practicing medicine. Additionally, all records related to her patients are currently under review. Parents with children treated by Breen are being contacted to determine if supplemental vaccinations are needed.

Investigation Uncovers Over 12,000 Fake Records

The investigation into Breen’s records began over a year ago. Initially, a school in Commack notified health department officials after discovering some student vaccine history forms had irregularities.

Further inquiry found the forms had been completed by Breen. In total, investigators found over 12,000 fake or altered immunization records signed by the Baldwin midwife.

“This was an egregious breach of trust by someone responsible for providing medical care,” said Acting Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald. “We are working hard with local schools and parents to assess if there are any medical risks for these students.”

Homeopathic Care Questioned

While some parents deliberately choose homeopathic medicine for their children, the pellets given by Breen would not provide the same protection as a traditional vaccine. This has raised concerns that the children could have been left vulnerable to viruses like measles or mumps which have seen a resurgence in recent years.

Additionally, some parents have claimed that they were unaware that Breen was providing an alternative to traditional medical care. They assumed their child was being properly vaccinated according to health guidelines.

“We entrusted our kids health to the midwife. This is so irresponsible,” said Pauline Cho, a parent interviewed by local station News12 Long Island.

The full list of affected school districts is still being compiled. So far Baldwin, East Meadow, Great Neck, Lawrence, Oceanside and Port Washington in Nassau County are confirmed impacted as well as schools in Staten Island and Suffolk County.

Timeline of Events

Date Event
2013-2022 Jeanette Breen serves as midwife and provides some children with homeopathic pellets instead of vaccines
Early 2023 School officials notice irregularities on some student vaccine records
March 2023 Investigation launched into Breen’s records and licenses
January 2024 Breen penalized $300k, ordered to stop practicing medicine
January 2024 Health department identifies over 12,000 falsified records
January 2024 Parent interviews raise lack of consent questions

Response Underway to Confirm Immunization Status

With over 1,400 students now considered un-immunized, the health department is coordinating with impacted school districts to confirm vaccination records. They are contacting parents and guardians to arrange additional vaccines as needed.

Students without accurate vaccine documentation will need to receive replacement immunizations or risk being unable to attend school. This could impact hundreds of families across multiple school districts.

Additionally, some teenagers old enough to consent to their own medical care may have received treatment from Breen without their parent’s knowledge. The full scope of impacted students remains unclear.

What Comes Next

In addition to supplementary vaccines, some parents indicated they may consider legal action given the unauthorized care provided by Breen. However, the midwife has already been penalized the maximum amount allowed under the law.

Meanwhile, the health department continues to examine all of Breen’s patient records to identify the full list of clients. Until that process is complete, officials aren’t sure how many fake vaccine reports may still be uncovered.

Acting Commissioner McDonald said Breen’s license will remain revoked for the foreseeable future. Though some parents supported her alternative practice, McDonald said “Intentionally putting children at risk is unacceptable from any health practitioner.”

While additional sanctions are unlikely, the case highlights the rare but devastating impacts of a licensed caregiver violating community trust. Health officials are emphasizing that parents should thoroughly vet any doctor who opposes traditional medical standards.

For now, investigators are piecing together just how extensive the fake documentation will turn out to be. The fact over 12,000 falsified records have already been confirmed suggests the case may continue to expand in scale as more parents and schools are contacted across New York’s Long Island region.




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