May 29, 2024

Music Icons We Lost in 2023

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Dec 31, 2023

2023 saw the passing of many legendary musicians who left an indelible impact on the music industry. From rock n’ roll pioneers to pop icons, the music world lost some of its brightest stars this year.

Farewell to a Funk Master: George Clinton Dies at 81

George Clinton, the eccentric funk musician who pioneered the development of funk music in the 70s, died at age 81 on December 28th. As the mastermind behind the groups Parliament and Funkadelic, Clinton created a unique funk sound that incorporated psychedelic rock, soul, and jazz influences.

Clinton was renowned for his colorful personality and over-the-top live shows that highlighted his cosmic philosophies and kaleidoscopic musical arrangements. His hit songs like “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)” and “Flash Light” defined the P-Funk era and influenced countless artists for generations.

The innovative musician’s impact stretched across rap, rock, and pop. Artists from Prince to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Outkast have cited Clinton as a core inspiration. His fusion of genres and emphasis on collective community laid the groundwork for hip hop’s sampling culture.

As news of his passing emerged, figures across music paid tribute:

“His influence is everywhere you look. His legacy will live on forever” – Questlove

Clinton languished with health issues in recent years but continued touring with Parliament-Funkadelic as recently as August 2022. The pioneering Funkadelic album Maggot Brain and Parliament’s Mothership Connection represent his most essential works, encapsulating Clinton’s groundbreaking synthesis of genres.

While he has died, his otherworldly musical innovation and eventually his spirit lives on.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Elton John Plays Last US Show

In November, Elton John played his final tour date in the United States – a three-night finale at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. His three shows marked the end of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, three and a half years and over 300 dates after it began in September 2018.

The Dodger Stadium concerts closed his career in the US with a callback to two iconic shows John played at the venue in October 1975. Those electric two nights represented the peak of his fame at the time. This November, John replicated the spectacular spirit of those nights, delivering sequin-clad performances of his enduring hits for legions of longtime fans.

“You’ve been so wonderful to me, America, for the last 46 years,” he told the crowd.

At 75 years old, John has decided to step back from extensive touring and make more time with his family. But he refuses to stop performing entirely, with a slew of festival dates across Europe slated for summer 2023.

John’s career has dramatically transformed pop music history, yielding over 30 beloved studio albums and making him one of the top-selling solo artists globally. His swan songs provided a fitting end to his monumental decades of concerts across the United States.

While American fans will miss his live shows, his musical legacy will no doubt stretch long into the future. His final bows in Los Angeles gave followers the chance for one last “Crocodile Rock” alongside a genuine pop legend.

Remembering Three Seminal Guitar Heroes

The rock music community lost three legendary guitarists in 2023 – Jeff Beck, Wilko Johnson and David Crosby. Each musician carved out an iconic niche with their blazing six-string work.

**Jeff Beck – **This British rock pioneer rose to stardom in the Yardbirds during the 1960s before embarking on an influential solo career that incorporated blues rock, jazz fusion and experimentation. His trailblazing technique, use of feedback and guitar innovations left an enormous impact across rock. Beck died in January 2023 at age 78, prompting eulogies from rock icons like Jimmy Page and Ozzy Osbourne.

**Wilko Johnson – **The sharp-dressed speed demon guitarist became a proto-punk legend as a founding member of Dr. Feelgood, which pioneered England’s pub rock movement. His aggressive rhythmic style was a primary influence on punk rock, laying the groundwork for bands from The Clash to Blondie. Johnson died in November 2022 at age 75 but news emerged widely in early 2023.

**David Crosby – **The legendary singer-songwriter served world-class vocal harmonies and ambitious folk-rock instrumentation. He rose to fame in The Byrds before finding wider success with Crosby, Stills & Nash. As a two-time Rock Hall inductee, Crosby contributed to some canonized works of the 1960s before continuing an eclectic solo career. He passed at age 81 in January.

The loss of these three guitar heroes dealt a heavy blow to the fabric of rock music, taking away pioneers who each forged distinct niches. But their discographies and fingerprints on the genre will continue inspiring developing musicians.

Bidding Adieu to Australia’s “Piano Man”

In November, Australian music lost an icon with the death of singer-songwriter and “Piano Man” Jerry Lee Lewis at age 87. With hits like “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,” the exuberant pianist helped define the early days of rock music alongside the likes of Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry.

Born in 1935 in Louisiana, Lewis channeled gospel, country and R&B influences into a pioneering brand of rock ‘n roll that drove crowds wild in the 1950s. His vivacious performance style saw Lewis pound the keys with arms flailing, kick away his bench and even light pianos on fire.

“Jerry Lee was a Christian, an outrageous rock & roller, a skilled interpreter of country music, and one of the greatest entertainers ever to grace the stage,” country artist Kenny Chesney said following Lewis’ death.

Beyond the stage, Lewis lived a turbulent life marked by substance issues and personal turmoil. But during the initial rock heyday, hits like “Breathless” and “High School Confidential” made Lewis an instant sensation akin to Presley. In 1986, he became part of the inaugural class inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Lewis spent his later years living quietly at home in Mississippi after failing health forced him to stop touring in 2019. Upon the “Killer'”s passing, rock icons like Ronnie Wood, Elton John and more paid homage to the legendary pianist who endured across eras as one of music’s foundational figures.

Looking Ahead After a Year of Loss

The staggering number of music greats lost in 2023 represents an emotional period for the industry. But their respective legacies burn bright through the enduring music and influence they leave in their wake.

Younger rising artists have no shortage of icons to mine inspiration from. The breadth of 2023’s passings highlights the connective tissue between genres, with losses spanning punk, funk, rock, folk and more.

These musicians may be gone, but their mark on music’s landscape stretches ages into the horizon. Their deaths serve as a reminder to celebrate lives steeped in creative passion. Surely their gifts live on through those they’ve touched and the timeless works they crafted.

We grieve the greats we lost in 2023 while gaining deeper appreciation for the indelible impact each carved out. Their ripples will continue shaping tastes and aesthetics for generations to come. Artists alive today honor their memory by building on creations these legends once dreamed into being through song.

That creative chain persists as the soundtrack to so many lives. Its links grow only stronger with time, bonded by inspiration that flows ceaselessly from the past into the hands and voices conjuring the music of tomorrow.




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