June 25, 2024

Natasha Rothwell Spills On “Mind-Blowing” Upcoming Season Of The White Lotus

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Dec 11, 2023

Fans of the hit HBO series The White Lotus have been eagerly awaiting details on the third season of the show, and cast member Natasha Rothwell has finally given some inside information on what viewers can expect. Speaking to multiple media outlets, Rothwell teased “mind-blowing” new scripts and potential returns of old characters.

New Location Provides Backdrop For More White Lotus Shenanigans

The previous two seasons of The White Lotus took place at luxury resorts in Hawaii and Sicily, showing affluent guests navigating vacation disasters. For the third season, production is heading to Asia, with filming scheduled in Thailand.

While exact plot details are still under wraps, Rothwell hinted that the new scripts and characters will deliver the same dysfunctional dynamics fans have come to love from the anthology series.

“It’s going to blow people’s minds,” Rothwell told The Hollywood Reporter. “The scripts are awesome.”

She echoed similar sentiments in an interview with Rolling Stone, stating:

“It’s going to be amazing. I absolutely cannot wait for people to see it.”

Season Location
1 Hawaii
2 Sicily, Italy
3 Thailand

Rothwell plays new resort manager Dakota, who is sure to have her hands full managing the wealthy, needy guests. If the previous White Lotus seasons are any indication, tensions will run high against the tropical backdrop.

Daddario Open To Reprising Her Role

While each season of the show features a mostly new ensemble cast, Alexandra Daddario has expressed interest in reprising her role as newlywed Rachel from season 1.

When asked by ScreenRant if she’d make an appearance in season 3, Daddario responded:

“I would love to make a cameo. I mean, I would love to see Rachel just have gotten a divorce and then lost everything in the stock market crash and then maybe she shows up asking Tanya for a job.”

Only time will tell if viewers get more closure on Rachel’s story arc, but the concept of her character falling from rich newlywed to resort staffer trying to make ends meet would be perfectly in line with the razor sharp satire of The White Lotus.

Rothwell’s Own Career Reaching New Heights

In addition to the third season of The White Lotus, Rothwell has a number of other major projects in the works. She just wrapped filming as one of the stars of the upcoming Willy Wonka prequel film starring Timothée Chalamet.

She described the Wonka role as a “pivotal moment” in her career, expanding her opportunities in Hollywood. Rothwell is also developing a romantic comedy feature film that she will star in, produce, and potentially direct.

On top of her blossoming film prospects, Rothwell is still going strong in television. She currently stars as Kelli on the hit HBO series Insecure and will provide voice work for the network’s upcoming animated series Velma.

With Rothwell’s rising star power across multiple mediums, Dakota is likely to make a splash when she checks into The White Lotus next season.

Thailand Braces For Tourism Uptick Post-Premiere

If The White Lotus continues its trend of dramatically boosting tourism to its real world filming locations, Thailand is about to get an influx of visitors. According to The Independent, Sicily experienced a 30% increase in American travelers after season 2 aired last fall.

Industry experts predict the country will see a similar impact once the latest episodes showcase the natural beauty and culture of Thailand. With its tropical beaches, lush jungles, and ornate temples, Thailand has plenty of alluring scenery guaranteed to entice viewers.

In fact, Times Now News suggests fans may want to visit the region sooner rather than later, before prices potentially skyrocket when crowds descend after the new season drops. For now, Thailand remains an enticing and affordable option for travelers looking to soak up the sights.

The coastal resort town of Krabi has been floated as a possible season 3 filming site, featuring plenty of luxury hotels that could stand in for the fictional White Lotus property.

Rothwell’s Cryptic Teases Leave Fans Theorizing

Rothwell remained tight-lipped about more specific season 3 storylines. But her repeated assertions that the scripts are game changing and “mind blowing” were more than enough to send the rumor mill into overdrive.

The most common fan theories suggest next season’s guests will party even harder than before, plunging to more decadent lows. Or perhaps there will be another murder mystery afoot. Distractify posited that Dakota may end up having surprisingly sinister motives behind her unflappable hospitality.

For now, supporters of the show will just have to patiently monitor social media and entertainment sites for more tidbits leading up to the season 3 premiere.

One thing’s for sure though – after two salacious installments full of affairs, lies, class tensions, and violence, the creative minds behind The White Lotus have their work cut out for them trying to top the chaos.

But if Natasha Rothwell’s exuberant preview is accurate, they just might exceed all expectations with next season’s misadventures at the bougie Thai resort. However the mayhem unfolds, her Dakota will likely be at the very center of the storm.




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