June 20, 2024

National Association of Realtors President Resigns Amidst Blackmail Threat

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Jan 9, 2024

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is facing yet another leadership crisis, as president Tracy Kasper announced her resignation on January 8th, 2024 after allegedly receiving blackmail threats seeking to disclose private personal information. This comes just months after the previous NAR president, Charlie Oppler, also abruptly resigned from his position last September.

Background Leading Up to the Resignation

Tracy Kasper, a Cleveland-based real estate broker, was elected NAR president in November 2023. She was set to begin her one-year term on January 1st, 2024, taking over from acting president Kenny Parcell after Oppler’s resignation.

Kasper entered the position at a tumultuous time for the 1.6 million-member realtor association. Her predecessor Charlie Oppler resigned suddenly last September after facing backlash over the NAR’s perceived lack of action on housing affordability and racial justice issues.

During his tenure, Oppler had created a special committee to address racist housing policies and formed a Fair Housing Policy Committee to review current practices. However, critics claimed these efforts amounted to “window dressing” without meaningful change. Over 600 realtors signed a petition calling for new leadership focused on affordable housing and racial equality in the industry.

Resignation Announcement and Fallout

In a shocking announcement on January 8th, 2024, Tracy Kasper stated that she would be resigning from the NAR presidency, less than one week into her term.

In her resignation letter, Kasper alleged that she had received threats to publicly disclose private personal information if she did not resign. She did not provide further details on the nature of these threats or who was behind them. Kasper stated that while she was confident she could continue to lead the organization, she was resigning to avoid harm to her family.

| Leadership Turmoil at National Association of Realtors |

  • September 2023: President Charlie Oppler resigns amidst controversy over lack of action on housing affordability and racial justice.
  • November 2023: Tracy Kasper elected new NAR president, set to take office January 2024.
  • January 8th, 2024: Newly installed president Tracy Kasper resigns only one week into term, alleging blackmail threats against her and her family.


Kasper’s resignation has thrown the leadership of the NAR into disarray once again. In the wake of her departure, new allegations have emerged regarding the association’s troubling history with privacy violations and harassment targeted towards its female leaders.

Several sources have pointed to widespread sexism and discrimination problems within the realtor community. Last year, the Department of Justice sued the NAR over rules that allegedly enabled housing discrimination.

Critics state that Kasper’s resignation also closely follows the NAR board’s refusal to adopt reforms around pocket listing policies, which can enable discrimination and are opposed by the Department of Justice.

Appointment of Replacement President

With Tracy Kasper’s abrupt resignation, the NAR board quickly voted to appoint St. Louis broker Kevin Sears as the new president on January 8th. Sears was 2023’s president-elect and next in line for the position.

In a statement, Kevin Sears acknowledged Kasper’s resignation as “an extraordinarily difficult situation” but expressed confidence in the organization’s leadership. He stated his commitment to continue working towards greater transparency and accountability.

However, Sears also has ties to past controversies – he formerly sat on the NAR’s Right Tools, Right Now commission which faced lawsuits over antitrust violations in 2020. Critics state this connection to previous leadership fiascos shows the NAR has not truly changed course.

It remains uncertain if Kevin Sears will be able to effectively lead the organization towards reform and restore member confidence amidst ongoing criticism over lack of progress on core issues.

What Comes Next for the NAR

Tracy Kasper’s resignation after alleged blackmail threats has shed light on troubling trends of privacy violations, gender discrimination, and leadership disorganization plaguing the National Association of Realtors.

While Kevin Sears has been rapidly installed as the new president, experts state this quick turnover of leadership raises further uncertainty about the road ahead.

It remains to be seen whether Sears can properly address core concerns around housing affordability, discrimination, and the need for more progressive policies that reformists are demanding. Housing activists will keep pressing the NAR for tangible change under its new leadership.

Observers expect ongoing scrutiny of the realtor association to continue, especially with the Justice Department’s discrimination lawsuit looming. The NAR will also remain in hot water if it continues resisting demands to ban pocket listings.

Unless Kevin Sears can successfully manage substantial policy changes on these issues, the organization is likely to keep facing internal pressure and membership dissatisfaction threatening its operations in the long term. More leadership resignations may follow unless core critics feel their reformist demands are finally being met going forward.

The coming year will prove pivotal for the future viability of the National Association of Realtors as it reckons with necessary shifts in the real estate world. Meaningful action on transparency, affordability, and inclusion will be essential benchmarks to satisfy growing reform demands. Appointing Kevin Sears appears a stopgap for now – but bolder leadership committed to fundamental change may soon be required to stabilize the flailing organization.




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