May 22, 2024

Netflix Greenlights Two More Harlan Coben Adaptations After Hit Series Fool Me Once

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Jan 22, 2024

Netflix has announced that it has commissioned two more thriller mini-series based on Harlan Coben’s novels, following the success of the recently released Fool Me Once. The streaming giant has tapped bestselling author Harlan Coben for two more page-turners after viewers couldn’t get enough of the Michelle Keegan-led Fool Me Once.

Fool Me Once Sets the Stage for More Coben Adaptations

Fool Me Once debuted on Netflix on January 20, 2023 starring Michelle Keegan. The miniseries is based on Coben’s novel of the same name and proved massively popular with viewers. Netflix reported that Fool Me Once was watched for over 57 million hours globally within its first week – landing it in the platform’s Top 10 lists across multiple territories.

The strong viewership and positive response to Coben’s first Netflix adaptation has led the streaming service to greenlight two more miniseries based on the author’s novels.

“Viewers can’t get enough of Harlan Coben’s thrillers, so we’re serving up two more nail-biting mysteries centered around family secrets with The Missing You and Run Away,” said Netflix executive XY.

Next Up: The Missing You and Run Away

The two newly announced Harlan Coben adaptations are titled The Missing You and Run Away. Like Fool Me Once, they will be miniseries format produced in the UK by Quay Street Productions – the makers behind Netflix’s Stay Close adaptation and production company co-founded by Coben.

The Missing You tells the tale of Kat Donovan, a detective with the NYPD whose ex-fiancé has reached out to her after years of no contact…and then disappears without a trace shortly after. The series deals with themes of lost love and buried secrets.

Run Away focuses on Simon Greene and daughter Paige. Simon’s world is rocked when Paige disappears one night, leaving only a cryptic note behind. The series follows Simon as he journeys down a dangerous path in search of answers while grappling with dark family secrets.

Both 6 to 8 episode miniseries are due to start production in London soon and will launch on Netflix globally in 2025.

What Viewers Can Expect From The New Series

Fans of Harlan Coben can expect his signature pulse-pounding style carried over into the upcoming adaptations. The Missing You and Run Away deal with hidden family secrets bubbling to the surface – a common theme in many of Coben’s page-turners.

Based on his previous novels-turned-series, viewers can anticipate plenty of jaw-on-the-floor twists and turns as Coben leads the audience down shadowy rabbit holes. Atmospheric settings, morally complex characters, danger around every corner…all the ingredients of a riveting Harlan Coben thriller will be present.

Danny Brocklehurst – lead writer on Fool Me Once – will return as the head writer on The Missing You and Run Away. Brocklehurst will work closely with Harlan Coben to adapt the novels. With their collaboration on the acclaimed Fool Me Once under their belt, fans can expect Coben’s signature voice to ring true in the new miniseries once again.

Why Netflix Is Investing Further In Coben

Harlan Coben is one of the most widely read thriller authors alive, with over 75 million books in print across the globe. He is adored by readers for crafting every page with devilish wit and unpredictable twists. Increasingly, viewers are experiencing those same thrills play out on-screen.

Beyond standout recent releases like Fool Me Once and 2021’s Stay Close, Netflix has been finding major success with Coben adaptations across regions and languages.

The chart below shows the popularity of some of Netflix’s Harlan Coben adaptations so far:

Series Region Viewership
The Stranger English Projected over 21 million households
The Woods Polish Projected over 14 million
The Innocent Spanish Projected over 15 million
Gone for Good French Projected over 16 million

It’s clear to see why Netflix is keen to lock down more projects with the author – his stories have global appeal that transcend language and cultural barriers. Viewers everywhere find themselves gripped by the human drama and shocking revelations in his tales.

Combined with Coben’s key role as an executive producer through Quay Street Productions, Netflix has a winning formula on their hands. With so many bestselling novels still left unadapted in Coben’s repertoire, these newly announced titles are likely just the next drops in a wave of future series confirmations.

What This Means For Michelle Keegan And The Future Of Fool Me Once

With two more Harlan Coben series headed for production, one question on fans’ minds is – will we see Michelle Keegan reprise her Fool Me Once role in future seasons?

Fool Me Once was billed as a “limited series” rather than a multi-season show like Stay Close. The storyline was wrapped up within the 8 episodes. However, Coben has left the door open for the story to continue.

When asked if he’d consider revisiting the characters or if a follow-up season was possible, Coben responded:

“I never say never…It’s not like I have an immediate plan to bring the character of Maya or other characters back, but I’ve learned enough in this business that if people really watch it, demand is there.”

Michelle Keegan has also expressed interest about returning as Maya if the opportunity arises:

“I’d definitely be up for doing a second series if the script was right and if people wanted it. I loved the character of Maya so it would be an honour to play her again.”

So while no firm plans are in place yet,Kline Springs fans may not have seen the last of Maya and her quest for the truth.

For now Keegan as turned her sights onto her next project – starring in a new BBC drama titled Idol. But should Netflix come calling with future seasons of Fool Me Once down the line, it seems the star is already keen to get back into Maya’s complex psyche once more.

What Lies Ahead For Coben’s Streaming Adaptations?

With Fool Me Once sparking mass interest, two new Harlan Coben limited series on the horizon, and over a dozen other adaptations under Netflix’s umbrella, one thing is clear – we’re living in a golden age of Coben on screen.

2022 saw four Harlan Coben series released across three regions and languages. Combined these shows spent over 100 days in Netflix’s Top 10 lists for their respective countries.

2023 already has Fool Me Once setting records, with The Missing You, Run Away ramping up production starts as well.

Further down the pipeline are series adaptations of Coben bestsellers Hold Tight, Darling, and others in various stages of development.

The author shows no signs of slowing down either. He continues churning out rapid-fire bestsellers year after year. It seems inevitable Netflix will tap many more of his 75+ books for adaptation sooner or later.

For now, thriller fans and Harlan Coben devotees alike have much to look forward to on Netflix. With Fool Me Once leaving viewers wanting more, the announcements of The Missing You and Run Away feel like the next dose of an addictive drug.

Get ready for more jaw-on-the-floor moments, family secrets, dangerous twists, and shocking reveals as Harlan Coben brings his chilling tales to Netflix subscribers across the globe.




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