June 19, 2024

Netflix Partners With WIT Studio to Produce New Anime Adaptation of Classic Manga “One Piece”

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Dec 18, 2023

Netflix has announced an exciting new partnership to produce a remake of the iconic anime series “One Piece”. The streaming giant will be teaming up with WIT Studio, the acclaimed animation studio behind hits like “Attack on Titan”, to develop a new anime adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s classic manga.

Key Details About The New Anime Adaptation

Here are some of the key details that have been revealed so far about this highly-anticipated project:

  • The new anime series will be a remake, covering the early East Blue arc of the manga that was previously adapted in the long-running 1999 anime series.
  • It will premiere worldwide on Netflix in January 2024.
  • The series will be handled by WIT Studio, who are replacing Toei Animation as the ones animating Oda’s story. WIT Studio animated the hugely popular Attack on Titan anime.
  • The announcement came alongside news of a separate Oda anime film called Monsters, which will also stream on Netflix.

This remake promises to bring Luffy and the Straw Hats to life again for both nostalgic fans and newcomers alike with updated animation and storytelling styles.

Background Context On Popularity of “One Piece”

To understand the significance of this news, it helps to understand the sheer popularity and influence of Eiichiro Oda’s “One Piece” manga in Japan and around the world. First published in 1997 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the seafaring fantasy/adventure series follows a young man named Monkey D. Luffy who gains extraordinary stretchy powers and travels the world assembling a pirate crew in search of the ultimate treasure, the “One Piece,” in order to become the next Pirate King.

With over 500 million copies sold worldwide, One Piece is the best-selling manga series in history. The manga spurred an animated adaptation in 1999 from Toei Animation that is still ongoing with over 1000 episodes, making it tied for the record for most anime episodes produced for a single series. One Piece has an extremely passionate global fanbase spanning generations, making this remake a hugely significant project for Netflix to take on.

Top 5 Best Selling Manga Series of All Time Total Copies Sold
One Piece 500 million+
Golgo 13 300 million
Detective Conan 230 million
Naruto 250 million
Dragon Ball 260 million

Reaction From Anime Fans & Industry

The announcement of this high-profile Netflix adaptation of such an iconic anime has sent waves through the industry and fan community. Reactions range from excitement to skepticism about WIT studio’s ability to do justice to the beloved source material:

  • Fans are thrilled to potentially see Luffy’s origin done in a modernized animation style, while worrying if the remake will feel redundant.
  • Some voice concerns about WIT Studio reproducing Oda’s unique offbeat humor and cartoony art style.
  • Many see parallels to the recent well-received Netflix adaptations of classics like Cowboy Bebop and Yu Yu Hakusho, hoping this One Piece version can follow suit.
  • The news builds hype for Netflix’s growing slate of anime content as they aim to be viewed as a top destination for the medium globally.
  • Industry watchers speculate this could inspire other studios and streamers to explore remakes of all-time great anime franchises.

While fan reactions range from excited to nervous, the overwhelming sentiment is anticipation to see Luffy and the Straw Hats setting sail again in this bold new interpretation overseen by Netflix.

What The Remake Will Cover

Netflix’s synopsis for the new series reveals it will be retelling Monkey D. Luffy’s origin story from the popular “East Blue” arc, which spans Luffy assembling his crew all the way through the battles with Arlong and Don Krieg. This section of the manga was previously adapted in the first ~60 TV episodes of the 1999 anime series. Fans are eager to see these iconic “early adventures” arcs portrayed with modern anime production values.

The East Blue Saga is where viewers meet fan-favorite characters like:

  • Roronoa Zoro – The gruff bounty hunter swordsman who becomes Luffy’s first traveling companion
  • Nami – The quick-witted thief/navigator convinced to join Luffy’s crew
  • Usopp – The boastful marksman who serves as the crew’s sniper
  • Sanji – The flashy womanizing chef who finds his place with the Straw Hats

Together they face off against classic villains like Buggy the Clown, Captain Kuro, Don Krieg and take down the fish-man pirates led by Arlong. The East Blue arcs showcase all the core aspects of One Piece – bombastic fights, goofy humor, camaraderie – making it the perfect starting point for the remake.

Future Significance of The Remake

This remake comes as One Piece is nearing its 25th anniversary in 2022. Series creator Eiichiro Oda also indicated recently he envisions the manga ending in “4-5 years”, making this Netflix adaptation ideal timing to attract old and new fans alike to experience the story from the start.

The series has gained more Western popularity than ever, as volumes constantly top the NY Times manga best sellers list. A separate live-action Netflix adaptation and several feature films are also in the works. All this builds to make this anime remake the perfect gateway into One Piece mania.

If this new adaptation succeeds in captivating viewers, it opens the door for Netflix and WIT Studio to continue remaking later arcs of the story like Alabasta, Water 7 or the time-skip adventures in the New World. More so than any anime project in recent memory, the potential impact of this One Piece remake feels generationally significant. Anime fandom waits with bated breath to see if it lives up to the promise when it debuts worldwide in January 2024.




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