June 23, 2024

Nvidia’s New RTX 4070 Super GPU Offers Strong 1440p Performance at $599

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Jan 20, 2024

Nvidia recently launched its latest graphics card, the RTX 4070 Super, delivering excellent 1440p gaming performance at a more affordable $599 price point. With reviews now out from major publications, the RTX 4070 Super is living up to the hype.


The RTX 4070 Super slots in below Nvidia’s high-end RTX 4080 and ultra-enthusiast RTX 4090 GPUs. It’s a refreshed take on the standard RTX 4070, offering moderately improved specifications for enhanced performance.

Early reviews highlight just how capable the 4070 Super is, making it a highly compelling choice over the normal RTX 4070. It also gives AMD’s competing Radeon RX 7800 XT a run for its money.

RTX 4070 Super Specs and Architecture

Compared to the standard RTX 4070, the Super variant receives a specifications bump across the board:

Specification RTX 4070 RTX 4070 Super
CUDA Cores 7,680 8,192
Boost Clock 2.5GHz 2.61GHz
Memory Configuration 12GB GDDR6 21Gbps 16GB GDDR6 23Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 504GB/s 736GB/s
TDP 285W 300W

This puts the 4070 Super much closer to the more expensive RTX 4080 in terms of raw hardware. With higher clocks, extra CUDA cores unlocked, faster 23Gbps GDDR6 memory and increased bandwidth, it should offer a nice performance uplift over the non-Super model.

Under the hood, the RTX 4070 Super utilizes the same Ada Lovelace architecture as its RTX 40-series siblings. This brings technologies like DLSS 3 for boosted frame rates, as well as beefed up ray tracing hardware.

Performance and Benchmarks

So how does Nvidia’s upgraded RTX 4070 Super actually perform? Various tech publications have put out their own independent testing, giving us insight into real-world gaming prowess.

Strong 1440p Capabilities

The highlight so far seems to be high framerates when gaming at 2560 x 1440, matching and sometimes exceeding the RTX 4080. Engadget notes average frame rates between 87 to 233 fps across a range of tested titles. ExtremeTech saw similarly high 100+ fps results at 1440p maximum settings.

The RTX 4070 Super is overkill for 1080p gaming, easily pushing out 100+ fps even with ray tracing and DLSS 3 enabled. 1440p appears the ideal resolution to take advantage of all that power.

Direct Competition to Radeon RX 7800 XT

AMD’s closest competing graphics card is the Radeon RX 7800 XT, priced similarly at $699. The RTX 4070 Super seems to match or outdo it in many tests.

Digital Trends testing showed the RTX 4070 Super pulling ahead of the RX 7800 XT by around 9% on average at 1440p. Forbes analysis came to a similar conclusion, with superior performance and DLSS 3 support giving Nvidia the edge.

Considering its lower $599 price tag, the RTX 4070 Super seems to beat out the RX 7800 XT in value as well.

Availability Concerns?

While the RTX 4070 Super delivers excellent 1440p gameplay, there are worries over stock availability in these early days.

Launch Day Supply Issues

TechRadar reported on launch day that buyers were struggling to get orders successfully checked out before stock sold out. Whether this is due to low supply or overwhelming demand is still unclear.

Meanwhile, PC Gamer noted somewhat sparse listings for custom 4070 Super models from Nvidia’s board partners. Many variants like Asus’s TUF Gaming and ROG Strix GPUs were nowhere to be found.

So while the 4070 Super launches at an appealing $599 MSRP, limited quantities could make securing one tricky. Scalpers reselling at marked up prices is also a potential issue that buyers will want to watch out for.

Possible Improvement Over Coming Weeks?

There is hope that the RTX 4070 Super supply situation could improve going forward. A NotebookCheck report on RTX 40-series stock suggests the 4070 Super could see better availability than pricier models, based on wider production and distribution planned by Nvidia and its partners.

So while finding an RTX 4070 Super might require persistence today, sticking it out over the next few weeks could make grabbing one easier.

Custom Models Inbound

Alongside Nvidia’s $599 Founders Edition, its usual array of hardware partners are working on their own custom RTX 4070 Super designs:

  • Asus – Multiple TUF Gaming and ROG Strix variants are coming or already available with overclocking and beefed up cooling.
  • Gigabyte – The Aero OC model looks to be their most affordable 4070 Super card so far.
  • Inno3D – Inno3D has the $599 Twin X2 launching soon, one of the only custom cards hitting Nvidia’s base MSRP.
  • PNY – PNY is readying a dual-fan XLR8 Gaming model.
  • Zotac – The $699 Trinity OC Black Edition from Zotac looks like a highly overclocked custom contender geared towards enthusiasts.

Each board partner brings their own tweaked specifications, cooling solutions, overclocking potential and pricing. So buyers have options to choose one that best matches their budget and use case.

The Path Ahead for Ada Lovelace

While the RTX 4070 Super steals the spotlight for now, Nvidia reportedly has even more graphics card launches still to come over 2024 and beyond.

Refreshes for Lower-End Cards

A leak from NotebookCheck suggests that following the 4070 Super, Nvidia will be prepping Super refreshes for its more mainstream RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti boards as well. These would deliver better performance-per-dollar over the standard models to appeal to the mass gaming market.

There’s also talk emerging of a potential [RTX 4070 Ti Super]




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