June 16, 2024

Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison “Heartbroken” After Son Adam Dies at 39

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Jan 21, 2024

Rick Harrison, best known as the star of History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars”, is mourning the loss of his youngest son Adam after he died unexpectedly at age 39. According to reports, Adam Harrison died in Las Vegas on January 19th, with initial indications that it was a drug overdose.

Adam’s Shocking Passing Stuns Family and Friends

The sudden death has left Rick Harrison and the rest of the Harrison family shocked and grief-stricken. Rick spoke to media shortly after getting the devastating news:

“I am absolutely heartbroken by the loss of my youngest son Adam. He had so much more life to live and I will miss him enormously. As all parents can understand, losing a child is the most terrible and painful experience, and the grief is unimaginable.”

Adam’s older brother Corey, who co-stars with his father Rick on “Pawn Stars”, also paid tribute on social media:

“I lost my brother yesterday. I’ll miss you forever Adam. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.”

According to Las Vegas Police and the coroner’s initial findings, Adam was regrettably found deceased in his home after overdosing on an unspecified combination of narcotics. The full autopsy and toxicology results are still pending.

Rick had reportedly cut ties with Adam in recent years due to his history of drug abuse problems and unwillingness to get clean. Their strained relationship since Adam became an addict is what made his passing even more difficult for Rick to come to terms with.

Life and Addiction Struggles of the Pawn Stars’ “Lost” Son

39-year old Adam was the youngest of Rick’s four children, often kept out of the spotlight that his celebrity family attracted. Of Rick’s kids with ex-wife Kim, Adam’s older brother Corey is the most prominent on “Pawn Stars” as the manager and co-owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Older half-brother Richard briefly appeared on the show in early seasons. Adam himself only made one cameo on Pawn Stars years ago when he did a brief stint working at the shop.

By many accounts, as the baby in the family, Adam had the most trouble adjusting to fame and notoriety when Pawn Stars became a breakout hit on History Channel. He got involved with drugs later in his 20s, which created friction within the family.

At one point around 2015, Adam allegedly stole rare mint condition coins from his father’s shop with another accomplice, cashing them in for money to buy more drugs. Rick understandably did not take kindly to the betrayal and cut business ties with his son after the incident. However Adam was never formally charged.

For most of the last decade Rick and Adam were estranged, only occasionally speaking when Adam needed help getting into rehab programs. But after so many relapses, it became harder for his family to keep supporting him financially and emotionally.

In a 2019 interview on his podcast, Rick lamented about the pain of seeing his son throw away so many opportunities to turn his life around:

“He’s my youngest son. He’s just gone way off the rails over the last few years, big time into drugs… I gave him 20 chances. And my heart breaks. I love him to death, but you can’t enable someone like that.”

Now with Adam gone forever, sources say Rick is wracked with guilt over whether he could have done more as a father to save his son from his addictions.

Pawn Stars’ Future Unclear After Devastating Loss

Rick Harrison and the rest of Adam’s family have received an outpouring of sympathy and condolences from fans and friends after news spread of Adam’s untimely demise.

In his own statement posted to social media, Rick expressed gratitude for the kind words but requested privacy as the family struggles to cope with overwhelming grief. Funeral arrangements for Adam are expected to be announced in the coming week.

Fans now wonder what this tragic loss means for the future of Pawn Stars, as Rick and Corey deal with unimaginable pain. The hit History Channel show about the Harrison family pawn shop has run for 22 seasons since debuting back in 2009. It has not yet been renewed officially for a 23rd season in 2024.

Network executives have not commented directly, except to reiterate that their primary concern is supporting the family at this time. Whether Rick or Corey will have the emotional bandwidth in their grief to resume filming new episodes remains to be seen.

Prior to Adam’s shocking death, Rick and company had started gradually working on reopening the Las Vegas pawn shop’s doors to the public again after pandemic closures the past two years. It is speculated these plans could now be postponed further, as the Harrisons mourn the family’s lost son and brother.

Timeline of Adam Harrison’s Downward Spiral Into Addiction

Here is a brief timeline highlighting key events in Adam Harrison’s struggles with substance abuse over the last 15 years, culminating in his death by overdose at age 39:

Year Adam Harrison’s Battle With Addiction
2008 Adam begins using drugs recreationally in his mid 20s, as Pawn Stars popularity skyrockets
2010 Adam starts struggling with addiction. Tensions grow between him and other family members
2013 Adam is fired from his job working a short stint at the pawn shop
2015 Adam caught stealing rare coins from the shop’s inventory, costing hundreds of thousands in losses
2016 Adam agrees to go to rehab but relapses shortly after finishing program
2018 Father Rick reveals he has cut all business ties with Adam due to thefts and drug use
2019 Despite several more stints in rehab, Adam continues to relapse into addiction
2023 Rick alludes to giving Adam “20 chances” before finally cutting off his son
January 19, 2024 Adam Harrison dies age 39 from an apparent overdose in his Las Vegas home

This unspeakably sad story shows that even fame, fortune and unlimited access to top addiction treatment could not prevent the downward spiral of addiction for Adam. The Harrisons hope Adam’s passing brings more awareness to the opioid crisis gripping the nation.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, please call the US National Helpline 1-800-662-4357 for free confidential support. Specialists are available 24/7 to assist in getting treatment options for drug and alcohol rehab programs in your local area.




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