June 14, 2024

Penelope Calls Out Kourtney for “Bragging” About Her Pregnancy

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Nov 30, 2023

Kourtney Kardashian is known for flaunting her fabulous life on social media, but her 10-year-old daughter Penelope recently called her out for "bragging" about her pregnancy. With a new baby on the way with husband Travis Barker, Kourtney can’t help but show off her growing bump. However, Penelope seems less than enthused.

Kourtney Struggles to Cover Up Around Penelope

In a recent episode of "The Kardashians" on Hulu, Kourtney talked about an awkward encounter with her daughter. While getting dressed, Kourtney realized her skirt was see-through, revealing her thong underneath. Penelope noticed and told her mom she should cover up more.

However, when Kourtney changed into a baggy dress to accommodate Penelope’s request, she was met once again with scrutiny from her daughter. "Penelope comes in and goes, ‘Mom! Mom! Cover your belly!’" Kourtney recalled.

"She said it looks like I had a baby in my belly. And I was trying to explain to her, I was like, ‘Well there is a baby in my belly!’" Kourtney continued. "She was not getting it. She was frustrated with me and said, ‘Why do you have your belly out?’"

Kourtney went on to explain in a confessional:

"Penelope is very opinionated these days. I’m very into her not having any body issues and feeling really confident…and she’s asking me to cover up. I just don’t want her to start being insecure about her body."

While Kourtney was attempting to exude confidence in her changing pregnant body, it proved uncomfortable for her pre-teen daughter.

Penelope Scolds Kourtney’s Baby Bump Photo Shoot

That wasn’t the only encounter where Penelope took issue with Kourtney’s baby bump exposure. While on set for a maternity photo shoot, Kourtney posed for photos highlighting her growing stomach.

Penelope watched as Kourtney donned a red gown with a high slit, showing off plenty of leg and cleavage along with her exposed baby bump. Unhappy with the suggestive nature of the shoot, Penelope told her mom:

"Mom, you are pretty but you’re being too, too much…It’s so inappropriate!"

After Penelope stormed off complaining about the overshare, Kourtney told her glam squad that she’ll have to "have a talk with Miss Penguin when she gets home."

Clearly, Kourtney’s racy maternity style isn’t sitting well with her prepubescent daughter.

Kourtney Claps Back Over the "Braggy" Accusation

The scrutiny from Penelope reached new heights when her daughter accused her of being "braggy" about her pregnancy. In another episode, Penelope called out her mom for constantly talking about her baby bump.

"She said that I was ‘bragging’ by showing my belly," Kourtney revealed. "And she said she doesn’t want to hear about it every day. Which is understandable."

Not one to back down, Kourtney defended herself against the braggy claim:

"I do feel like with the first pregnancy, I share what made me happy while I was pregnant – like eating In-N-Out and going to Basking Ridge…I’m not really bragging about my belly. This is my journey."

Pregnancy certainly looks different the fourth time around when you’re trying to cater to the sensitivities of an opinionated soon-to-be big sister.

Kourtney Tries to Explain the Changes to Penelope

In the wake of all the criticism about her bodily exposure, Kourtney attempted to sit Penelope down to explain what’s happening and why her body is changing so rapidly these days. However, it’s not an easy concept for a young child to grasp.

In a cut confessional scene, Kourtney described her conversation:

"We were in the car yesterday and she said, ‘Wait a second, Mom…if you can still have a baby, then what about my teacher? Does she still have eggs?’"

Trying to clarify, Kourtney said she responded:

"I was like, ‘I don’t know if your teacher…’ and she said, ‘Oh yeah she’s 42. She still has eggs?’

Amused by the unexpected direction of Penelope’s curiosity, Kourtney laughed about how her kids come up with the darndest things these days as they process all the changes taking place.

While Penelope is undoubtedly thrilled to welcome a new sibling soon, she remains conflicted about seeing Kourtney’s suggestive pregnancy style splashed across social media and their Calabasas mansion on the daily. Hopefully some more mature conversations can help Penelope understand the situation better before the baby arrives.

What This Could Mean for Kourtney’s Blended Family

As Travis and Kourtney combine their families, blending kids ranging from ages 6 to 18, there are sure to be some growing pains. Penelope’s discomfort over her mom’s pregnancy likely signals broader issues facing the newly forged family.

Kourtney bringing a new baby into the mix means the dynamics are shifting. Add to that Travis’ two kids from his previous relationship, along with the four Kourtney shares with ex Scott Disick, and there are a lot of personalities to balance. The kids will have to adjust to changing rules, roles, responsibilities, and boundaries.

Penelope’s outspoken criticism of her mom’s baby bump antics could foreshadow tension to come. The kids will likely vie for attention, rebel against new authority figures, and act out as they redefine relationships. Experts say this could last 6 months to 2 years as the family blends.

While chaos is inevitable to some degree, perhaps the adults can get ahead of it by addressing concerns, creating routines, outlining expectations, and actively working to foster bonds between the children. Couseling sessions focused on blending could also help smooth the transition.

If Kourtney and Travis put in the effort upfront, they may avoid deeper issues down the road. But if left unchecked, resentments and rifts could intensify over time, undermining the happiness this pregnancy was supposed bring.

What Comes Next for the Kardashian-Barkers?

In the months following Penelope’s complaints about her mom’s penchant for oversharing, a few things are bound to happen in the Kardashian-Barker household:

The Baby’s Arrival

First and foremost, Kourtney will give birth early next year! The pregnancy that caused so much strife for poor Penelope will result in a new baby boy.

Names haven’t been announced yet, but fans speculate it could be a family name like Tristan. The baby will have lots of built-in bonds thanks to so many siblings across both sides of the family.

More Family Bonding Efforts

In the last trimester and following the baby’s birth, hopefully we’ll see the family making conscious efforts to bond and blend their newly expanded family.

Family counseling, group outings, one-on-one time, new shared traditions – these can all help unite the eclectic bunch into a cohesive family unit. It may be awkward at first, but commitment to the cause will smooth things over time.

Potential Post-Partum Struggles

As many moms experience after giving birth, Kourtney may face her own share of post-partum difficulties. From mood changes to body image issues, she could face renewed insecurities at a time when she’s also navigating major family changes.

For Penelope’s sake especially, hopefully Kourtney can avoid spiraling privately and instead get support from loved ones if she does hit a rough patch. With so many babies under her belt already, hopefully her post-partum experience is smoothly this time around.

Penelope Pushing Back

Strong-willed Penelope may continue to act out over her discomfort with all the family adjustments after the new baby arrives.

As the first daughter from Kourtney’s first marriage, Penelope likely feels somewhat displaced at times. She could rebel against rules or lash out as she searches for her place in this new family structure.

Counseling and consciously carving out exclusive parent/child time may help her through this period of uncertainty. Puberty’s emotional swings won’t make it easier, so empathy from her patching family will be crucial.

While the pregnancy has certainly stoked tensions so far, hopefully the shared joy of new baby will unite Kourtney’s complex family when the time comes. As Penelope learns to embrace their new dynamics, there are sure to be both challenges and sweet moments that strengthen their family bonds.

Table 1: Kardashian-Barker Blended Family Members

Name Age Parent(s)
Penelope Disick 10 Kourtney & Scott
Mason Disick 13 Kourtney & Scott
Reign Disick 8 Kourtney & Scott
Landon Barker 18 Travis
Alabama Barker 16 Travis
Atiana De La Hoya 24 Travis (step)
New Baby Boy Kourtney & Travis



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