June 24, 2024

Prince of Persia Returns with The Lost Crown

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Jan 5, 2024

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. As the latest entry in the beloved Prince of Persia series, it marks the return of the franchise after a lengthy hiatus. According to details revealed across the provided news links, The Lost Crown aims to reinvent the Prince of Persia formula while staying true to its roots.

Key Details Revealed Across Previews

Several key details about The Lost Crown have been revealed through the various preview articles:

  • Release Date: January 18, 2024
  • Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Length: Estimated at around 25 hours
  • Setting: Mythical world filled with magic and legendary creatures
  • Frame Rate and Resolution: 4K/120fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X. 1440p/60fps on Xbox Series S. 1080p/30fps on Switch.
  • PC Specs: Surprisingly low requirements revealed. A GTX 1060 recommended for 60fps 4K.

With its release date just days away, the previews paint a promising picture of Prince’s return. The Lost Crown is poised to deliver a sizeable adventure brimming with fantastical elements. Ubisoft seems to have invested significant resources into optimizing the game across platforms.

Premise and Setting: A Vast Mythical World

The Lost Crown transports players to an imaginative realm filled with magic. Trailers showcase sprawling ancient ruins, luminous caverns, and misty forests ripe for exploration. Prince will encounter legendary beings like minotaurs, phoenixes, and wraiths on his journey.

Ubisoft describes the world as Prince’s biggest yet. The developer promises over 25 hours of gameplay for players to get lost within dazzling vistas and dark labyrinths. Side quests featuring creepy crypts, tricky trials, and mythical monsters help fill Prince’s epic saga.

World Details
Setting Vast mythical realm filled with ancient ruins, mines, forests, and mountains.
Main Regions Golden City, Temple of Ages, The Scar, Dragonborn Peaks, Garden of Olaha
Key Characters Prince, Oracle Apprentice Aliya, The Masked Wraith, Dragonborn Chieftain
Mythical Creatures Phoenixes, Centaurs, Wraiths, Minotaurs, Dragonborn
Playtime Estimated 25 hours for main story. More including side content.

Early impressions of the world are glowing. Multiple previews praise the vibrant scenery brought to life through next-gen visuals. One even states that the world “feels almost endlessly explorable.”

Revamped Movement and Progression

Longtime fans will be relieved to hear that The Lost Crown retains the acclaimed platforming gameplay the series is known for. Previews describe the classic wall-running, spinning blades, and death-defying leaps as “instantly familiar.”

However, Ubisoft has introduced some new mechanics to keep traversal feeling fresh. Prince can now blast off with a fiery Phoenix Dash that sends him soaring across gaps. He also utilizes a mystic grappling hook to cross larger distances.

The Lost Crown also reinvents character progression for the franchise. Prince has a skill tree that lets players customize his moveset. RPG elements even allow for crafting equipment and gathering upgrade resources hidden across the world. It seems Prince will grow considerably stronger over his journey.

Accessibility in Focus

Perhaps most interestingly, Ubisoft has implemented various accessibility features to allow more players to experience Prince’s return. The Lost Crown contains over 60 customizable accessibility settings ranging from control remapping to audio cues for the hearing impaired.

There are even clever options taking advantage of the game’s manipulation of time. Players can slow down time while platforming or pause combat completely to plan moves. The Prince himself gives verbal tips on finding alternate routes for those struggling with traversal challenges.

This extensive suite of accessibility options demonstrates an admirable effort by Ubisoft to make The Lost Crown playable for all. Prince’s acrobatic escapades often proved notoriously difficult, so opening gameplay to a wider audience seems reasonable. Hopefully, these options continue pushing the industry toward more inclusion.

What Early Impressions Reveal

While full reviews are still incoming, early impressions seem overwhelmingly positive. Multiple journalists who played preview builds praise The Lost Crown␙s breathtaking world and engaging traversal. The revamped progression also receives acclaim for incentivizing exploration.

However, some note the combat lacks depth compared to flagship action titles. And those seeking an innovative, mold-breaking adventure may leave disappointed. The Lost Crown ultimately aims to modernize the franchise formula rather than revolutionize it.

Yet despite these minor criticisms, the resounding sentiment across previews is anticipation. Early impressions indicate Prince’s next adventure will captivate both loyal fans and newcomers when it releases January 18th. Ubisoft seems to have blended the iconic strengths of the beloved franchise with modern game design for an experience both fresh yet familiar.

The Road Ahead

As his grand return nears, Prince appears poised for success with The Lost Crown. Ubisoft clearly hopes to revitalize the dormant Prince of Persia series moving forward. This release could spur a full-on franchise revival if it meets sales expectations.

Rumors already circulate regarding a direct sequel. Prince’s epic saga may just be beginning anew in his mythical realms. But for now, eager fans need only wait a few more days to discover if The Lost Crown restores the revered Prince to his throne on January 18th.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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