June 24, 2024

Princess of Wales Hospitalized for Abdominal Surgery, King Charles III to Undergo Prostate Procedure

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Jan 17, 2024

Princess Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was admitted to the private King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on January 17th for abdominal surgery, Buckingham Palace announced. The 41-year-old princess is expected to remain hospitalized for up to two weeks to recover.

Princess Was Scheduled for Planned Procedure

The palace said the surgery was planned and emphasized that the hospital admission was not an emergency. However, few details about the specific condition or procedure were provided.

Princess Catherine attended public engagements on January 16th and appeared well. She was photographed smiling during a visit to a children’s hospital in Liverpool.

However, royal sources indicated the princess had been struggling with an undisclosed abdominal issue for several months that was becoming more “problematic and painful.”

Doctors ultimately recommended surgery before her symptoms worsened. The princess agreed to undergo the operation this month while her children are still on school holiday.

Prince William Postpones Engagements to Be With Princess

Prince William has postponed his scheduled engagements for the coming weeks to be by his wife’s side during her recovery.

The Prince of Wales had events scheduled over the next fortnight in support of his Earthshot Prize. But these will be rescheduled so he can spend time with Princess Catherine and their three children.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge will temporarily take on additional royal duties.

Similar Hospital Stay After Pregnancies

The King Edward VII facility has treated several royal women over the years, including Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Catherine was previously admitted there in 2012 for acute morning sickness while pregnant with Prince George. She stayed three nights and underwent treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum.

The Duchess was re-admitted to the same hospital later in her pregnancy for the same condition and stayed four nights.

Additionally, the late Queen Elizabeth II underwent surgery at the private hospital in 2013 at age 86 to address abdominal issues. She was hospitalized overnight.

The palace announced her Majesty’s hospitalization shortly after she entered the facility.

King Charles III to Undergo Prostate Procedure

In a surprising second royal health announcement, Buckingham Palace shared that King Charles III will enter a London hospital on Friday for a scheduled procedure on his prostate.

The palace indicated the 74-year-old monarch has suffered from prostate enlargement symptoms for some time, which have recently “become more problematic.”

Urological Issue Common in Older Men

An enlarged prostate, clinically called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is very common in older men. The walnut-sized gland can obstruct urine flow, causing increased urinary frequency and urgency.

By age 60, over 50% of men have BPH. By 85, the rate is over 90%. Symptoms often worsen gradually over years if untreated.

King Could Undergo TURP Procedure

The King may undergo a surgical treatment called a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). This is considered the reference standard for enlarged prostates.

In a TURP, excess prostate tissue is trimmed using a special scope inserted through the urethra. This relieves pressure on the urethra and improves urine flow.

Patients typically stay 1-2 days in the hospital after the procedure. Recovery takes 2-4 weeks, with prescription pain medication often needed initially.

Full improvement in urinary symptoms may take up to one year.

Royals Release More Health Information

The back-to-back announcements about the health conditions of senior royals marked a shift towards greater transparency under King Charles III.

Under the late Queen Elizabeth II, health matters were typically kept private unless she was hospitalized. Even then, details were scarce.

However in his short reign so far, King Charles has already been more open about disclosing his scheduled medical appointments.

Queen Prioritized Continuing Duties

Sources indicate the new approach aims to balance public awareness with allowing senior royals to attend to their health.

Queen Elizabeth II was known for prioritizing her royal duties above all else and disliked creating disruptions to events. As a result, she avoided changing her schedule for minor or chronic health issues.

But insiders suggest Charles favors a more modern outlook. He believes short-term disruptions to make time for medical care enables him to better fulfill duties long-term.

Public Interest Also a Factor

The level of public interest in the monarchy also plays a role in the decision to announce hospital visits.

With internet news and social media, secrecy around royal health is near impossible to maintain nowadays. Information will emerge regardless through unofficial leaks or speculation.

Releasing an official palace statement upfront allows the royals to get ahead of rumors and manage public expectations about their capacity to conduct engagements.

King and Princess Expected to Make Full Recoveries

Medical experts said neither procedure the royals are undergoing this week is considered high-risk. Both surgeries have excellent success rates for improving symptoms and outcomes.

Barring complications, King Charles III and Princess Catherine are expected to make full recoveries over the coming weeks to months.

How Their Hospitalizations Coincided

Royal watchers initially questioned the curious timing of the king and Princess of Wales’ same-day health disclosures.

Some media outlets highlighted the parallel announcements as an intentional effort to downplay scrutiny of each hospital visit.

However, BBC Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell later clarified that the surgeries were arranged independently, according to palace sources.

Sequence of Events & Announcements

On January 16th, Princess Catherine attended her final engagement before her scheduled procedure the next morning.

Separately, King Charles saw specialists that same week about worsening urinary symptoms. He agreed to have surgery on January 20th after first committing to several essential privy council meetings on January 18th and 19th.

The king further asked doctors to confirm his surgery date before approving Buckingham Palace’s public announcement about his hospital visit. This was issued the afternoon of January 17th.

Hours later, as Princess Catherine was admitted to hospital that evening as planned, palace officials decided to simultaneously confirm her news.

Therefore while fortuitously timed, the plans unfolded independently over the prior two weeks.

Surgeries May Spur Policy Changes

The recent hospitalizations of two key members of the monarchy have sparked discussions about possibly modifying royal protocols on medical disclosures.

Unnamed palace insiders cited The Queen’s approach as increasingly “outdated” in today’s digital era. The aim would be finding an appropriate balance between sufficient transparency while maintaining some privacy.

Proposed options include:

  • Releasing statements only for overnight hospital stays rather than outpatient procedures
  • Allowing certain senior working royals like Charles and William to disclose upcoming appointments but not all extended family members
  • Withholding medical details unless necessary or asked by media
  • Waiting until royals are discharged before announcing hospitalizations to avoid speculation

However, no formal decisions have been made.

There are also calls for the palace to clarify what constitutes public duties warranting postponements. Questions arose regarding why all of Prince William’s events were cancelled while King Charles maintained his schedule until entering hospital.

Royal Family Sends Well-Wishes

Members of the royal family have conveyed their well-wishes and offers of support to the king and Princess Catherine as they each recover from surgery.

Prince William has been regularly visiting his wife in hospital when not caring for their children at home. Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Sophie Countess of Wessex have sent flowers and gifts.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry, made supportive phone calls from California to King Charles and Prince William following the health disclosures. Kate’s sister Pippa has also been in touch.

Princess Expected to Spend Valentine’s Day in Hospital

If Princess Catherine requires a longer 10-14 day hospitalization, she may spend Valentine’s Day undergoing medical care.

Royal admirers, charities, and well-wishers have already sent hundreds of cards and flowers to convey caring messages for her recovery in time for February 14th.

Catherine is known for her creative, homemade Valentines with Prince George, Charlotte, and Louis. If able, they may craft get well soon cards and artworks to brighten her hospital room next week.

Princess Misses Key Royal Events

Princess Catherine will miss several milestone royal engagements while hospitalized and recovering that she was scheduled to attend with William.

These include a January 19th gala for a child bereavement charity of which she is a patron.

She will also likely forgo accompanying her husband to Wales later this month for official celebrations of the new Prince and Princess of Wales titles he inherited last year.

And the princess is expected to sit out various Platinum Jubilee events in February commemorating the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Doctors advised limiting public duties until at least Easter in mid-April.

Nation Sends Well-Wishes for Swift Healing

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak conveyed the nation’s well-wishes to Princess Catherine and King Charles for their procedures, as well as prayers for swift recoveries.

The Church of England also issued statements of support and encouragement for the important royal figures to regain their health.

Thousands of royal supporters from the UK and abroad have sent hopeful social media messages and letters wishing the princess and monarch smooth surgeries and healing.

With cautious optimism, Britons look forward to the return of these cherished national figures to regular royal duties in the coming months after focused time to recuperate.

Comparative Timelines of Key Announcements & Events

Date Catherine, Princess of Wales King Charles III
Jan 16 The princess attends public engagements and appears well King meets with doctors about worsening urinary symptoms
Jan 17, AM Scheduled to undergo abdominal surgery Chairs privy council meetings
Jan 17, PM Admitted to hospital for surgery Buckingham Palace announces king’s upcoming prostate procedure
Jan 17, PM Buckingham Palace announces princess’ hospitalization
Jan 18-19 Recovering from abdominal surgery Conducts final engagements before prostate surgery
Jan 20 Still hospitalized Scheduled to undergo prostate surgery with 1-2 day admission

Discussion Questions

  • Should the palace disclose private medical information about working royals? Why or why not?
  • How might these recent hospitalizations alter public perceptions of King Charles III and Princess Catherine?
  • What changes do you think could happen to royal protocols around announcing health issues in the future?



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