May 19, 2024

Priyanka and Nick’s Precious Malti Turns Two with Colorful Elmo-Themed Beach Bash

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Jan 18, 2024

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas celebrated a major milestone this week – their daughter Malti Marie’s 2nd birthday! After a difficult start to life, baby Malti has grown into a happy, healthy toddler. Her celeb parents marked the occasion with a joyful family gathering filled with love, laughter and lots of red.

Miracle Baby Overcomes Early Health Scare

Malti Marie Chopra Jonas entered the world on January 15th, 2022, born via surrogate just 20 weeks into Priyanka’s pregnancy. She had to spend over 100 days in the NICU due to being a premature birth, but the little fighter defied the odds. Priyanka calls her daughter “a miracle”, while Nick says becoming a father to Malti has been “life changing”.

The doting parents have understandably kept details of Malti’s early health issues private. However, this celebration shows she has recovered well under their devoted care over the past year. Both Priyanka and Nick often express their gratitude for her good health now.

Daughter’s Name Date of Birth Time in NICU
Malti Marie Chopra Jonas January 15th, 2022 Over 100 days

Family Tradition – Special Puja Ceremony in LA

On January 11th, Priyanka and Nick continued a beloved family tradition by holding a puja ceremony at their Los Angeles home in honor of Malti’s upcoming birthday. The traditional Hindu ritual marks major life events with prayers, music and offerings to the gods.

Close family were in attendance for the intimate event, including Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra. In photos shared online, little Malti wears traditional dress with gorgeous hair accessories. Her proud parents also don traditional Indian outfits as they give thanks for their daughter’s health and life.

The Chopra Jonas family blend Indian customs with American culture in raising Malti. Priyanka says “It’s so amazing to pass down culturally for me…and to know that she does stuff like this with me already…” Nick adds “I love that Pri can share this side of her culture with our daughter.”

Beachside Elmo Extravaganza

On Saturday January 15th, the family held a larger celebratory bash with friends to celebrate Malti’s 2nd birthday. The party theme brought together two of the toddler’s greatest loves – Sesame Street character Elmo and the color red!

Held at an undisclosed beachside location in LA, decorations included hundreds of red, white and gold balloons. Photos show the venue decorated with sweet Elmo accents like balloons and life-size stuffed characters. A multi-tiered cake featured more images of the furry red Muppet.

Priyanka and Nick embraced the color scheme, wearing coordinating red and white baseball style tops. Priyanka pairs hers with jeans and a red hair extension ponytail, while Nick rocks shorts with his jersey. Malti channels dad in a red and white baseball outfit with leggings and sneakers that say “Bday Girl”.

Guests at the bash included Nick’s brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas, seeming to confirm rumors that Kevin will be Malti’s godfather. Joe Jonas was unable to attend due to being on tour.

All About Malti! Toddler Takes Center Stage

The little lady of honor thoroughly enjoyed celebrating her special day. Photos and videos shared by her parents give us the closest look we’ve had yet at Malti’s sweet personality. She may have struggled at the start, but Priyanka and Nick’s little girl is now thriving as a happy, healthy two year old.

Malti flits around the party in constant motion, dancing to music and chasing balloons nearly as big as she is. She smiles and laughs while playing with Elmo dolls. At one point Priyanka catches her trying to lift a four-foot stuffed Elmo that’s bigger than her – the resulting giggles melt your heart!

In the sneak peek video Nick shares, Malti attempts to blow out the large number “2” candle herself until her doting Dad helps her get the job done. After Priyanka gives her bites of birthday cake, frosting and sprinkles adorably cover Malti’s smiling face.

There were also many sweet family moments captured. Nick dances with his little girl, while Priyanka gives her kisses and cuddles. In one image Malti snuggles happily into her father’s arms for a nap after an exciting party wore her out.

Malti Experiments with Photography

The adventurous toddler tried out a new skill that delighted her mother – taking selfies! Priyanka gave Malti her phone to see what she would do. After an initial look of confusion, the tiny shutterbug started enthusiastically snapping photos of herself.

Clearly proud of this budding talent, Priyanka posted the hilarious results to social media. The extremely closeup and lopsided images show Malti hasn’t mastered selfie skills just yet. But mom Priyanka laughs hysterically at her daughter’s efforts, encouraging “Keep going baby!”

Malti’s birthday fun didn’t end there either. Her grandmother Madhu Chopra later shared more photos from family time after the party. It shows Malti enjoying backyard playtime at her LA home, smiling wide as she explores.

Milestone Birthday Brings Joy After Tough Start

After the uncertainty Malti faced in her first days, it’s clear to see how much love and support she is surrounded by now. Her adoring parents, relatives and even new selfie skills show how far the growing toddler has come.

Priyanka emotionally summed up the milestone’s significance in her birthday message to her little girl:

“Every family’s journey is unique and requires a certain level of faith. And while ours was challenging, what becomes abundantly clear, in retrospect, is how precious and perfect EVERY moment is.”

We can expect just as much love and celebration next year, when Miss Malti Marie Chopra Jonas turns three!




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