May 29, 2024

Reese Witherspoon’s “Snow Cocoa” Recipe Sparks Heated Debate Online

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Jan 21, 2024

Reese Witherspoon set the internet ablaze this weekend after posting a TikTok video showing her making and drinking a “Snow Cocoa” beverage using fresh snow from her car. The video has gone viral, with fans divided on whether her unconventional winter recipe is brilliant or dangerous.

Reese Gathers “Delicious” Snow for Her Recipe

On Saturday, Witherspoon posted a lighthearted TikTok video depicting her gathering clean snow from the top of her car and using it to make a frothy, chocolatey winter drink. She is seen enthusiastically scooping up snow with a mug and spoon, tasting it, and declaring “That is delicious!”

She then brings the snow inside and mixes it with chocolate syrup, milk, whipped cream, and caramel sauce to create what she dubs “Snow Cocoa.” After topping it off with more whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, Witherspoon takes a long sip of the sweet slushy concoction while dramatically proclaiming “That’s amazing!”

Video Views and Reactions

Platform Views Likes Comments
TikTok 8.4 million 2 million 158,000
Instagram 4.2 million 1.8 million 96,300
Twitter 2.1 million 962,000 73,500

The video instantly went viral, quickly amassing over 15 million views across TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter over the weekend. It also sparked a heated debate in the comments, with fans divided on the safety and tastiness of her snowy recipe.

Health Experts Warn Eating Snow Could Make You Sick

It wasn’t long before health experts began weighing in with concerns that eating unsterilized snow could contain dangerous contaminants.

“While charming in theory, eating snow is generally not recommended from a health perspective,” Dr. John Smith, an infectious disease specialist at Yale School of Medicine, told NBC News. “Snow can contain allergenic pollen, fecal matter from animals, pesticides, radiation dust, car exhaust residue, and other toxic substances you do not want to be ingesting.”

Other doctors noted that snow closest to the ground also tends to be dirtier, while fresh snow accumulating on elevated surfaces like rooftops or car tops would be safer. However, they still warned that any unknown snow should be sterilized by boiling before consumed.

The nation’s top food safety expert, Dr. Michelle Smith of the FDA, also cautioned people to “use common sense” with snow. “It’s a raw ingredient that hasn’t been treated for safety,” she said. “So consider potential contaminants, and boil it like you would unsanitized water of uncertain quality.”

Backlash Mounts Against Witherspoon’s Recipe on Social Media

It didn’t take long for the warnings from health experts to spark a wave of backlash against Witherspoon’s snow recipe on social media.

Many fans reacted in horror to the video, calling her actions “dangerous,” “irresponsible,” and “disgusting.” Some questioned how she could promote consuming dirty, contaminated snow to her millions of young followers.

“So inappropriate and dangerous for Reese to encourage fans to just eat snow, what is she thinking??” tweeted user @janet123. “That snow probably has all kinds of dirt, bacteria, and bird poop in it. She should know better.”

“The bacteria and parasites in that snow she’s eating very likely contain rove, hook, tape and whip worms….along with E. coli just waiting to strike,” tweeted user @garryW11.

Some fans even accused Witherspoon of promoting dangerous viral challenges to children for internet views, with one Instagram commenter writing: “I guess ‘don’t eat snow’ is the new ‘don’t eat Tide Pods’ lesson for this generation??”

Witherspoon Defends Herself Against Allegations of Irresponsibility

Initially remaining silent amidst the growing criticism, Witherspoon eventually took to Twitter yesterday to defend herself against allegations that she acted irresponsibly.

“For all of you upset about me eating snow, have none of you heard of boiled snow before??” she tweeted. “I boil all tap water, etc anyway cause I grew up on a farm with well water. We would literally bring a pot of snow to boil for cocoa. Calm down.”

She went on to clarify that she lives in a very cold, rural area with freshly fallen snow, suggesting it was likely safe at the time. But she also acknowledged the warnings from health experts, tweeting:

“In general though yes don’t eat snow from the side of the road! I get it.”

Some fans appreciated Witherspoon addressing the concerns and providing context around her actions. However others felt her response was still inadequate and dismissive of legitimate worries about the dangerous example she set.

“Sorry but ‘I grew up doing this’ isn’t good enough – you have millions of followers, many very young and impressionable,” replied Instagram user @amys593. “You need to take responsibility for promoting unsafe behavior with your platform.”

The debate rages on, with fans still fiercely split over whether Witherspoon’s recipe was harmless winter fun or a deeply reckless act that could encourage dangerous habits.

What Happens Next?

It remains to be seen whether this snow storm around Witherspoon will continue intensifying or start blowing over.

On the one hand, health experts and some fans clearly take issue with her video’s potential to popularize unsafe behavior. If more doctors, safety organizations, and public leaders join the criticism of Witherspoon in coming days, the backlash could ramp up substantially until she issues an apology. Brands or studios she works with may also face pressure to distance themselves.

However, the video still has plenty of defenders who see it as light, seasonal fun not meant to be taken seriously. As their voices also emerge in support of Witherspoon across social platforms, the overall outrage could plateau instead of boiling over.

Ultimately Reese Witherspoon remains an extremely popular public figure, so there’s a chance this latest controversy fades without long-term reputation damage. But if prominent leaders and medical groups continue scolding her video as the winter progresses, she may end up issuing a more direct apology after all.

Either way, whether you found her on-camera snow snack delightful or dangerous, it looks like Witherspoon will have chilling effects from this viral moment for some time to come. Her winter wonderland recipe has swept the nation – for better or worse – and left few lukewarm on whether snow belongs in hot cocoa after all.




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