May 27, 2024

Released From Prison, Gypsy Rose Blanchard Begins New Chapter While Confronting Dark Past

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Jan 3, 2024

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, who pled guilty to second-degree murder for her role in the 2015 stabbing death of her mother Dee Dee Blanchard, was released from a Missouri prison on December 28, 2022 after serving seven years of her 10-year sentence. Gypsy, now 32, immediately joined social media and posted several videos accounting her first days of freedom. While she attempts to move forward, her complex history continues to draw public fascination and scrutiny.

Prison Release

After being imprisoned in 2015 for her role in her mother’s murder, Gypsy Rose Blanchard walked free on December 28, 2022. Her father Rod and stepmother Kristy picked her up from the Missouri correctional facility after serving 85% of her sentence.

Video posted to Gypsy’s new TikTok account shows her smiling, holding balloons and sipping champagne inside a car after the prison exit. The caption says “The prison confessions of Gypsy Rose” as she toasts “To freedom!”

“Hello everyone. I just want to say thank you all so much for the support, I love you guys,” Gypsy says in the video.

Two days later, Gypsy posted again announcing her new Instagram profile and first selfie as a free woman. “It’s nice to be able to put a face to my name again,” she wrote in the post caption.

Prison Term Summary
Pleaded Guilty to Second-Degree Murder
Sentenced to 10 Years
Served 7 Years
Released on Parole After 85% of Sentence Complete

These social media profile additions sparked immediate interest, garnering over 30,000 new Instagram followers in the first day. For a case that already received massive public intrigue through true crime documentaries and dramatizations, Gypsy’s release launches the next sensational chapter.

Life in Prison

According to a 2024 TMZ interview published this week, Gypsy described her time in prison recounting unexpected privileges like access to media and gifts from her father.

“My dad would send me magazines and would put money in my books so I could buy noodles and candy,” Gypsy told TMZ. “He sent me the Twilight series and the Divergent series and Game of Thrones books.”

Additionally, her father funded a tablet for Gypsy to use in prison, allowing her to listen to artists like Taylor Swift and keep up with pop culture. She also reportedly used this tablet to exchange emails with her boyfriend, Eric Anderson, highlighting a romantic relationship kindled entirely during her sentence.

TMZ asked if Gypsy had insight to share with Kim Kardashian who has publicly advocated for prison reform. “Prison reform is truly needed in America,” Gypsy responded. “I was lucky compared to so many women in prison…Nobody deserves to be treated the way [they are] in prison.”

Describing meager prison conditions faced by most inmates, Gypsy positioned herself as uniquely privileged thanks to consistent financial support from her father.

Plans Post-Prison

In her latest post-release interview, Gypsy revealed goals of attending school to study photography and film production. She aspires to shoot horror movies, calling herself a “huge horror fan.”

Relationships also shape Gypsy’s future outlook, as she hopes to advance her connection with prison beau Eric. “I really just want to get married, have children, live happily ever after,” she told TMZ.

Gypsy currently resides in Wisconsin to be near her family support network. Regarding her mother’s death, Gypsy conveyed regret over the violent nature of events but stopped short of apologizing for the central role she played.

“I feel like I’m more calm than anxious. I think there is always that fear of the unknown out there,” Gypsy said to TMZ. “You really have to take it one step at a time… I have faith that things will fall into place the way they should.”

The public fascination with her case brings both threats and opportunities in this new chapter. With 245,000 TikTok followers amassed in just three videos, Gypsy clearly knows how to leverage interest into influence. Still, she must balance this exposure while protecting her safety and moving forward.

History and Context

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s name recognition largely traces back to the 2015 murder conspiracy targeting her mother Dee Dee Blanchard. For her entire upbringing, Gypsy lived with her single mother who convinced the world that Gypsy suffered an avalanche of mental and physical disabilities warranting surgeries, medication and confinement to a wheelchair.

The extent of these fabricated conditions spurred diagnosis of Munchausen syndrome by proxy – a form of abuse in which a caregiver exaggerates or induces illness in someone for attention or sympathy. Doctors now believe Dee Dee Blanchard inflicted this manipulation for over 20 years while controlling nearly ever aspect of her daughter’s life.

Evidence exposes Dee Dee’s shaving of Gypsy’s head, intentional starving, prescriptions for unneeded medication, lies about Gypsy’s age and more all to uphold the disabilities charade. Gypsy ultimately arranged her mother’s murder at age 24 through an online boyfriend, carrying out the violent scheme specifically to escape Dee Dee’s domination.

Key Details
Forced to use wheelchair though able to walk
Fed prescription meds for fabricated conditions
Endured unnecessary surgeries
Kept isolated from peers, restricted food
Mother lied about her daughter’s age

This traumatic background and violent turn almost overshadows Gypsy Rose herself. Having endured years subjected to her mother’s capacity for manipulation, Gypsy likely grapples with lingering impacts that years in counseling aim to reconcile.

Yes, she participated in organizing a brutal murder. Yes, she demonstrated deceit in communicating with her mother’s killer. However healing from the formative wounds Dee Dee inflicted remains core to understanding Gypsy’s choices. With time and support, she may find redemption. But we must acknowledge the harrowing experiences that set her course.

The next chapter remains unwritten. While the public clips and speculates over elements of her story, only Gypsy Rose herself can determine what comes next. Perhaps time away from prison walls will invite opportunity for self discovery. Could a woman manipulated since childhood craft an independent identity as scrutiny persists? The possibilities hang in the balance.




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