June 19, 2024

Robertson County Grieves Sudden Loss of Special Education Teacher to Flu

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Jan 3, 2024

Father of Four Passes Away Days After Falling Ill

The tight-knit community of Robertson County, Tennessee is reeling after the sudden and tragic death of 37-year-old special education teacher and father of four, Cody Wray Capps.

Capps, a beloved figure at his school, began feeling ill shortly before the New Year’s holiday. Within days, his conditioned worsened dramatically and he passed away on January 1st due to complications from the flu.

His unexpected death has left family, friends, students and colleagues shocked and heartbroken. But even in their grief, all who knew him say Capps radiated positivity and light – qualities that made him a gifted and dedicated teacher.

Outpouring of Support for Grieving Family

Capps leaves behind his wife, Casey, and their four young children: 8-year-old twin boys named Paxton and Judah, 4-year-old daughter Navy, and baby boy Anchor, who is less than a year old.

Casey shared on social media that Cody first felt sick on December 28th. His conditioned declined so rapidly that by Saturday, December 31st, he had passed.

“My best friend, the love of my life, my rock, my everything was taken from us so quickly and unexpectedly,” she wrote. “The pain we feel is unbearable.”

Upon learning of Capps’ passing, the community immediately rallied around his family, raising over $150,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to support Casey and the children in their time of impossible grief.

Hundreds have also left comments, prayers and memories on the campaign, expressing their sorrow and recalling Capp’s vibrant spirit.

“Cody was the definition of the brightest light…He lit up every room he entered and I can’t even count how many students he helped,” wrote former student Gracie Mayberry.

Lead Teacher Who Connected with All Students

Capps worked as a special education teacher and lead teacher at Indian Lake Elementary School in Hendersonville. He’d been teaching for 14 years across grade levels.

The school district Superintendent Chris Causey said Capps “had a passion for working with children” in a statement to staff.

“He loved life and lived it to the fullest. Cody also loved our students and colleagues, and always had an encouraging word and uplifting spirit,” Causey wrote.

Colleagues say Capps was gifted at connecting with students of all abilities. Special education teacher Josh Shockley called him “one of the good guys in education” in an Instagram tribute.

“He was always positive. He always looked for the silver lining,” Shockley said. “Kids were naturally drawn to him because of his ability to make them feel seen.”

|Key Information on Cody Capps|
|Occupation: Special Education Teacher and Lead Teacher at Indian Lake Elementary School|
|Age: 37|
|Residence: Robertson County, TN|
|Family: Wife Casey and 4 children – twins Paxton & Judah, 8; daughter Navy, 4; son Anchor, 10 months|
|Years as a Teacher: 14 (served all grade levels)|

Vigils Planned to Honor Capps’ Legacy

Now, the community Capps so deeply impacted plans to come together through several upcoming memorial events to pay tribute to his legacy as an educator and father:

  • January 8th: The school district invites the community to release balloons outside Indian Lake Elementary at 3 p.m. Attendees are encouraged to wear blue and gold, the school’s colors.

  • Mid-January: A candlelight vigil will take place at the school’s football field. More details to come.

  • Spring 2024: Indian Lake Elementary will create a memorial garden featuring a stone plaque to honor their lost friend.

While his passing leaves immeasurable grief, many find solace knowing generations of students had their lives profoundly shaped by Capps’ empathy, encouragement and care.

His wife Casey said it best in announcing the tragic news:

“He spent 14 beautiful years educating and changing lives as a special education teacher, while being the absolute best husband and father behind closed doors. I’m not even sure ‘perfect’ is a good enough word.”

The loss reverberates far beyond his own school’s walls to touch all who love education and believe in its power to change lives.

Health Officials Emphasize Flu Vaccination

Along with its deep emotional impact, Capp’s untimely death underscores ongoing seasonal threats from influenza – especially for those with occupational exposure like school teachers and students.

The 2023-2024 flu season has seen unusually high activity across many parts of Tennessee and the country at large.

|Flu Levels in Robertson County, TN|
|Current flu level: Very High|
|School absenteeism: 10.5% last week, up from 8.9% prior week|
|Hospitalizations: Above average for this time of year|

State health leaders emphasize that while flu vaccination does not offer full protection, it remains the best defense against developing severe complications requiring hospitalization – as Capps tragically experienced.

“Annual vaccination continues to be the primary means of preventing morbidity and mortality associated with influenza viruses,” said Tennessee Health Commissioner Ralph Smith.

He advises citizens who have not yet gotten their annual flu shot to schedule one immediately. High-dose and egg-free vaccines are available.

For teachers, students and parents worried about continued exposure at school, experts advise emphasizing good hand and cough hygiene etiquette as well.

Indian Lake Elementary School also plans to conduct a thorough disinfection of all classroom and common areas this weekend as an extra precaution.

Beloved Educator Leaves Lasting Legacy

While the Robertson County community continues grieving this profound loss, all who knew Capps agree his larger-than-life spirit will carry on through the indelible mark he left on generations of students.

“My brother was magical. He lived more life in 37 years than most do in a hundred lifetimes,” his brother Chris Capps wrote. “He made the world brighter through his gift of helping children with special needs. But the light he ignited in them will keep shining.”




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