May 23, 2024

Russia Fires North Korean Missiles at Ukraine as Desperate Putin Seeks Advanced Weaponry

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Jan 8, 2024

According to United States officials, Russia has recently fired Iranian-made ballistic missiles at targets in Ukraine that were originally supplied by North Korea. This alarming development comes as a humiliated Putin urgently seeks advanced weapons from rogue states to turn the tide of a war that has bogged down Russian forces.

Missile Attacks Reveal Putin’s Desperation

On January 4th, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby revealed that Russian forces have used North Korean short range ballistic missiles in recent attacks on Ukraine. Kirby stated that Russia has also continued efforts to import additional Iranian missile technology in blatant violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions.

This desperate move to acquire missiles from North Korea and Iran highlights the failures of Russia’s military industrial complex to adequately supply weapons for Putin’s flailing invasion of Ukraine. Humiliated by fierce Ukrainian resistance and debilitating losses after nearly 11 months of conflict, Russia lacks the domestic capacity to produce the quantity and quality of missiles necessary to bombard Ukraine into submission.

By turning to rogue actor North Korea and sanctions-hit Iran, Putin risks further international backlash as he attempts to overwhelm Ukraine’s determined defenders. However, with little left to lose on the global stage, Russia seems willing to become a rogue state itself to achieve military objectives.

Attacks Kill Civilians, Damage Infrastructure

On January 2nd, Russian forces used North Korean-supplied short range ballistic missiles to attack key Ukrainian infrastructure in the city of Kharkiv, killing civilians and damaging power plants that have left thousands without electricity amidst freezing winter temperatures.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines stated that Russia has faced unexpected difficulties deploying the North Korean missiles, as Russian forces lack proper training and experience with the unfamiliar technology. However, Russia seems determined to continue using the missiles in brutal strikes against Ukrainian population centers.

Timeline of Russian North Korean Missile Use

| Date | Event |
| October 2022 | US intelligence reports Russia is purchasing North Korean artillery from Pyongyang
| November 2022 | Independent experts notice North Korean missile canisters in Russian propaganda photos
| Early January 2023 | John Kirby confirms Russia fired North Korean missiles at Ukraine
| January 2nd, 2023 | Attacks using North Korean missiles strike Kharkiv

This timeline shows Russia’s growing dependence on North Korea over recent months to supply weapons for the flailing invasion as sanctions make importing technology difficult. Putin’s decision to spend scarce funds on antiquated North Korean missiles highlights the decreasing capabilities of Russia’s military industrial complex.

Advanced Iranian Missiles May Bolster Russian Attacks

In addition to the influx of North Korean munitions, there are reports that Russia seeks to purchase even more advanced ballistic missile technology from Iran. After facing downing of over 500 Russian drones by Ukrainian forces, Putin desperately needs to replenish his depleted stockpile of unmanned vehicles and missiles to continue bombardment of infrastructure and civilian targets.

While Iranian ballistic missiles would represent a significant upgrade over outdated North Korean rockets, sanctions on both rogue states complicate an official weapons deal. It remains to be seen how Russia will obtain the illegal missiles and deploy them effectively with an increasingly disorganized and demoralized military.

Global Backlash to North Korean Missile Transfers

The brazen missile relationship between Russia and North Korea has set off alarms across the global community. Besides violating standing United Nations resolutions banning arms transfers to or from North Korea, Russia’s acquisition of Pyongyang’s missiles reveal the depths of Putin’s disrespect for international law and non-proliferation efforts.

Both South Korea and Japan have strongly condemned North Korea’s actions to arm Russia in its illegal war against Ukraine. As Pyongyang continues aggressive missile testing and nuclear posturing, empowering Russia with advanced weapons marks a dark turn for security in East Asia.

Meanwhile, Western officials have warned of significant consequences for the open alliance between “pariah states” Russia and North Korea. The White House has already announced additional sanctions against Russia and dialogue with Asian partners over punishing Pyongyang’s bold support for Putin’s invasion.

Bleak Outlook for Ukraine as Putin Courts Rogue Actors

With the brazen North Korean missile relationship exposing gaps in the global security architecture, Ukraine faces a bleak immediate future. A desperate Putin, shunned by the civilized world, seems willing to stop at nothing to achieve some sort of victory he can claim in Ukraine. It remains to be seen just how far Russia will go in courting the world’s most destructive weapons from rogue states to brutally bombard Ukraine into submission.

Facing renewed missile strikes once again plunging Ukrainians into freezing darkness, Ukraine’s resilient defenders prepare for even greater violence if Russia successfully obtains more advanced Iranian ballistic missiles. However, no matter what desperate measures Putin takes to salvage his flailing invasion, the courageous people of Ukraine remain defiant as the free world rallies behind them against tyranny.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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