May 26, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Specs Leaked, Bringing Major AI and Camera Upgrades

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Jan 11, 2024

Samsung is gearing up to announce its next flagship smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S24 series, at its Unpacked event on February 1st. Details about the phones’ specifications have been leaking over the past few weeks, giving us a glimpse of what Samsung has in store for its highest-end devices this year. Based on the leaks, the Galaxy S24 lineup will bring significant upgrades in areas like AI capabilities, camera technology, displays, and processing power.

AI and Software Enhancements Take Center Stage

One of the biggest themes emerging around the Galaxy S24 is a major boost in AI and software capabilities. Samsung has been touting the arrival of the “Galaxy AI era” in its promotional materials leading up to Unpacked.

The star AI feature expected in the S24 lineup is an advanced camera system that leverages AI to enhance photos and videos in real time. Samsung has dropped hints about “New Zoom” AI camera features coming to the S24, likely involving improved zoom and detail in photos through AI techniques like super resolution.

Enhanced AI photography modes, better portrait photography, and new capabilities to capture top-quality images in low light conditions are also rumored. Overall, it looks like the S24 camera system will showcase Samsung’s latest advancements in using AI and computational photography to push mobile image quality even further.

But AI won’t be limited just to the camera – it will likely help enable other software experiences across the S24 lineup as well. This may include AI-assisted performance optimization, expanded capabilities for Bixby voice assistant, smarter battery charging to preserve longevity, and more personalized user experiences adapted to each user over time.

Samsung has also hinted at innovations involving the intersection of hardware and software, like using AI to make devices more responsive. This could translate to things like faster, more accurate touch response when gaming or drawing.

Cutting-Edge Hardware Powers the AI Experience

To enable these intensive AI and software experiences, the Galaxy S24 series is expected to come loaded with top-of-the-line hardware.

The global S24 models will likely feature the newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip from Qualcomm, while some regions may get Samsung’s own Exynos 2400 chip. Both processors represent the fastest silicon currently available for Android devices and promise more AI capabilities baked into the chip design itself.

In addition to raw processing performance, the S24 lineup should also see major gains in graphics rendering power, thanks to the rumored inclusion of hardware-accelerated ray tracing. This advanced graphics technique can enable greater realism and detail in smartphone gaming and AR/VR applications.

Samsung is reportedly collaborating with chipmaker AMD on bringing custom ray tracing graphics to its next Exynos chip. And new gaming-centric display features like faster refresh rates up to 120 Hz may push the S24’s capabilities even further for immersive, graphics-rich experiences.

The new silicon will likely be complemented by up to 16GB of RAM, providing plenty of overhead for demanding multitasking and intensive creative workloads. Storage options are expected to top out at 2TB.

Beautiful New Display Technology

Of course, as Samsung’s premiere smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S24 will introduce new display technology to lead the way for the company’s vision of mobile devices as visual and creative canvases.

The S24 is rumored to feature slightly curved LTPO OLED displays with resolution up to QHD+ quality. The displays will offer higher touch sampling rates, translating to more responsive scrolling, gaming, and S Pen input.

By adopting LTPO backplanes across the lineup, the S24 family will likely see improved display refresh rate granularity and power efficiency gains. This can enable smoother scrolling at lower refresh rates to conserve battery life when full 120 Hz speeds aren’t needed.

If some leaked slides prove accurate, Samsung Display will also debut a new OLED material for smartphone panels called M12. This next-gen OLED tech promises higher brightness, improved efficiency, and better color accuracy.

These display advancements will further solidify Samsung’s lead in mobile display innovation and take visual quality to new heights across the S24 lineup.

Camera Upgrades Across the Board

The Galaxy S camera system has been a major focus for Samsung over the past few generations. With the S24 family, Samsung isn’t resting on its laurels and is rumored to push its imaging technology even further.

The hero device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, will likely retain the high megapixel 108MP primary camera of its predecessor. But with expected upgrades to sensor technology and image processing, overall photo and video quality are sure to take a leap over the already impressive S22 Ultra.

Zoom capabilities are also slated for an upgrade, with rumors pointing to a new periscope telephoto module capable of 6x optical zoom with clearer image quality at high zoom levels. Samsung is even teasing “space zoom” capabilities up to 100x super resolution zoom by leveraging AI techniques.

While the S24 and S24+ models won’t get the top-tier camera array of the Ultra model, they should still see nice gains year-over-year. Upgrades like a new 50MP primary sensor, better ultra wide and telephoto modules, and shared AI photography software benefits will up these models’ versatility.

Across the board, the full S24 lineup is gearing up to raise the bar in areas like low light photography, portraits, HDR imaging, video capture, and more – solidifying Samsung’s reputation for smartphone camera excellence.

Next-Level Premium Design

While specifications and hardware capabilities are crucial to delivering a top-tier smartphone experience, the in-hand feel and design shouldn’t be overlooked.

Leaked images of S24 series dummy models seem to confirm Samsung is tweaking the premium design aesthetic introduced with the S22 lineup last year. Refined styling with straighter edges is punctuated by new glittery “raindrop” rear camera arrays. Framing these glitzy cameras will likely be stepped camera housings flowing seamlessly into the device frames.

These small but impactful styling updates to an already glamorous industrial design language should make the devices stand out from prior generations and competitors’ offerings. Samsung may look to further differentiate models through unique colors like lime green for the S24 and lavender for the S24+.

With just a few weeks until the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 1st, more concrete S24 details are likely to emerge as Samsung finalizes its messaging. But it’s already clear from these early leaks that Samsung aims to deliver a substantial step forward in nearly all areas with its 2024 flagship phone launch. Bucking recent smartphone industry trends, Samsung appears poised to give mobile power users even more to get excited about this upgrade cycle.

What to Expect at the Announcement Event

At the February 1st Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung is likely to focus heavily on highlighting all the new AI-enhanced software experiences coming in the S24 lineup. Camera capabilities showing off the new photography features and zoom improvements will probably dominate much of the showcase.

Display advancements and premium design changes will probably factor less prominently in the presentation but shouldn’t be overlooked as vital to setting the new bar for high-end phone experiences. And while not as flashy or buzzworthy as mobile photography and AI, the new cutting-edge silicon joining the S24 family will empower all these innovations under the hood.

Expect plenty of references to the “Galaxy AI era” throughout Samsung’s presentation as the company kicks off a long-term strategic pivot towards AI and software differentiation. But Samsung shouldn’t face too much competition yet in flexing its strengths in exciting hardware advancements as well areas like displays, camera hardware, and industrial design.

After unveiling all the new flagship phone capabilities during the showcase event, Samsung will likely wrap up by revealing preorder offer details. Traditionally, reserving early access during the preorder period comes with nice perks like complimentary gifts and discounts. With sky-high smartphone average selling prices lately, deals will help ease the strain of these ultra-premium purchases for customers.

Region Leaked S24 Pricing
United States $1,199+
Europe €1,249+
India ₹114,999+

Samsung faces a challenging market in 2024 with pressures like high component pricing and weakened global demand presenting headwinds. But if the leaked product details prove accurate, the technology giant is on track to deliver its most substantial smartphone update in years. The Galaxy S24 family looks ready to push boundaries across the board and uphold Samsung’s dominance as the world’s premiere Android phone maker.

What Comes Next – A Pivotal Year for Samsung’s Mobile Business

After what’s sure to be an exciting unveil event on February 1st, attention will turn to how Samsung’s ambitious new lineup performs over its first year in market.

With major investments in areas like AI, camera hardware, and sophisticated new OLED panel technology, the S24 series likely carries higher per unit costs than prior releases. But these risky, forward-looking upgrades are crucial for Samsung’s smartphone business to evolve.

If the significant AI photography improvements manage to excite consumers more than incremental hardware spec bumps, it will validate Samsung’s focus on AI as a key differentiator going forward. Software and AI-driven experiences must shoulder more of the burden for driving phone upgrades as the space for groundbreaking hardware innovations narrows.

Samsung is aiming for the new Galaxy lineup to open more blue ocean opportunities in areas like mobile photography, gaming, and productivity. But it will face stiff competition in 2024 from Chinese brands excelling on value like Xiaomi and innovative user experiences like Nothing’s seamless ecosystem.

With signs of maturation in premium device markets like the US, Samsung will also rely heavily on India, Southeast Asia, and other emerging regions to drive volume growth in 2024. Success cracking these rapidly developing markets with more affordable 5G devices could determine whether Samsung’s mobile division expands profits or stagnates.

On the component side, Samsung must grapple with uncertainties like memory chip oversupply and falling semiconductor prices biting into margins for its fabs business. Economic volatility also lurks as a risk if shaky consumer confidence limits phone spending.

But if Samsung can leverage vertical integration strengths to smooth costs and keep bringing category-leading innovation to market, 2024 could mark a turning point where software, services, and strategic pivots like AI begin fueling the next decade of growth.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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