May 26, 2024

Samsung Unveils Groundbreaking New Monitor Lineup at CES 2024

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Jan 19, 2024

Samsung dominated the headlines at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week with the unveiling of several new monitor models featuring cutting-edge display technology and sleek, innovative designs.

Samsung Shows Off Stunning New 5K Viewfinity S9 Monitor

The star of Samsung’s CES lineup was the new Viewfinity S9, a strikingly slim 5K monitor aimed at creative professionals and enterprises.

Boasting a large 27-inch screen, the Viewfinity S9 is the world’s first 5K monitor certified for both HDR10+ and color accuracy standards from Pantone and Calman. It covers 99% of the DCI-P3 color gamut and also supports one billion colors with Quantum HDR technology utilizing a direct LED backlighting system with 2,000 nits peak brightness.

“We developed Viewfinity S9 to set a new benchmark for professional monitors,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are proud to deliver stunning picture quality and comfortable viewing experiences so that creators and designers can focus on bringing their imaginations to life.”

The monitor itself cuts an impressive profile with a sleek, frameless design and height/tilt adjustable stand. Cable management in the rear helps keep desks clutter-free.

Samsung is marketing the high-performance Viewfinity S9 specifically towards creative professionals, architects, engineers, and software developers. The launch coincides with a $400 discount bringing the price down to $1,599.

Affordable New M8 Monitor Advances Smart TV Concept

Samsung also generated buzz with the launch of the new 27-inch M8 smart monitor. The M8 essentially fuses a traditional computer monitor with a smart TV, allowing users to stream content and access cloud services and mobile device mirroring without the need for a separate set-top box or PC connection.

The M8 features built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support for wireless DeX connectivity to quickly transform a compatible Galaxy smartphone into a desktop-style workstation. A movable magnetic slim fit camera provides video conferencing capability.

“The Smart Monitor M8 is a next generation display made for the work-live lifestyle,” said Jim Woo, Executive Vice President & Head of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “In addition to outstanding UHD picture quality, it offers even more ways for users to work smarter, stay connected, and entertain themselves with the same functionality of a smart TV.”

Feature M8 Monitor
Display 4K UHD with HDR10+
Size 27-inch
Refresh Rate 60Hz
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C, Mobile DeX
Smart Platform Tizen OS
Remote Control Solar-powered Magic Remote
Speakers Built-in 2.2 channel
MSRP $699

The M8 launches in February starting at $699, making it one of Samsung’s most affordable monitors with smart capabilities. Early deals are already discounting it to $480. The smart features and lower price point make it an intriguing option for home offices and casual entertainment setups.

Additional Monitors Round Out Samsung’s Strong CES Showing

While the Viewfinity S9 and M8 garnered the most attention, Samsung showcased additional monitors covering a range of prices and performance levels:

  • Odyssey Neo G9 – The latest iteration of Samsung’s high-end ultrawide curved gaming monitor features dual UHD resolution, 2,000 mini LEDs with a 2,000 nit peak brightness, and a 240Hz variable refresh rate. Pricing starts at $2,499 when it launches later this quarter.

  • Smart Monitor M80C – This 4K monitor meant for productivity and entertainment purposes represents an upgraded version of last year’s M7 model. The 32-inch M80C includes built-in streaming platforms, smart home controls, and support for video call apps out of the box. Priced at an affordable $729, early deals have already reduced it temporarily to $480.

  • S8, S80PB, and S68UA Monitors – Samsung bolstered its mid-range monitor lineup with 27 to 43-inch professional, business, and productivity-focused displays featuring QHD to 4K resolution, USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, and KVM switch support for convenient switching between computers. Pricing ranges from $299 to $999.

Positive Response As Samsung Solidifies Monitor Market Dominance

Industry analysts and journalists on the CES show floor responded positively to Samsung’s strong product portfolio spanning various monitor segments.

The high-endViewfinity S9 in particular drew praise for its impressive display resolution and color accuracy perfect for creative work. Reviewers also highlighted the M8 monitor’s compelling value proposition and novel advancement of smart TV features into desktop displays.

Overall, Samsung firmly cemented its first-place market share of 31% in the global monitor segment with these new versatile and feature-rich options. Competitors like Dell, HP, and Lenovo have largely focused their CES monitor efforts on more niche business and gaming subcategories.

With the Consumer Electronics Show wrapping up on Sunday, Samsung appears well-positioned to extend its market lead in 2023 and beyond according to most industry observers. The company’s heavy investment in next-generation display technology like quantum dot LED backlighting paid dividends this year.

“Samsung owns the premium monitor market,” commented TechRadar’s John McCann. “The extent by which Samsung is innovating in the monitor space is quite incredible.”

Outlook Remains Strong But Global Factors Loom

Samsung expects high demand in the creative professional, business, and gaming segments to continue driving monitor sales. However, lingering macroeconomic uncertainty could temper market growth to some degree.

Supply chain constraints also need to be monitored closely according to Samsung. While production issues have eased, increased manufacturing costs could impact pricing and availability.

Nonetheless, with its commanding 31% global market share in monitors and a stellar lineup of new 2023 models, Samsung appears well-positioned to increase unit shipments and sales revenue if the overall economy cooperates.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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