June 13, 2024

Sinead O’Connor Died of Natural Causes, Coroner Confirms

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Jan 10, 2024

Irish Singer-Songwriter Found Dead at Age 56 Last January

Sinead O’Connor, the Grammy-winning Irish singer-songwriter best known for her 1990 hit song “Nothing Compares 2 U,” died from natural causes at the age of 56, a British coroner confirmed this week.

O’Connor was found dead on January 8, 2023 in a suburb outside of London, where she had been living. Her family and management expressed concerns about her welfare in the days leading up to her death, after the vocalist posted a series of troubling tweets indicating she was suicidal following the tragic loss of her 17-year-old son Shane in January 2022.

The coroner concluded that O’Connor died from natural causes after a post-mortem examination found no evidence of self-harm or suspicious circumstances.

Long Struggled With Mental Health Issues

The iconic singer had a history of mental illness and made several previous suicide attempts over the years. In the months after her son’s death, O’Connor’s mental state continued to deteriorate as she mourned the profound loss.

Just days before she passed away, the heartbroken mother tweeted that she “decided to follow” her son, because “living without him is not possible.” She was placed on a 24-hour suicide watch after police responded to a distress call on January 6.

Tragically, the troubled star could not recover from the grief of unexpectedly losing her teenage son. O’Connor bravely brought awareness to mental health issues through both her music and openness about her own struggles.

“Been given the gift of time to grieve him properly,” she tweeted last February. “He is why there is no shame in my illness… He looked after his mother.”

Coping With Recent Tragedies

The past two years brought unspeakable grief for O’Connor. Shortly after Shane’s suicide at 17, her ex-husband Dónal Lunny died suddenly of an aneurysm in August 2022.

Lunny, a fellow Irish folk musician who produced O’Connor’s iconic debut album “The Lion and the Cobra,” apparently maintained an amicable relationship with the singer after their brief marriage in 2002. His unexpected death delivered another devastating blow as she continued to mourn her late son.

Just months later, the grief-stricken artist passed away herself after years of struggling with her mental health.

Calls for Improved Care After similar High-Profile Deaths

O’Connor joins a line of high-profile artists like Amy Winehouse, Avicii and Chester Bennington whose mental illnesses contributed to their premature passing. As fans across the globe mourn her loss, many are calling for improved psychiatric care and suicide prevention services from the music industry.

Fellow artists like Elton John expressed remorse that better support was not provided while O’Connor suffered: “So sad that someone with such obvious talent should have ended up like this,” he tweeted. “The industry failed her, as it fails so many others on a daily basis.”

O’Connor’s open advocacy around destigmatizing mental illness may help enact positive changes to protect others. A forthcoming HBO documentary exploring the singer’s life premieres later this year.

Remembered For Defiant Spirit, Activism & Musical Legacy

Beyond the pain she endured these past few years, O’Connor will be remembered for a storied career pushing boundaries and speaking truth to power. Shooting to fame with her arresting voice and signature shaved head in the late 1980s, the rebellious singer commanded the world’s stage throughout the 1990s.

Her music and iconic videos generated major cultural moments, from defiantly tearing up an image of the pope on live TV to delivering a haunting version of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” that topped charts worldwide. Behind the controversy, O’Connor created era-defining hits that struck a chord by airing raw emotions.

As an outspoken activist, O’Connor also brought controversial social issues like women’s rights, sexual abuse and corruption in the Catholic church into mainstream consciousness through her art. She lent her voice to support LGBT equality, ending apartheid in South Africa, and pursuing justice for victims of institutional abuse.

Few artists made such an indelible impact shaping the culture of their times. Though she struggled mightily in recent years, O’Connor’s musical legacy and barrier-breaking spirit endure.

Album Year Top Songs
The Lion and the Cobra 1987 Mandinka, Jackie, I Want Your (Hands on Me)
I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got 1990 Nothing Compares 2 U, The Emperor’s New Clothes
Universal Mother 1994 Fire on Babylon, Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home
Faith and Courage 2000 No Man’s Woman, Jealous
How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? 2012 4th and Vine, Reason with Me
No Veteran Dies Alone 2022 Mná na hÉireann

Funeral Arrangements Pending

In a statement, O’Connor’s family thanked the Irish coroner’s office and requested privacy as they plan funeral arrangements to honor the acclaimed musician.

A private memorial service for close friends and family will likely occur in Dublin, where O’Connor was born and frequently returned throughout her career. The date has not yet been announced.

Given her cultural impact and adoring fans worldwide, a larger tribute concert in the coming months could also help the community mourn and celebrate O’Connor’s singular life in music.

The exact cause of death was not released. But the coroner confirmed that intense grief and trauma from recent losses tragically overwhelmed the iconic singer’s fragile hold on life.

After years bravely battling her demons in the public eye, may Sinead O’Connor finally rest in peace.




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