July 18, 2024

Sofia Vergara Opens Up About Transformation into Notorious Drug Lord for Griselda

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Jan 17, 2024

Sofia Vergara has shed her “Modern Family” persona to take on the role of infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco in Netflix’s new series “Griselda.” The show depicts the rise and fall of the “Cocaine Godmother” who revolutionized the drug trade in the 1970s and 1980s.

Extreme Makeover for Actress Playing Griselda

In multiple interviews while promoting the highly-anticipated series, Vergara has spoken extensively about the physical transformation she underwent to portray Griselda over the decades of her life covered in the show.

The 51-year-old actress underwent a dramatic makeover, using prosthetics and makeup effects to age her appearance. “We had scenes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and slowly they would add more prosthetics on to make me look older,” Vergara told Good Morning America. “It was heavy and uncomfortable.”

Additionally, Vergara had to hide her famously voluptuous figure to portray the stockier drug lord. She wore restrictive bras and prosthetics under her clothes, telling the NY Post, “I wore a lot of prosthetics, especially in the part of the 80s and 90s when she was very fat. I wore uncomfortable bras that pushed me down, didn’t allow me to have cleavage.”

Accent Change Also Part of Transformation

Along with changing her appearance, Vergara also is using a thicker Colombian accent versus the lighter accent fans know from her 11 seasons on “Modern Family.” Many early reviews have praised the authenticity Vergara brings to capturing Griselda’s Medellín dialect.

“I have to have an accent from Medellín which is very different from Bogotá or Cali where Sofía is from, so it has been difficult for me because I have been trying to quit my accent for so long,” Vergara told The Standard. “Now I have to put it back again for Griselda.”

She added, “I have a team of coaches helping me, they are always listening to me and correcting me.”

Year Sofia Vergara’s Age Griselda Blanco’s Age Played
2023 filming 50 years old 16-69 years old

Cocaine Confusion in Late Night Interview

While making the rounds doing press interviews for “Griselda,” Vergara endeared herself to audiences by accidentally and hilariously referring to using cocaine herself instead of just portraying drug lord Griselda’s cocaine use.

In an appearance on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon, she regaled the audience with a story meant to describe the bizarre lengths she went to get into character as someone who uses cocaine.

“At some point I was, you know, I have to do cocaine in the show…” Vergara remarked about the series, before quickly realizing her verbal slip-up and bursting into infectious laughter along with the studio audience.

“No, not me!” she exclaimed while gesturing effusively. “Griselda! Griselda!” Fallon cracked up at her accidentally self-incriminating story. Vergara explained she meant to say the show has scenes depicting Griselda’s cocaine usage that they simulated.

The endearing goof showcases Vergara’s talent for humor and connects her to the audience in an authentic way despite the extreme character change in playing Griselda.

Response From Griselda’s Real Family

While Sofia Vergara earning rave reviews for her transformation into the drug queenpin, reactions have been more mixed from the family of the real Griselda. Vergara actually met in person with Griselda’s son Michael Corleone Blanco to prepare for the role.

But Michael’s brother Dixon Trujillo told The Sun he believes Vergara was miscast because she’s “too young” and doesn’t match his mother’s “actual personality.”

Dixon revealed, “She doesn’t quite fit the character I knew.” He also accused the series of glamorizing his mother’s story and criticized Netflix for not reaching out to more of Griselda’s family and inner circle for input.

What’s Next for Vergara After Griselda?

With “Griselda” launching January 25, fans are curious what Sofia Vergara will take on next after her dramatic transformation into the drug lord.

In multiple interviews, Vergara has mentioned she is eager to try her hand at producing as well as acting. “I always have a lot of ideas,” she told ET Online. “And I haven’t produced anything.”

She also may have more free time for projects soon, as the newly single actress confirmed she has split with husband Joe Manganiello after 7 years and has her sights set on dating in New York City.

When asked by ET Online if she’s looking forward to dating in NYC, Vergara replied enthusiastically, “Yeah, because there’s more variety of men.” She cited the diversity, spontaneity, and culture that appeals to her about the dating scene in the Big Apple.

It remains to be seen whether Vergara’s friendship with DeGeneres and de Rossi, who split in 2022, will be rekindled now that all three women are single again. The two couples used to double date and were photographed together frequently during happier times.

So whether Sofia Vergara chooses more acting roles, tries her hand producing films or TV shows, focuses on business ventures like her Foster Grant eyewear line or new fashion collections, or makes an unexpected pivot into reality TV dating shows, one thing is for certain – fans will be fascinated to follow the star’s next chapter after her chameleonic performance as Griselda Blanco.




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