May 27, 2024

Stern Unveils New Jaws Pinball Machine Featuring Iconic Movie Footage and Shark Models

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Jan 5, 2024

Stern Pinball has revealed its latest pinball machine model – an officially licensed Jaws machine featuring original footage from the iconic 1975 Steven Spielberg film. Unveiled this week at CES 2024, the game aims to bring all the suspense and excitement of hunting sharks to arcades and game rooms around the world.

Game Highlights Original Film Footage and Cast Audio

The Jaws pinball machine incorporates scenes, characters, and memorable dialogue from the original summer blockbuster into the gameplay. Players can relive moments like encountering the massive great white shark for the first time, finding Ben Gardner’s boat, Quint’s famous USS Indianapolis speech, and more through remastered HD clips from the film displayed on the machine’s LCD screen.

In addition to the visual elements, the table features custom voice work from Jaws stars Richard Dreyfuss, Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Lorraine Gary, further enhancing the nostalgic cinematic experience.

Key Game Features:

- Remastered HD video scenes from Jaws film
- Voiceovers from original cast members 
- Animatronic shark models
- Custom audio calls from Brody, Hooper & Quint
- Multi-ball and video modes based on movie scenes

Stern Pinball Chairman and CEO Gary Stern said reproducing the thrilling spirit of the film was a top priority for his team in developing the machine:

“There are several iconic scenes in Jaws that had never before appeared in a pinball machine,” Stern said. “Working with Universal, we aimed to best capture the suspense and excitement of the movie that keeps audiences coming back.”

Animatronic Shark Models Bring Underwater Peril to Life

In addition to authentic sights and sounds from the film, Stern’s new Jaws pinball incorporates animatronic shark models and figures straight into the table gameplay. A whopping four mechanized shark toys are integrated into the machine.

The great white dorsal fin “Bruce” animatronic rises from below the playfield to start Veg-O-Matic and Whack-A-Shark multiball modes. During gameplay, a motorized shark emerges from some sunken boat wreckage to snatch pinballs. There are even miniature plastic Bruce models attached to the slingshots.

Interactivity with the shark figures helps build suspense and leads to rewarding shots and scoring opportunities on the table. It allows players to feel like shark hunters right alongside Brody, Hooper and Quint on their perilous high seas mission.

Multiball Modes and Toys Bring Iconic Movie Moments to Life

In capturing the spirit of the first summer blockbuster through pinball, Stern packed their Jaws machine with details paying homage to classic scenes and moments from the thriller. The table features:

  • Quint’s Fishing Boat – featuring motorized movement along with custom audio calls from Robert Shaw’s Quint character
  • Amity Island Lighthouse – with a working beacon and piercing horn sound effects
  • “Bigger Boat” ramp – gives players a ramp shot to score big while hearing Roy Schieder’s famous line from the film
  • Sunken Orca Boat – houses one of the animatronic shark figures that grabs pinballs
  • Veg-O-Matic & Whack-A-Shark – multiball modes featuring shark toy pop-ups.

In total there are ten scenes, five multi-ball modes and over 20 custom speech calls referencing iconic moments and quotes from the blockbuster film integrated into the Stern Jaws pinball machine. The high level of faithfulness to the source material in both gameplay and aesthetics helps celebrate the enduring legacy of the Hollywood classic nearly 50 years later.

Machine Availability and Pricing

Jaws pinball machines are currently available for pre-order from authorized Stern distributors and dealers globally. Three models exist: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. Prices range from $US 6,199 for the Pro model to $US 9,099 for the more feature-rich Premium, and $US 11,599 for the LE with the highest level of details and exclusives.

The machines are expected to begin shipping Summer 2024 once manufacturing ramps up to meet demand. Given strong reception already and the beloved Jaws brand, it wouldn’t be surprising if the shark-hunting pinball table ends up being one of Stern’s hottest sellers yet.

Arcades and enthusiasts eager to add Jaws pinball to their collection can contact their local Stern dealer or retailer to pre-order now. They may need a bigger game room to fit this machine highlighting one of cinema’s greatest predators and the brave souls who faced it.

What This Means for Future Stern Releases

The overwhelmingly positive response to Stern’s Jaws pinball at its CES 2024 reveal likely paves the wave for more classic/retro film-themed machines from the manufacturer.

Stern told gaming journalists they have plans for future collaborations with Universal Pictures to produce tables based on iconic films like Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, E.T, and others.

CEO Gary Stern said:

“Universal has been an incredible partner and has a treasure trove of films that translate perfectly to pinball. Our Jaws game is just the beginning of what’s sure to be a long and successful relationship.”

If their approach with Jaws is any indication, collectors and casual players alike have a lot to look forward to. Stern’s knack for blending authentic audio-visual elements into interactive, toy-loaded gameplay could make their machines based on classic films some of the most desired in the hobby.

As the pop culture/nostalgia pinball niche continues heating up, stands to see Stern fend out increased competition from smaller startups and crowdfunded projects in the space – like Multimorphic’s The Big Lebowski table. Yet their industry expertise, manufacturing capabilities and strong licenses ensure they remain king of the hill.

The one downside of more recognizable film tables is it may continue driving up machine prices in the pinball market, especially on secondary auction sites. But for many hardcore enthusiasts the premium cost will be worth the ability to own immersive, museum-quality tables letting them step into their favorite movie universes through pinball play.




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