June 24, 2024

Taylor Swift Receives Stunning Opal Ring from Bestie Keleigh Sperry for 33rd Birthday

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Dec 22, 2023

Taylor Swift received a gorgeous opal ring as a birthday gift from her close friend Keleigh Sperry Teller, the wife of actor Miles Teller. The unique ring sparked a viral theory that Swift was engaged to NFL star Travis Kelce, but Sperry Teller has dispelled that rumor.

Swift Shows Off Large Opal Ring on 33rd Birthday

On December 13th, Taylor Swift celebrated her 33rd birthday. Several photos were posted on social media showing Swift out with friends like Blake Lively, but one accessory grabbed attention – a large opal ring on her right hand.

The pale stone in an ornate gold setting looked like it could be an engagement ring. This lead fans to speculate that Swift’s boyfriend, NFL player Travis Kelce, had proposed.

However, Swift’s close friend Keleigh Sperry Teller, wife of Miles Teller, explained on Instagram that she had gifted Swift the ring for her birthday:

“To whoever made up the rumor that Travis got Taylor this ring for her birthday – FALSE. It was me! Because she’s my bff!”

![Taylor Swift opal ring]( The opal ring Swift received from Sperry Teller for her birthday.

Sperry Teller explained the gift held special meaning for their 13-year friendship:

“…the stone I gave her is an opal! Her birthstone, also for the 13 year wedding anniversary!”

While Travis Kelce did not actually purchase the ring, Swift’s appearance at his NFL game shortly after her birthday kept rumors swirling.

Speculation Sparked by Swift’s Appearance at Kelce’s Game

On December 20th, just over a week after her birthday celebrations, Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots NFL game.

Swift was there to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce, who plays tight end for the Chiefs. This high profile show of support added fuel to the engagement rumors.

Photos circulated on social media showed Swift ecstatically cheering in the stands wearing Kelce’s #87 jersey. Kelce later commented “She’s amazing!” about Swift’s presence at the game.

Another Chiefs player called the appearance “a cherry on top for an awesome night.”

![Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game]( Swift cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce at his December 20th NFL game.

The Chiefs beat the Patriots by a decisive score of 43-23. Kelce scored one of the Chief’s six touchdowns that night.

There was no obvious special occasion for Swift’s appearance, leaving fans to speculate it was to support Kelce after a proposal.

No Engagement Announcement

However, over the next few days no engagement announcement came. As media outlets covered the ring and game appearance, Swift stayed silent on social media.

Travis Kelce also did not address the engagement buzz. Some fans theorized he was waiting until after the NFL season concludes to announce wedding plans with Swift.

History of Swift & Kelce’s Relationship

To understand why fans so readily believed Travis Kelce had proposed to singer Taylor Swift, here is a brief history of their private relationship over the past year:

Date Relationship Development
March 2022 Rumors circulate Swift and Kelce met at 2022 Oscar parties
October 2022 Photos show pair together in NYC shortly before Swift’s birthday
November 2022 Swift and Kelce spend Thanksgiving weekend together
December 2022 Kelce attends Swift’s birthday party

Over the past year Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have kept their romance exceptionally private. This has only fueled speculation over the relationship’s status.

Fans also connected Kelce’s warm relationship with Swift’s parents as evidence an engagement was imminent:

Close with Swift’s Parents

Travis Kelce is reported to have an affectionate friendship with Taylor Swift’s parents, Andrea and Scott Swift. Over Easter, Kelce vacationed with the Swift family at their Palm Beach vacation home.

Sources claim he respectfully asked her father Scott for permission before advancing his relationship with Swift. Fans saw this as evidence he planned to propose soon.

Next Steps: Engagement or Not?

It remains ambiguous if Travis Kelce is actually planning to propose to Taylor Swift anytime soon. The singer sporting her new opal ring to support his NFL game revived rumors. But his continued silence keeps fans guessing.

Here are possible next steps for this closely-followed celebrity pair:

Announce Engagement Post NFL Season

There are just two regular season NFL games left before playoffs begin in January. Travis Kelce may intend to announce his engagement to Taylor Swift after playoffs wrap up in early 2023.

Continue Dating Privately

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift could simply continue quietly dating without rushing an engagement announcement. Swift’s political activism and Kelce’s high-profile football career make privacy wise.

Split Up Amicably

If new relationship pressures or schedules overwhelm them, Swift and Kelce could amiably separate while remaining friends. However close ties with each other’s families make a permanent split unlikely.

The stunning opal ring Keleigh Sperry gifted to BFF Taylor Swift will undoubtedly remain legendary. While Travis Kelce apparently did not actually propose yet, fans eagerly await their next relationship milestone. For now Swift continues touring her record-shattering new album Midnights wearing her sentimental birthday jewelry.




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