May 26, 2024

Tesla Launches Refreshed Model 3 with Improved Range and New Features

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Jan 10, 2024

Tesla has officially launched an updated version of its popular Model 3 electric sedan in North America. Dubbed the “Model 3 Highland”, the refreshed car features subtle exterior changes, improved range estimates, and several new tech features.

Model 3 Gets First Major Refresh Since Launch

The Model 3 first entered production in mid 2017 and quickly became Tesla’s best-selling product. Over the past 6 years Tesla has made constant small tweaks to the car, but the 2024 Model 3 Highland represents the first major refresh since its launch.

According to Tesla’s press materials, the changes focus on range improvements, new convenience features, and styling changes to bring the car in line with Tesla’s current design language. Prices remain unchanged from the outgoing 2023 trims.

Trim Range (mi) 0-60 mph (s) Price
Standard Plus 267 5.3 $43,490
Long Range 341 4.2 $54,490
Performance 315 3.1 $62,990

Up To 362 Miles of Range

The most notable improvement with the Highland update is increased range, especially for the Long Range variant. Thanks to newer lithium-ion battery cells and powertrain efficiencies, the upgraded Long Range Model 3 is now rated for 341 miles by the EPA. This represent a nearly 10% bump over the previous LR’s 310 mile range.

The Standard Plus and Performance models receive more modest range boosts to 267 mi and 315 mi respectively. But even those models now deliver longer driving distances on a full charge.

Redesigned Exterior Styling Cues

Visually, the differences between old and new Model 3 trims are subtle. But the Highland sports revamped front and rear bumper fascias that bring it in line with the Model S and Model X. The front bumper loses the large lower intake and features a body-colored panel instead. This gives it a smooth, minimalist look compared to the outgoing car.

Out back, black trim stretches across the entire width of the rear bumper on Highland cars. This allows the Tesla badge to sit more flush and centered between the taillights. These changes make the back of the car look wider and lower compared to before. Overall, the minor styling tweaks bring the Model 3 design up-to-date while retaining its familiar shape and silhouette.

Upgraded Standard Equipment

All Highland Model 3s now come standard with a few key features that used to cost extra:

  • Heated front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Auto dimming mirrors
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Power trunk liftgate

Making these popular options standard brings more value to buyers. Tesla was also able to simplify the order page and trim structure by bundling them into the base car.

New Tech and Convenience Upgrades

On the tech front, Tesla added a few welcomed upgrades:

Cabin Camera – A camera mounted above the rearview mirror looks backwards into the cabin. Tesla says this can detect and alert driver inattention as part of the safety features. However privacy concerns exist over how footage is stored and used.

Inductive Phone Charger – The Model 3 finally gets the center console wireless phone charger that has been available in the Model S and Model X. For customers that want to easily mount and charge a smartphone without fussing with cables, this is a helpful feature.

Bluetooth Multi-Device Support – With the Highland’s upgraded Bluetooth module, two separate phones can now connect simultaneously. This allows the driver and front passenger to stream music and more without disconnecting or sharing a connection.

AMD Ryzen Processor – Tesla has upgraded the onboard computers and infotainment system to use a faster AMD Ryzen chip and double the RAM. This brings snappier response when navigating menus or using the backup camera feed.

Integrated Toll Transponders – Highland cars have the toll transponder hardware seamlessly built into the vehicle. This means you don’t need standalone toll tag stuck to the windshield in compatible regions.

Order Books Now Open in North America

As of January 10th 2024, Tesla has opened up orders for the refreshed Model 3 Highland in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Deliveries should begin shortly, with production currently coming from Tesla’s Fremont, California factory.

Given strong demand and backorders for Model 3, new orders probably won’t be fulfilled for 1-2 months. Tesla says it is working hard to ramp production by streamlining manufacturing at the plant.

International and European deliveries will likely happen later this year after US demand is satiated.

Pushing Mainstream Adoption of EVs

The upgraded Model 3 Highland continues Tesla’s relentless improvement march towards accelerating the world’s transition to electric vehicles. The improved range and features address previous pain points that held some customers back from going electric. And combined with government subsidies, Tesla’s pricing remains very competitive with premium internal combustion rivals.

With each iteration, Tesla aims to push EVs further into the mainstream. And if sales are any indicator, the strategy is working – the Model 3 quickly became one of America’s best selling sedans shortly after launch. The lower cost and improved range of the base Standard Plus trim should continue opening Model 3 accessibility and appeal to a wider audience.

Between the Model 3, Model Y, Cybertruck and Semi Truck, Tesla appears poised for continued growth and industry leadership in the EV space. And other automakers are being forced to step up their electric vehicle programs to compete. It will be exciting to see how the rest of 2024 unfolds for Tesla as they start Highland Model 3 deliveries while continuing to innovate.

What This Means For Investors

Tesla’s share price surged in early trading as news of the upgraded Model 3 launch spread. This reveals continued optimism among investors about the company’s sales growth and trajectory.

If Tesla sustains strong demand for the refreshed Model 3 while avoiding any major quality issues, shares could continue an upward climb. Any setbacks or delivery delays however could lead to more uncertainty.

But with nearly 2 million Model 3s already on the road globally, Tesla has shown it can manufacture and support the car at scale. And as battery costs keep falling, profit margins on the entry-level $43,490 Standard Plus trim will likely expand over time.

Tesla still faces risks from increasing electric vehicle competition. But by constantly improving vehicle range, performance and value, they appear well positioned to stay at the forefront of the growing global EV market.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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