July 13, 2024

The Future of Justin Fields: Bears Face Critical Decision on Young QB

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Jan 3, 2024

The Chicago Bears face a pivotal offseason filled with critical decisions that will shape the trajectory of the franchise for years to come. At the center of it all is young quarterback Justin Fields, who showed promising growth in his second NFL season but still leaves the Bears with more questions than answers regarding his long-term viability as a franchise QB.

Fields Shows Flashes amid Offensive Struggles

After a rocky rookie campaign, Fields took strides in 2023 under the tutelage of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. He improved as a passer, showing the ability to push the ball downfield and make tight-window throws. Fields also dazzled as a runner, using his mobility to create offense for a unit that lacked playmakers. He finished with over 3,000 total yards and 20 touchdowns.

However, the Bears offense still struggled mightily, finishing near the bottom of the league in most categories. Fields himself remained inconsistent, especially with his accuracy and decision making. He tied for the league lead with 11 interceptions in just 12 starts. While Fields has tantalizing talent and physical tools, there are still doubts if he can develop into a top-tier QB capable of elevating those around him.

Offseason Brings Major Questions on Fields and Offense

With the offseason now here after a 3-14 campaign, the Bears find themselves picking first in April’s draft armed with over $100 million in cap space. They appear poised to make a major move at quarterback, with trading the top pick for a coveted signal caller or using it on a top prospect like Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud as possibilities.

Such a move would leave Fields’ future with the Bears in serious jeopardy. But the QB made a strong closing statement in Chicago’s final two games, throwing for 6 touchdowns and just 1 interception while flashing his dynamic running ability. Fields said his focus remains fixed on improving rather than the swirling rumors. But his uneven development has split opinions within the Bears organization.

Bears Offensive Ranks Stat Rank
Total Yards 287.3 yards/game 32nd

| Passing Yards | 162.3 yards/game | 32nd
| Rushing Yards | 125 yards/game | 1st

Pressure Mounts Heading into Offseason

Bears GM Ryan Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus face intense scrutiny over how they handle their quarterback dilemma this offseason. Their decisions at the position will shape Chicago’s short and long-term fate as a franchise.

If they commit to Fields, they must surround him with far more weapons and protection while hoping he makes a major developmental leap in 2024. However, moving on from Fields after just two seasons is an enormously risky move that could backfire disastrously and set the franchise back another half-decade if his successor falters.

According to reports, the Bears value Fields as equivalent to a 2nd or 3rd round pick in a trade. That suggests the team views him as a high-end backup or bridge quarterback for another franchise rather than a future franchise cornerstone. Still, Fields has supporters within the Bears’ locker room, and Chicago lacks an obvious replacement plan if they deal their young QB.

Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy reiterated his belief in Fields’ talent and work ethic. But Getsy himself faces an enormous third season directing Chicago’s woeful offense. Like his young quarterback, the pressure is firmly on the playcaller to show massive improvement guiding the attack.

NFC Rivals Circling for Potential Fields Trade

If the Bears make Fields available via trade, there will be no shortage of interested suitors. NFC rivals like Atlanta and Pittsburgh, both unsettled at quarterback, are prime candidates to make a move for the young signal caller. Falcons legend Roddy White already made a public plea for his former team to pursue Fields.

The Steelers have their own young QB in Kenny Pickett, but he has battled inconsistency similar to Fields in his rookie campaign. A talent like Fields may be too tantalizing for Pittsburgh to pass up, especially given their shaky offensive line play. A trade package of Pickett and draft picks could make sense for both sides. Atlanta also has extra draft capital, including an extra 2nd round pick from the Calvin Ridley suspension trade.

Other quarterback-needy teams like Carolina, Washington, and New Orleans could also jump into the mix. A bidding war certainly seems likely if Poles and Eberflus make the polarizing decision to fully move on from Fields after just two seasons. Unlike veteran stopgaps, the 24-year old Fields offers long-term upside for potential suitors.

Pressure Building to Get QB Decision Right

As the Bears enter a pivotal offseason filled with franchise-shaping decisions, all eyes remain fixed on Justin Fields and Chicago’s cloudy quarterback situation. In a year where the team showed flashes of promise but stumbled to a 3-14 mark, the development of Fields and the offense remain central to future success.

The young quarterback himself has tuning out the outside noise, focusing instead on improving his game this offseason. But the pressure is firmly on Poles, Eberflus, and the Bears front office to properly evaluate Fields’ long-term potential and make the right decision at the sport’s most important position. A mistake could derail Chicago’s rebuild before it truly gains momentum.

With the salary cap space and draft capital to make bold moves, the Bears find themselves at a rare inflection point as a franchise. Whether they build around Fields, use their top draft pick on a QB, or deal their young signal caller, Chicago’s future course will hinge on how they handle their quarterback dilemma over the coming months.

After years of quarterback uncertainty, all Bears fans want is the same thing – for the franchise to finally get it right under center. By making the correct moves and decisions this offseason at quarterback, Poles and Eberflus can put Chicago back on track toward contending status. But choose wrongly at the sport’s most consequential position, and it could spell doom for the latest Bears rebuild. The pressure is firmly on, and all eyes are focused on Soldier Field.




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