June 25, 2024

The Most Anticipated Video Games of 2024

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Jan 4, 2024

2024 is shaping up to be another blockbuster year for video games. With highly-anticipated sequels, expansive new worlds to explore, and innovative indies that could become instant classics, there’s something for every type of gamer to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Triple-A Titles Lead the Charge

Several major franchises have new installments releasing this year that are sure to dominate sales and attention.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Arguably the most eagerly-awaited title is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the second part in the Final Fantasy VII remake trilogy. The first part, 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, was a critical and commercial smash hit, updating the classic 1997 PlayStation RPG for modern platforms. Rebirth will pick up where the first left off, continuing mercenary Cloud Strife’s journey across a cyberpunk-fantasy world. Details are scarce, but fans can expect epic, cinematic storytelling and strategic, action-packed combat when the game launches in late 2024 as a PS5 exclusive.

The Last of Us Part II

Naughty Dog’s acclaimed The Last of Us is also getting a high-profile follow-up. Five years after the emotionally-charged first game, grizzled survivor Joel and his fierce protege Ellie return in The Last of Us Part II on PS5. Story information is limited, but the E3 2023 reveal trailer suggests the father-daughter bond between the two leads remains central. With the original hailed as a narrative masterpiece, expectations are sky-high for 2024’s biggest PlayStation release.

Diablo IV

It’s been over seven years since the last mainline Diablo game, but Blizzard is prepped to satiate hack-and-slash fans hunger with Diablo IV in 2024. Offering five playable character classes in a return to series’ darker Gothic roots, this sequel features a seamless open world brimming with dungeons, side quests, and randomized loot runs. Promising exponential endgame content and cross-platform multiplayer, Diablo IV could become the definitive action-RPG when it conjures up hellish mayhem later this year.

Game Developer Release Window Platform(s)
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Square Enix Late 2024 PlayStation 5
The Last of Us Part II Naughty Dog TBA 2024 PlayStation 5
Diablo IV Blizzard 2024 PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Table: Key details on three of 2024’s biggest AAA video game releases.

Smaller Studios Offer Fresh Experiences

While franchises like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Assassin’s Creed will surely sell well again, much of the most scintillating hype surrounds smaller games from independent developers. Offering bespoke worlds, innovative mechanics, and intensely personal themes, these indie darlings are poised to surprise and delight across various platforms.


One early standout gaining viral buzz is Palworld, a “life sim” for Nintendo Switch and PC from Japanese indie studio Pocketpair. The central conceit has players training and befriending adorable, Pokemon-like creatures called “Pals” to aid tasks like farming, resource gathering, and exploration. But deeper gameplay elements verge into much darker territory involving firearms and violence against authorities. Palworld’s provocative tonal contrasts have already sparked controversy, while capturing widespread curiosity over how its emergent open-ended systems will function at launch.

Cassette Beasts

Premiering on Xbox and PC, Cassette Beasts from New Zealand’s Bytten Studio gleefully embraces retro aesthetics and surreal humor. Players collect and fuse cassette tape-inspired creatures into stacking “totem” formations during turn-based battles. Beyond fusing beasts, Bytten promises a story campaign supporting queer themes, offbeat characters, and a killer synthwave soundtrack. Blending customization depth with welcoming accessibility, Cassette Beasts exemplifies the playful experimentation burgeoning amongst indie studios.

Other Notable Indies

These two standouts merely scratch the surface of 2024’s potential indie breakouts. Variously offering heartfelt dramas like Road 96 sequel Station V, ambitious procedurals like interstellar delivery adventure Starship Corsair, and imaginative art like lyrical puzzler Season: A Letter to the Future, the indie sphere continues trending toward more personal and experimental visions. With lower barriers inhibiting artistic risk, unique gems could arise from anywhere.

Game Developer Release Window Platform(s)
Palworld Pocketpair TBA 2024 Nintendo Switch, PC
Cassette Beasts Bytten Studio TBA 2024 Xbox, PC
Road 96 Sequel Station V DigixArt TBA 2024 Multiplatform
Starship Corsair Explorium Games TBA 2024 PC
Season: A Letter to the Future Scavengers Studio TBA 2024 Multiplatform

Table: A sample of anticipated smaller indie games slated for 2024.

New Consoles and Services Change the Landscape

While established series and genres remain pivotal for big publishers, 2024 may kickstart pivotal shifts in how games get delivered and monetized going forward. As platforms like cloud streaming and subscriptions grow, the very concept of traditional console generations becomes challenged. Some major developments to track which could transform how audiences engage games long-term:

“Project Raven”: Microsoft’s Game Pass Streaming Stick

Leaks suggest Microsoft plans to consolidate Xbox Cloud Gaming into a dedicated HDMI streaming device for televisions, currently codenamed “Project Raven.” Allegedly running $99 with bundled controller on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, this compact hardware could untether Microsoft’s library from proprietary boxes, while lowering financial barriers to access their games.

Google Play Pass: Cloud-Native Games Initiative

Google is reportedly funding exclusive small-scope titles designed specifically for cloud play on Android devices via their Play Pass platform. Focusing on accessibility rather than processing demands could better leverage cloud gaming benefits for mobile-centric audiences.

Sony PlayStation Now+ Merger?

Rumors indicate Sony plans merging disparate subscription services PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus this year. Bridging cloud streaming and downloadable games under one banner and pricing tier would help Sony better compete with Microsoft’s consolidated, feature-rich Xbox Game Pass.

As audiences consume games across more devices, business models seem set to prioritize cheap, frictionless access over costly bespoke hardware. Major players expanding streaming availability could make 2024 a pivotal year rendering “platforms” less relevant than catalog depth and flexibility. With cloud tech enabling more publishers to directly serve players across any device, traditional console exclusivity may gradually erode industrywide.

An Evolving Art Form Amid Constant Change

Between hotly anticipated sequels, innovative indies, and shifting industry paradigms, 2024’s bountiful gaming landscape has something for all interests. As technology enables more voices to share interactive experiences reflecting deeply personal perspectives, video games perpetually evolve as both mass entertainment and an emerging artistic medium. With so many developers across continents pushing aesthetic, mechanical, and distributional bounds, the medium’s brightest years likely still await even its most ardent fans. Through all the hype surrounding 2024’s biggest titles, the true gift may be appreciating the growth of an era where video games inspire us daily to envision better worlds worth pursuing.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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