June 24, 2024

Urgent Push for Vaccinations Amid Rising Respiratory Viruses This Holiday Season

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Dec 16, 2023

As respiratory illnesses like RSV, flu, and COVID-19 surge going into the holiday season, health officials are urgently warning the public to get vaccinated to protect themselves and healthcare systems. Despite the threat, vaccination rates remain low nationwide.

Surging Respiratory Viruses Leading to Overwhelmed Hospitals

Hospitals and medical centers across the country are reporting a spike in RSV, flu, and COVID-19 cases, leading to long wait times and overwhelmed staff.

“We are seeing high rates of influenza, RSV and rising rates of COVID-19 as we enter the December holiday season,” said Jose R. Romero, MD, director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. [1]

Experts warn this could be the worst respiratory virus season in years. The flu season started earlier than usual this year, and weekly flu hospitalization rates have already surpassed peaks from the past decade. [2]

RSV infections are also exponentially higher than normal, hitting children and older adults especially hard with severe symptoms. And new Omicron subvariants of COVID-19 evade immunity, causing reinfections and increased hospitalizations.

With multiple viruses circulating and limited hospital capacity, doctors fear a possible “tripledemic” that could overburden the healthcare system. The CDC issued an official health advisory warning that “a high burden of these diseases and the associated demand for healthcare services is concerning.” [3]

Vaccination Rates Far Below Public Health Goals

Vaccines can help reduce the spread and severity of these illnesses. But despite the threat, most Americans remain unvaccinated and unboosted against key viruses.

“Vaccination coverage is substantially lower than at this time in previous seasons for all of these vaccines,” the CDC alert stated. [1]

Vaccine % of population vaccinated Public health goal
Flu 15% At least 50%
COVID-19 primary series (2 doses) 67% At least 80%
COVID-19 booster Only 1 in 3 vaccinated All eligible boosted

These low vaccination rates put communities at high risk, especially heading into holiday gatherings and travel that spread illness. “Urgent action is needed,” the CDC said. [3]

Doctors strongly advise all eligible people get vaccinated against flu and COVID-19 before holiday events and trips. But many Americans still resist or delay shots due to misinformation, complacency, inconvenience and other factors. [4]

Aggressive Push to Increase Vaccinations Before Holiday Season

Alarmed by low vaccination rates as viruses surge, public health agencies are mounting an urgent campaign to promote shots over the next weeks.

“We want to make a hard push to maximize flu vaccination coverage for anyone who still needs it prior to the December holidays,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. [5]

The CDC issued a health alert through clinician networks urging healthcare providers to strongly recommend vaccines to patients, especially high-risk groups. They advised “emphasizing the importance of vaccination for those who remain unvaccinated this season.” [1]

Federal and state health departments also launched public messaging campaigns to spur vaccinations. New York’s health commissioner issued a statement advising “New Yorkers to take preventative steps to protect themselves and their loved ones this holiday season by getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu.” [6]

And the CDC promoted a new #FluShot photo campaign encouraging social media users to post selfies getting vaccinated. [7]

These urgent efforts aim to increase falling vaccination rates and curb viral spread through the risky winter months. But it remains unclear if public skepticism can be overcome in time to impact the coming holiday surge.

Bracing for Potential Crisis Amid Ongoing Pandemic Fatigue

While public health officials mount a desperate vaccination push, doctors and hospitals continue bracing for a difficult winter virus season made worse by ongoing pandemic fatigue.

Many Americans report feeling exhausted by years of COVID cautions and have abandoned protective measures. Mask usage has plummeted, and a recent poll found only 28% of parents planned to vaccinate their children against COVID. [8]

This resistance, fueled by misinformation and politicization, threatens to undermine vaccination campaigns. And uncontrolled viral spread could trigger a dangerous crisis during holiday peaks.

“This triple threat could put significant strain on healthcare systems which are already challenged with workforce shortages,” warned Dr. Natasha Bhuyan. [9]

Doctors advise at-risk individuals to exercise caution around holiday gatherings, continue masking in high-risk settings, improve ventilation and filtration, and seek treatment promptly if illness occurs.

But pandemic fatigue may limit compliance. And surging cases amid low vaccination rates foreshadow a potentially grim virus season ahead. Health officials face an uphill battle to increase protections before holiday hazards trigger a viral storm.


  1. CDC Health Alert Network, “Urgent Need to Increase Respiratory Virus Vaccine Coverage for Winter 2022-2023 Season”

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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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