May 22, 2024

US Issues Travel Warning for Bahamas Amid Spike in Violent Crime

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Jan 29, 2024

The US State Department has issued a travel advisory for the Bahamas, warning Americans to exercise increased caution when visiting the island nation due to a recent spike in violent crime, especially on the island of New Providence.


The Bahamas is a popular tropical destination for American tourists, known for its beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and island culture. Tourism is a vital industry for the Bahamas, accounting for an estimated 50% of the country’s GDP.

However, the country has struggled with high rates of violent crime for years according to the US State Department’s annual crime and safety reports. Violent crimes such as armed robberies, burglaries, sexual assaults, and homicides frequently occur, even during the day and in tourist areas.

Recent Spike in Murders

The impetus for the latest US travel warning stems from a dramatic spike in homicides so far in 2024, especially on the island of New Providence which includes the capital city Nassau.

According to US embassy reports, there have been 18 murders in the first three weeks of 2024 just in Nassau. This represents a concerning upward trend in deadly violence compared to previous years:

Year Total Murders in Nassau
2021 122
2022 127
2023 134
2024 (3 weeks) 18

With 18 murders already, Nassau is on track for over 150 homicides this year if current trends continue. Authorities have not indicated any one specific reason for the recent increase.

US Embassy Warning

In response to the escalating homicide rate, the US Embassy in Nassau has issued an explicit warning for American citizens to exercise extreme caution in the city:

“Exercise extreme caution as the criminal armed robbery rate rose in 2022… Violent crime, such as burglaries, armed robberies, sexual assault, credit card fraud, and theft, is common. Firearm usage, especially during robberies and burglaries, although illegal, happens frequently.”

The Embassy urged travelers to avoid isolated and poorly lit areas, especially after dark, and to keep a low profile by not wearing expensive jewelry or carrying large sums of money. They also advised visitors to avoid confrontations with angry or aggressive individuals.

Tourism Industry Concerns

The US travel warning comes at a difficult time for Bahamas tourism, which was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years. Industry leaders worry the latest crime advisories could jeopardize the island’s ongoing tourism recovery.

“Anything that affects tourism at this time, so early in the tourism season, must be preempted by the government taking action immediately,” said Obie Wilchcombe, a former tourism minister.

As the backbone of the Bahamian economy, tourism directly supports a huge portion of jobs and livelihoods across the islands. So far, the deputy prime minister has reassured travelers that enhancements were being made countrywide to address crime.

Safety Recommendations

The US State Department has not issued an outright ban on travel to the Bahamas. The updated January 2024 travel advisory increased the warning level to “Exercise Increased Caution” (Level 2 out of 4).

US government safety tips for visitors include:

  • Avoid non-tourist areas of Nassau
  • Travel in groups when possible
  • Don’t walk alone, especially after dark
  • Don’t physically resist any robbery attempts
  • Keep valuables in secure locations

Cruise lines with stops in Nassau have said they are monitoring the situation closely and working with local officials to ensure visitor safety, but so far none have canceled port calls.

Possible Explanations

Experts have proposed numerous theories to explain the recent spike in Bahamian homicides:

Pandemic-related Economic Impacts

Over 30% of Bahamians fell into poverty during 2020 amid fallout from the COVID crisis. Desperation and violent crime sometimes go hand-in-hand.

Gang Activity

Police believe turf wars between gangs on New Providence may be contributing to retaliatory attacks and homicides.

Inadequate Policing

The Bahamas has a police shortage after officers resigned citing insufficient resources and support. Response times have suffered.

Lenient Sentencing

According to the US State Department, “most violent criminals either receive light sentences or complete impunity from the judicial system”. Weak punishment fails to deter crimes.

Illegal Firearms

Up to 200 illegal weapons enter the Bahamas each month. Authorities seize many firearms but admit they likely intercept only a fraction of smuggled guns.

Government and Police Response

In response to criticism over the spike in homicides, Bahamian officials say they are taking the problem seriously and have ramped up security efforts, including:

  • Creating a special task force to target gang violence
  • Increasing police and defence force patrols
  • Enhancing community policing presence
  • Installing new street lights in high-crime areas
  • Passing tighter gun control laws
  • Establishing an anonymous tip line to report crimes

“I wish to assure Bahamians and our visitors that the work of reforming and modernizing the Royal Bahamas Police Force is happening with urgency,” Prime Minister Davis said earlier this month.

Commissioner Clayton Fernander has also announced multiple arrests recently related to firearm seizures and robbery investigations.

However, some analysts say substantial long-term change is still needed within the police force and criminal justice system before the Bahamas can get violence rates under control.

What Travelers Should Do

The US State Department recommends that travelers heading to the Bahamas sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive safety messages and facilitate emergency contact.

Visitors should also monitor local news and the US Embassy website for updates on the security situation. Review safety precautions for your accommodations. As always, avoid non-essential travel at night, travel alone, and flaunt visible wealth.

While concerning, a travel warning does not necessarily preclude travel if proper vigilance is exercised. Those planning Bahamas vacations should evaluate their own risk tolerance while following personal safety best practices.

What Happens Next?

All eyes remain focused on daily homicide statistics out of Nassau as authorities pledge to curb the violence plaguing Paradise Island’s streets. January is historically the peak of the murder season in the Bahamas before rates taper off as tourism picks up.

If murders continue rising or any Americans are killed, pressure for a stronger US travel advisory will likely intensify. And if advisories escalate further, they could start to negatively impact visitor numbers and bookings over the coming winter high season.

For now, officials are crossing their fingers that the anti-crime crackdown bears fruit quickly, lest the bloodshed leave an indelible stain on the global image of the Bahamas as a peaceful island oasis.




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