May 23, 2024

UserWay to be Acquired by Level Access in $99 Million Deal

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Jan 1, 2024

Israel-Based Web Accessibility Firm Set for Major US Expansion

UserWay, an Israeli startup providing AI-powered web accessibility solutions, has agreed to be acquired by Level Access, a leading US digital accessibility company. The deal, valued at $99 million, will see UserWay merge into Level Access to create a digital accessibility powerhouse.

Founded in 2016, UserWay has quickly become a top web accessibility tool provider. Its solutions use AI and machine learning to automatically detect and fix accessibility issues on websites. This helps companies meet compliance standards and create inclusive online experiences.

With over 1 million websites now using UserWay’s technology, the acquisition presents major growth opportunities.

Boosting Level Access’ Global Reach

The buyout delivers UserWay huge financial backing to expand worldwide. It also gives Level Access greater international presence.

Based in Bethesda, MD, Level Access is a leader in accessible digital transformation. Its customers include major government agencies and top Fortune 500 brands.

Integrating UserWay’s global user base will support Level Access’ growth goals. According to Level Access CEO Tim Springer:

“UserWay has gained tremendous traction internationally. Combining UserWay’s worldwide presence with Level Access’ deep expertise and experience in the U.S. federal market and enterprise space will enable us to help customers globally.”

Together, Level Access and UserWay will offer a full suite of accessibility services. This spans automated remediation tools up to manual testing and redesign.

Ambitious Growth Projections Under New Ownership

Industry insiders are bullish on UserWay’s future under Level Access.

UserWay CEO Allon Mason expects to hit $30 million revenue within 3 years.

“The opportunity after the acquisition will be much bigger for us. Integrating UserWay’s self-service tools with Level Access’ managed service model provides a unique and compelling offering.”

Key Details of the Acquisition Deal

As part of the buyout agreement:

  • The current UserWay management team will remain in place after merging into Level Access. This includes co-founders Allon Mason and Hagai Ross.
  • UserWay will continue normal business operations from its office in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Level Access gains UserWay’s 75 employees. This nearly doubles its existing headcount.
Key Deal Points Details
Purchase Price $99 million
Projected Combined Revenue (2023) $50 million
New Staff +75 UserWay employees
Location Tel Aviv office remains open
Management UserWay leaders stay in place

The purchase gives Level Access a major foothold overseas. It also provides UserWay the security of a larger parent company.

Why UserWay Sold to Level Access

For UserWay, acquisition delivers the backing needed for global scale.

Allon Mason explained the rationale behind the sale:

“This deal gives us the tools, network and resources to realize our vision on a much larger scale at a more rapid pace.”

Teaming with an established industry leader also aids stability. Level Access offers an established base of enterprise customers and $20+ million in existing revenue.

This helps insulate UserWay from market fluctuations as it expands.

Outlook: Strong Growth Trajectory Ahead

With Level Access now at the helm, UserWay is primed for greatly boosted success.

UserWay filled a key gap in Level Access’ solution mix with its automated remediation tools. Offering these SaaS products alongside manual accessibility services gives Level Access new cross-sell opportunities.

Meanwhile, UserWay benefits from Level Access’ sweeping list of major commercial clients hungry for digital accessibility features. UserWay is now plugged into these Fortune 500 relationships.

Focus Remains on Innovative AI Solutions

Despite the buyout, UserWay insists its unique company culture will stay intact. Known for its hustling startup vibe, UserWay won’t be stifled by its new corporate owner.

The entire staff is relocating with UserWay to Level Access. The company will also maintain independent brand identity and mission focus.

Core areas like AI development will forge ahead under Level Access with ample budget. The extra resources give UserWay breathing room to sharpen offerings and concentrate on product.

Finalizing the Acquisition Deal

The acquisition is pending customary closing procedures before finalization. This process should wrap up during Q1 2023.

Following closure, integration initiatives will start immediately:

  • Training all staff on combined capabilities
  • Unifying corporate management structures
  • Building joint go-to-market strategies
  • Expanding global marketing and sales reach

With shared knowledge and coordinated outreach, the paired accessibility heavyweights will be difficult to rival.

Promising a More Accessible and Inclusive Digital Future

At its core, UserWay’s tech removes barriers to online access. Joining Level Access gives its equality mission much farther scope.

Allon Mason wrapped up the acquisition news on an inspiring note:

“Together with Level Access, we’ll meet our goal of making the digital world accessible for all more quickly. This deal takes us much closer towards our vision of an accessible Internet.”




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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