June 21, 2024

Visions of Mana Announced for Xbox and Other Platforms, Coming Summer 2024

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Jan 18, 2024

During today’s Xbox Developer Direct livestream, Square Enix made the surprise announcement that Visions of Mana will be launching for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam this summer in 2024. The reveal included the first gameplay footage and details on the action RPG.

Overview of Visions of Mana

Visions of Mana is a new game in the classic Mana series, best known for beloved titles like Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, and more recently the Collection of Mana and Legend of Mana remasters. Visions of Mana was originally announced last year, but platforms and launch details were not revealed until today’s Xbox Developer Direct.

The game features a bright, colorful art style with 3D graphics. Gameplay appears to be real-time action RPG combat from an adjustable top-down perspective. The story and setting seem inspired by classic fantasy and mythology.

Key details on Visions of Mana:

  • Launching summer 2024
    • Releasing on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, and PC
  • Action RPG game
    • Real-time combat
    • Top-down adjustable camera angle
  • Vibrant fantasy setting and story
  • Single player & co-op multiplayer support

Rideable Dog Companion Revealed

One of the biggest reveals in the trailer and promotional images is a cute, rideable dog companion. This friendly canine can be seen giving players a lift on its back as they explore the fantasy world.

This adorable dog looks to be one of the main companions in the game. It will likely aid players in battle and also help them swiftly traverse the land. Being able to ride around on a loyal pup is sure to make exploring and questing even more fun.

First Gameplay and World Details

While full gameplay details remain scarce, the trailer and other media provide a first glimpse at the real-time combat and lush environments. Screenshots depict verdant fields, mystical ruins, and colorful magical effects.

Battles appear frantic with groups of enemies swarming players. A wide assortment of weapons like swords, lances, bows, and magical staves were showcased. Players will be able unleash flashy special attacks and partner up with NPCs for combo moves.

The developer also mentioned players will meet eclectic characters from myths and fairy tales then take part in an epic fantasy adventure. More concrete story and setting information is likely to come in the following months leading up to release.

What Platforms Can I Play On?

Thanks to today’s announcement, Visions of Mana is now confirmed to be launching on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and Windows PC via Steam summer 2024 worldwide.

Releasing on both modern and last-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as PC should allow the game to reach a broad audience of RPG fans when it arrives later this year. The title will likely feature dynamic 4K visuals and faster load times on PS5 and Xbox Series X while still supporting base PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Below is a breakdown of which platforms are planned:

Platform Confirmed
PlayStation 5 Yes
Xbox Series X|S Yes
PlayStation 4 Yes
PC (Steam) Yes
Nintendo Switch No

Square Enix also confirmed the game will support single player gameplay as well as online co-op multiplayer although the extent of multiplayer options remains to be seen.

What We Can Expect Next

While the announcement at the Xbox Developer Direct answered several burning questions about platforms and release target, there is still much to learn in coming months leading up to launch this summer.

We can likely expect Square Enix to disclose further details on story, characters, enemies, locations, gear, skills, and other RPG systems in the game. Extended gameplay demos and hands-on impressions should start trickling out around major gaming expos like E3 2023.

There also may be various collector’s edition bundles, pre-order bonuses, a special soundtrack, and other content revealed to promote the game’s launch. Fans will definitely want to keep an eye out for more news on official social media and be ready to wishlist on their platform of choice.

For Mana series fans, Visions of Mana represents an exciting new adventure returning to the franchise’s action RPG roots. The reveal of the adorable dog mount and vibrant fantasy world already inspire optimism for this release. RPG enthusiasts who grew up with classics like Secret of Mana on Super Nintendo should find plenty to like from Visions of Mana when it hits Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam this summer.

About the Mana Series

For additional context, the Mana series from Square Enix is a long-running RPG franchise dating back to the 1991 Super Nintendo classic Final Fantasy Adventure, later rebranded as Sword of Mana.

The seminal Secret of Mana in 1993 then put the series on the map and invented the real-time action RPG genre still popular today. Other notable titles include fan favorite Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3), Legend of Mana, Sword of Mana, Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana, and more.

After years without a new entry, Square Enix returned to the Mana franchise with:

  • Collection of Mana (2019) – Includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana.
  • Trials of Mana (2020) – Full 3D remake of the SNES classic.
  • Legend of Mana (2021) – Remaster of the 1999 PlayStation classic.

Visions of Mana now continues the storied RPG franchise’s resurgence, bringing Mana to next-gen consoles and Windows PC for the first time. It pulls inspiration from classics like Legend of Zelda while innovating the series’ combat into 3D. This Mana title is shaping up nicely as both a nostalgia-filled adventure for fans as well as a welcoming entry point for newcomers when it releases.




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