June 14, 2024

‘What We Do in Shadows’ to End its Reign of Comedic Terror After Sixth Season

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Dec 20, 2023

FX’s hit mockumentary comedy series “What We Do in the Shadows” will be coming to an end after its upcoming sixth season. The network made the announcement on December 19th that the vampire roommates of Staten Island have sunk their fangs for the last time.

Background on the Hit Series

“What We Do in the Shadows” first premiered on FX in 2019 as a television adaptation of the 2014 film of the same name by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. The series documents the nightly exploits and misadventures of four vampire roommates living together in a stately home on Staten Island.

The series stars Kayvan Novak as ancient Persian vampire Nandor the Relentless, Matt Berry as pompous British vampire Laszlo Cravensworth, Natasia Demetriou as Laszlo’s vampire wife Nadja, and Mark Proksch as energy vampire Colin Robinson. Harvey Guillén also stars as Nandor’s loyal human familiar Guillermo.

Over its first five seasons, “What We Do in the Shadows” has garnered much critical acclaim and a devoted cult following for its quirky brand of mockumentary comedy and lovable characters. The series has received several Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2020 and 2021.

Reasons for the Upcoming End

In announcing the news, network FX cited the creative team’s feeling that the storylines of the vampires were naturally coming to an end. Showrunner Paul Simms said “We’ve always planned on ending the show after 5 or 6 seasons, we still have so many stories to tell but we know we’re closer to the end than the beginning and we don’t want to wear out our welcome.”

Star and executive producer Kayvan Novak also hinted that the creative team felt it was simply time wrap up the stories of these characters. “It’s been an amazing experience and we have so many ideas that we still want to do, but we feel like this is the right time and we want to go out on a high,” Novak told Variety.

What Fans Can Expect from the Final Season

The sixth and final 10-episode season of “What We Do in the Shadows” will premiere in 2023, likely in late summer or early fall as in past seasons.

Not much is known yet about what fans can expect plot-wise from the comedy’s last hurrah. The show did leave off at the end of season 5 with several unresolved storylines, including:

  • The continuing tension between Nandor and Guillermo, after it was revealed that Guillermo has skillfully vanquished many vampires.
  • The fate of Laszlo and Nadja’s vampire nightclub following a disastrous opening.
  • The return of an alive (?) Colin Robinson after he experienced an energy-sucking rebirth.

Executive producer Paul Simms has hinted that the final season may reveal more about Nandor and Guillermo’s future, saying “without spoiling anything, there are big, big, big questions about Guillermo’s fate and the trajectory of his character.”

Critical and Fan Reactions to the News

The announcement that season 6 would be the show’s last was met with sadness but understanding from both fans and critics. Many praised the creative team’s decision to end the show on their own terms.

Fan Reactions

Fans expressed disappointment but gratitude for 6 seasons:

  • “This news sucks but I respect the decision. At least we get one final season with the gang!”
  • “I could honestly watch 100 more seasons but I’m glad they get to end it how they want before it goes downhill.”

Many vowed to savor the last season:

  • “I’ll be so heartbroken when it ends but I know I’m gonna rewatch it constantly.”
  • “Gonna have to soak up every last second of season 6!”

Critical Reactions

Critics similarly praised the show for concluding on its own terms:

  • Vulture: “Ending before the quality dips is a respectable move that will preserve its legacy.”
  • TVLine: “It is wise to be ending sooner rather than later. We salute all involved for recognizing this.”

Some called it the end of an era:

  • Rolling Stone: “This marks the end of an all-too-brief era of vampire-related comedy.”
  • Bloody Disgusting: “The mockumentary subgenre won’t be the same without this gem.”

Uncertain Future for Mockumentary Comedies

While the future is looking bright for the “What We Do in Shadows” cast with various upcoming projects, the show’s end leaves the landscape uncertain for mockumentary-style comedies on television going forward.

The one-of-a-kind comedy niche carved out by “Shadows” and its predecessors like “The Office” begs the question–what’s next for the beloved format?

The below table summarizes the status of major contemporary mockumentary sitcoms:

Show Network Status
The Office (US) NBC Ended 2013
Parks & Recreation NBC Ended 2015
Modern Family ABC Ended 2020
What We Do In The Shadows FX Ending 2023

Of these tentpole mockumentary shows, only ABC’s “Abbott Elementary” is still airing new episodes. While the future is unclear, the unique comedic style pioneered by “The Office” and kept alive by shows like “What We Do in Shadows” still has strong potential, should a network gamble on it once more.

The key ingredients–a standout ensemble cast, loose improvised dialogue, confessional-style interviews, and offbeat characters–have connected with audiences time and again.

There is hope the beloved format could rise from the grave yet again someday. But for now, the shadows may seem just a bit darker without such a brilliant comedy to light the way.

Life After ‘Shadows’: Upcoming Projects for the Cast

While fans will surely miss seeing the likes of Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja on their screens, the beloved cast already has exciting new projects lined up when they retire from mockumentary comedy.

Kayvan Novak will be quite visible to fans in the coming years. He has been cast as a series regular in the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ series “Skeleton Crew” directed by Jon Watts and also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Thunderbolts”.

Matt Berry will lend his comedic talents to playing the Greek god Dionysus in the upcoming mythological comedy series “Oh, Gods!” on Hulu.

Natasia Demetriou has no upcoming acting roles announced yet but does have a pilot in development at FX as the writer/executive producer of an upcoming comedy series.

Mark Proksch is set to star alongside Bradley Cooper in the new HBO series “Kitbag” about Napoleon Bonaparte directed by Ridley Scott.

The End of An Era

As the seven-year bloodsucking saga comes to a close, the uniquely hysterical comedy of “What We Do in Shadows” will leave its permanent mark on the television landscape.

It revitalized both vampire lore and the mockumentary format with its endearingly quirky approach to immortal characters. Through tales of nightclubs, siren calls, Superbowls, and of course virgins, the show forged an emotional connection between humans and centuries-old beasts.

Few shows have elicited such uproarious belly laughs while subtly packing such clever social commentary on immigration, masculinity, sexuality and more into its undead zaniness.

The show leaves behind a biting comedic legacy–as well as a possible theater production in its fictional setting of Staten Island being explored by executive producers Clement and Waititi.

So while Nandor, Nadja, Laszlo and Colin may soon close the coffin on their televised hijinks, their bats have certainly not sung their last. The show’s sharp writing, lovable ensemble and unique comedy stylings will no doubt live on in the memories, memes and inevitable rewatches from its leagues of fans.

For now, the forces of darkness and domesticity swirling through the show’s very veins has earned its well-deserved eternal rest.




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