June 25, 2024

Ziering Attacked by Mini-Bike Riders in Hollywood Boulevard Brawl

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Jan 3, 2024

902101 Star Brutally Beaten While Daughter Watched in Terror

Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering was savagely attacked by a pack of out-of-control mini-bike riders on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve in a horrifying daylight brawl. The 59-year-old actor was punched, kicked, and struck with helmets by the bikers as his 12-year-old daughter looked on and screamed.

Ziering had been driving his Mercedes SUV along the famous street, with his daughter Finley in the passenger seat, when he became surrounded by 30-40 mini-bike and ATV riders popping wheelies and terrorizing pedestrians. As Ziering attempted to drive away from the aggressive bikers, video shows several riders pull up alongside his vehicle and begin smashing the windows and assaulting him through the broken glass.

“It was a very unsettling, alarming experience to be attacked so blatantly on the streets of Los Angeles,” said a battered Ziering in a statement after the attack. “It was hooliganism in broad daylight.”

Brawl Lasted 10 Terrifying Minutes

According to Ziering, the vicious beating lasted nearly 10 minutes before LAPD officers arrived and were able to disperse the riders. Ziering said he suffered lacerations to his face and body. His daughter Finley was left trembling in horror but thankfully not physically harmed.

“As a father and citizen, I’m left shocked that this can happen in a major city like L.A.,” said Ziering, who played teen heartthrob Steve Sanders on the iconic 90s drama Beverly Hills, 90210. “I appeal to the police and government to restore order to our streets.”

Injuries Vehicle Damage Est. Attack Duration
facial and body lacerations broken windows, dents 10 minutes

The frightening attack was captured in a video that has now gone viral online. It shows Ziering trying futily to escape and defend himself against the unrelenting mob assault amidst heavy traffic. At one point Ziering gets out of the vehicle to confront the bikers, but is quickly overwhelmed by blows raining down on him from all sides. His desperate attempts to shield his daughter from harm are clearly visible.

“It was a horrific, traumatic scene and I feared for my child’s life,” said Ziering.

902101 Castmate Expresses Outrage

Fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 star Jason Priestley, who played Ziering’s best friend Brandon Walsh on the show, spoke out in defense of his longtime co-star.

“I’m appalled at this act of violence against my friend,” said Priestley. “Ian is a devoted family man and this attack with his daughter present is beyond comprehension.”

Other celebrities and L.A. residents also voiced outrage and concern over the lawless riders who brazenly took over iconic Hollywood Boulevard on New Year’s Eve to terrorize locals and visitors alike.

“These reckless hooligans cannot be allowed free reign to injure, loot, and destroy without repercussions,” said Ziering about the riders. “I beseech the LAPD and city government to take action before more innocent people get hurt.”

Ziering Beaten and Bloodied During 10-Minute Altercation

Further video emerged showing Ziering being pummeled by the bikers after getting out of his vehicle in an attempt to defend himself and his daughter. One rider can be clearly seen slamming a motorcycle helmet into the actor’s face, while others land blows to his body.

“It was a relentless, brutal attack that seemed to go on forever,” recalled a battered Ziering about his 10-minute ordeal. “All I could think about was protecting my little girl.”

At one point Ziering tries to grab and restrain a rider attacking his SUV, but is quickly mobbed by other bikers who punch and kick him to the ground. The video shows Ziering down on all fours absorbing blow after blow while trying to shield his head.

“He was covered in blood, it was awful,” said one witness about Ziering’s condition after the brawl finally ended. “His face was all cut up and swollen, he could barely stand. I thought he was dead.”

Miraculously, Ziering avoided serious injury outside of cuts and contusions. He was treated at the scene by EMTs. His $100,000 Mercedes SUV however sustained major body damage from the biker’s assaults.

Bikers Fled Scene Before Significant LAPD Response

The riders, estimated as a group of 30-40 individuals, reportedly dispersed quickly after viciously beating Ziering for 10 minutes when initial LAPD patrol vehicles began arriving.

“It’s outrageous that a gang of criminals on mini-bikes can organize and terrorize Los Angeles residents and tourists completely unimpeded,” said Ziering about what he called the “non-existent” law enforcement response.

LAPD officials have indicated the New Year’s Eve incident remains under investigation. But critics say a stronger immediate uniformed presence could have prevented the bikers from harming Ziering and others along Hollywood Boulevard.

“These brazen attacks will only escalate until strong action is taken,” warned Ziering. The actor said he was told the biker gang had assaulted other drivers shortly before his altercation.

Beverly Hills, 90210 Cast Plagued by Tragedy

The brutal assault on Ian Ziering is just the latest tragedy to befall the former cast of 1990s pop culture phenomenon Beverly Hills, 90210.

  • Luke Perry suffered a fatal stroke in 2019 at age 52
  • Shannen Doherty has an ongoing battle with breast cancer
  • Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox divorced in 2021
  • Jennie Garth went through a painful public divorce in 2013

“We’ve all been through so much already,” said former teen idol Priestley about his former castmates. “This attack on Ian is yet another unthinkable blow.”

The iconic Fox series about a group of wealthy teenagers growing up in glamorous Beverly Hills, California ran for 10 seasons from 1990-2000 and catapulted its young stars to international fame.

Future Legal Action Possible Says Ziering

While the LAPD’s investigation into the New Year’s Eve attack continues, Ian Ziering has indicated he may pursue further legal action of his own.

“I’m exploring all avenues to make sure justice is served,” said Ziering. “The violence toward me and others cannot be excused or allowed.”

Potential options could include personal lawsuits against attacking riders he is able to identify from the video evidence. He has also pointedly called on city officials and law enforcement to implement stronger deterrents against the roving bands of bikers that have plagued Los Angeles in recent years.

So far in 2024, no meaningful legislation or additional police funding has been introduced to combat illegal riders. But many politicians may find it harder to ignore with celebrities like Ian Ziering speaking out.

Ziering remains at home recovering both physically and emotionally from his traumatizing mob ordeal. His 12-year-old daughter Finley is also said to be struggling with nightmares and bed-wetting after witnessing her father’s vicious 10-minute beating on the streets of Hollywood.




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