July 24, 2024

GE Unveils Revolutionary Smart Indoor Smoker at CES 2024

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Jan 4, 2024

GE took the wraps off its highly anticipated Smart Indoor Smoker at CES 2024 this week. The first-of-its-kind appliance allows home cooks to smoke meats, fish, veggies and more indoors without mess or fuss.

Overview of the Smart Indoor Smoker

The Smart Indoor Smoker, part of GE’s new Profile series of smart appliances, uses a patented smoke elimination system to pull smoke and aromas into an air filter while infusing foods with real hardwood flavor. According to GE Appliances’ head chef Julie Estes, it can fit up to six racks of ribs or multiple Cornish hens.

“This changes the game for home cooks and barbecue enthusiasts alike,” Estes said. “No longer are you limited by weather or space when smoking foods. This smart appliance delivers signature wood-fired flavor indoors through a combination of bark-infused vapor, controlled humidity and smart technology.”

Key features and specs:

  • Uses real wood pellets (mesquite, hickory, applewood) for authentic smoke flavor
  • Precise temperature control from 150-475°F
  • Fits 6 racks of ribs or 4 Cornish hens
  • WiFi enabled with recipe guides via SmartHQ app
  • Cleanup is simple with removable water tray and grease tray

The Smart Indoor Smoker is expected to hit stores in late 2024 with an MSRP of $999.

Development Process and Technology Behind the Scenes

Creating an indoor smoker poses unique challenges around containing smoke and funneling it into a filter, while still infusing flavor. According to GE Principal Mechanical Engineer Andy Liu, “The key lies in drawing just the right amount of natural smoke vapor from burning pellets before it turns into billowing smoke.”

The team achieved this through a three-year R&D process focused on wood vapor flow, precise temperature probes and sensors connected via WiFi. The SmartHQ app provides remote monitoring and meat probes notify users when food has reached desired doneness.

Liu said they went through over a dozen prototype designs before landing on the current model:

“It wasn’t easy finding the sweet spot between smart connectivity, efficient smoke elimination and delivering the same brand and caliber of smoke you’d expect from an outdoor pitmaster. We couldn’t be more proud of the results.”

Early Reviews: A “Game Changer” for Home Cooks

The Smart Indoor Smoker has earned glowing early praise from tech and cuisine experts alike.

The Verge called it “big, beautiful and smart” saying it could very well “convince apartment dwellers to give smoking meats a try.”

CNET appliance editor Ry Crist said, “Yup, it works… I can confirm that GE’s new toy delivered when I used it to smoke a test batch of ribs.” He applauded the “solid smoke flavor” and said clean up took only a few minutes.

Overall, Crist believes the Smart Indoor Smoker’s high price tag will be justified for serious barbecue fans, calling it a “huge coup” in bringing pitmaster techniques inside.

Meanwhile Popular Science said, “This smart indoor smoker makes traditionally challenging barbecue dishes like brisket, ribs, and pulled pork a cinch for apartment dwellers and smoked meat lovers.” They said the appliance puts previous attempts at indoor smoking to shame with top notch food quality.

Popular Science did point out that the Learning Mode wasn’t fully up and running during their testing, so the final edition may offer smarter cook times and preferences tailoring.

What’s Next? Expanding “Smart” Cooking Capabilities

The Smart Indoor Smoker represents GE’s first foray into digitally connected cooking after years focused on smart fridges, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers.

Alongside smokers, GE plans to unveil an entire line of Profile smart devices with expanded capabilities in coming years. These include smart cooktops, instant pots and air fryers allowing home chefs to access commercial techniques.

“We see our appliances as partners in the kitchen,” Estes said while showcasing the smoker. “Our engineers capture years of tried and true restaurant technology then combine it with smart guided cooking so anyone can achieve restaurant quality results.”

The Smart Indoor Smoker kickstarts this vision with pre-set guides for smoking:

  • Beef (brisket, short ribs)
  • Pork (pulled pork, ribs)
  • Poultry (whole chicken, wings)
  • Seafood (salmon, trout)
  • Veggies (tomatoes, peppers)
  • Cheese infusions

Over time, GE plans to enhance recipe guides and let users save custom cooks to the SmartHQ app.

Competitors Emerging in Connected Cooking

GE Appliance’s indoor smoker may have broken new ground, but it now faces emerging competition in the space. Most notably, Samsung previewed its own take on the concept with the Samsung Smart Smoker announced at CES 2023.

While Samsung has yet to launch a consumer model, its early demo models point to similar features as GE’s offering:

Samsung Smart Smoker Rumored Specs:

  • Integrated smoke box
  • Removable water tray
  • Temperature probe
  • Samsung SmartThings app connectivity
  • Air filtration system

Based on patents, Samsung seems to be opting for an attached smoke canister to eliminate need for pellet refills. It may also experiment with crisping lids or attachments for finishing.

It remains unclear when Samsung plans to debut the first Smart Smoker or how it will be priced. But the two appliance giants appear poised to compete for smoker share in coming years.

LG, Amazon and smaller startups also look to tackle connected cooking appliances in unique ways.

Outlook: Smoking and Smart Kitchens Finding a Home

While novel in-home smoking debuted in 2019 with limited success, improved technology and remote functionality may finally make these appliances mainstream.

According to research firm Yale, almost 75% of U.S. households now own a smart device or appliance. So the appetite exists for WiFi guided cooking.

For those seeking authentic barbecue flavor without the hassle of running outdoors, GE’s Smart Indoor Smoker hits the mark for innovation and ease of use. It may not be cheap, but initial positive reviews back up the utility for backyard pitmasters in colder climates.

Ongoing advances in smart kitchen ecosystems will continue dominating appliance releases in 2024 alongside sustainability. So we can expect more competition and rapid iteration on indoor smoking.

With strong early buzz and stuffed demonstrations, GE appears to have perfected the novel concept of smokeless, indoor grilling. Time will tell if the hefty price tag leaves buyers with a bad taste, or if convenience and technology warrant the investment.

Smart Indoor Smokers Comparison

Model MSRP Wifi Connectivity Meat Probe Filters Early Reviews
GE Smart Smoker $999 Yes via SmartHQ Yes Advanced smoke elimination + odor removing Excellent smoking, some app issues remain
Samsung SmartSmoker TBD Via SmartThings Likely Rumored air filtration system Awaited
LG Smart Smoker TBD Unknown Unknown Unverified smoke containment + ventilation Mixed
Cosmo Smart Smoker $799 No No Basic smoke suppression and odor elimination Underperforms



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