June 16, 2024

Jo Koy Makes History as First Asian American to Host Golden Globes

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Jan 5, 2024

Comedian Jo Koy is set to make history as the first Asian American to host the Golden Globe Awards when he takes the stage on Sunday, January 8th, 2023. As preparations ramp up for Hollywood’s biggest party this weekend, Koy says he is “honored” and “humbled” by the opportunity while the industry expects an entertaining show that will help continue reform efforts for the awards.

Koy Drawing Praise as Host selection Breaks Barriers

The selection of Koy as this year’s Globes host has drawn widespread praise as a milestone for Asian representation. The Filipino American stand up brings plenty of hosting experience from his comedy specials and talk show appearances but has never led an awards show, let alone one as prestigious as the Golden Globes.

Koy said the significance of being the first Asian emcee is not lost on him. “I kind of feel the weight on my shoulders about being the first,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “I’m happy, I’m honored, I’m humbled.”

He also explained that he immediately accepted the Globes’ offer despite the short notice because he saw it as an opportunity to open doors for other Asian creatives.

“This is breaking barriers, racism—all that stuff. I have to do this so the next generations of Asian artists will have more opportunities. I’ve got to take this.”

While Asian American groups and entertainment journalists have applauded the move, Koy also drew praise from his peers like Ken Jeong who tweeted he “couldn’t be more proud” at the news.

Reactions to Jo Koy Host Announcement

Public Figure Comment
Ken Jeong “I couldn’t be more proud of @jokoy hosting the #GoldenGlobes! Funniest dude out and representing for us Asian Americans!”
Daniel Dae Kim “The #GoldenGlobes got it right. Congrats @jokoy! I’ll be watching and cheering you on, bro!”
Padma Lakshmi “Congratulations @jokoy on becoming the first Asian American host of the Golden Globes! Continuing to break down barriers and make history!”

Preparations Underway for Koy’s Host Debut

Koy’s team and Golden Globes organizers are now working furiously behind the scenes to put finishing touches for Sunday’s broadcast. Photos show preparations underway at the Beverly Hilton venue with the traditional red carpet rolled out and stages set up.

The comedian told Extra he plans to have multiple wardrobe changes as host. “I’m going to be changing a lot man – I need the Asian glow to be glowing!” He also revealed ideas for several comedy bits but wants to keep things under wraps.

“I’ve got some bits… I got some surprises I’m working on but I can’t tell you because I want the reaction from the crowd. It’s going to be a fun show!”

Koy has drawn advice from past hosts like late night personalities Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. But he credits Chris Rock, whom he opened for in 2009, for giving him the best insight.

Rock’s guidence included focusing comedy bits more on the industry rather than individual celebs. “He gave me little tips that have helped me so much, all the way up to this awards show,” Koy said.

The first-time host is optimistic about ratings for the telecast which will air on NBC and Peacock. He believes viewers will tune in to support him personally despite recent Globes controversy.

“I think I have fans that are going to watch no matter what… Not because of the Golden Globes, but because they want to see me – which I’m extremely blessed with,” Koy told the Hollywood Reporter.

All Eyes on Globes as Barometer for Diversity Progress

Koy’s groundbreaking selection concludes a whirlwind 2023 comeback campaign for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s awards show. NBC and major studios boycotted the past ceremony over ethics issues and lack of diversity within the HFPA’s ranks.

After instituting major reforms like adding new non-white voters and policies to improve transparency, the show is now ready for its TV return. But many in the entertainment world will be scrutinizing this Globes broadcast to assess if enough change has been made.

Actress Sandra Oh, who co-hosted the show in 2019, summed up the sentiments of many industry insiders. “I will be celebrating the journalist members of the HFPA along with all of the diverse professionals newly admitted as voting members,” she told Variety. But she also urged continued progress, adding “There is still more work to be done.”

Advocacy groups agree. While praising the Globes’ selection of Koy as host, the Asian American Advocacy Fund’s Jack Yang called it just a “first step” in elevating Asian representation.

“We’ll be watching closely on Golden Globes night — and this year and beyond — to ensure the HFPA backs words with actions,” Yang declared.

All reporting indicates HFPA officials understand they are still on probation with Hollywood and need to deliver a successful, controversy-free event on Sunday. This requires an entertaining show from Jo Koy that satisfies audiences without raising new controversy.

What to Expect from 2024 Golden Globes Broadcast

So what can viewers anticipating the 2024 Golden Globe Awards expect from host Jo Koy? If his comments leading up to the ceremony are any indication, prepare for an enjoyable evening that plays it relatively safe.

The overarching goals seem to be spotlighting more diverse industry talent in a night of glamour that provides laughs without shock value. Koy gives the Globes an energetic master of ceremonies who aims to celebrate cinema achievements with humor but not cause outrage that overshadows the winners.

Look for topical jokes about Asian representation and the HFPA scandal but nothing too biting. Several comedy bits tailored for an industry crowd, wardrobe changes, and probably a musical number if past Globes provide a template. Koy says the show will have surprises but unlikely to push boundaries too far.

In the end, a landmark night where Jo Koy makes history that opens doors for other Asian creatives. And perhaps a ceremony that moves the Golden Globes further down the path back to Hollywood respectability.




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