July 25, 2024

Jonathan Majors Breaks Silence in First Interview Since Assault Conviction

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Jan 5, 2024

Jonathan Majors, the rising star known for his roles in Lovecraft Country, Ant-Man 3, and Creed III, will give his first interview since being found guilty of assault in early December. Majors was convicted by a New York jury of misdemeanor assault and harassment charges for an altercation with actress Grace Jabbari in her Manhattan apartment in April 2023.

Majors will sit down with ABC News anchor Linsey Davis for an exclusive interview that will air Monday on Good Morning America. This marks the acclaimed actor’s first public comments since his high-profile trial and conviction late last year.

Background on Jonathan Majors Case

On April 2nd, 2023, Grace Jabbari called 911 to report she had been assaulted by Jonathan Majors in her apartment after inviting him over. Police arrested Majors at the scene and he was later indicted on charges of assault, burglary, and harassment.

Prosecutors accused Majors of forcing his way into Jabbari’s apartment, physically attacking her, and making verbal threats. Jabbari testified during the trial that she suffered bruises and a concussion from Majors punching and kicking her.

Majors admitted to an altercation with Jabbari but claimed he acted in self-defense. His legal team argued Jabbari fabricated some details and initiated violence first when asked to leave after consensual activity.

Ultimately in December, the jury convicted Majors of misdemeanor third-degree assault and second-degree harassment but acquitted him of the more serious felony burglary charge. He faces up to 1 year in jail at his upcoming sentencing.

What to Expect From Majors’ GMA Interview

In his sit-down with Linsey Davis, airing on Monday’s Good Morning America, Jonathan Majors is likely to address the assault conviction and trial details for the first time publicly.

Potential key topics include:

  • His reaction and emotions around being found guilty
  • If he takes responsibility for any wrongdoing with Jabbari
  • How the case has impacted his personal and professional life
  • What he anticipates happening at his sentencing hearing
  • His feelings on the not guilty verdict for burglary
  • If the conviction makes him reconsider past behavior
  • How he hopes to move forward career-wise post-trial

Davis will likely press Majors on the choking accusation, which could have justified the more serious felony charge. Viewers should expect difficult questions on his actions while also allowing Majors a platform to share his side of the story.

Majors may also touch on how the case impacts his acting career. As an on-the-rise talent with major upcoming roles, his reputation and marketing appeal have taken a hit. Addressing future plans could help rehabilitate his image.

Implications of Interview and Verdict on Jonathan Majors’ Career

With guilty verdicts now on his record, Jonathan Majors faces damage to his reputation and questions about his ability to lead major studio projects. As a breakout star who recently landed an coveted antagonist role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Kang the Conqueror), studios now have to reevaluate Majors’ reliability and audience draw.

Movie/Series Studio Role Release Date Status
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Marvel/Disney Kang the Conqueror February 2025 Could be in jeopardy
Creed III MGM Damian November 2023 Already completed, marketing impact possible
Magazine Dreams Indie Actor/Producer 2023 Sundance Could gain attention post-trial
Devotion Sony Naval pilot October 2023 Completed, less Majors-dependent

Upcoming projects like Ant-Man 3 and the Creed sequel face more uncertainty now around Majors appearing prominently in marketing. Magazine Dreams, featuring Majors as a troubled amateur boxer, could gain notoriety at Sundance this month off the trial publicity.

But filmmakers and studios backing Majors also face backlash by sticking with him. Several brands disconnected ties with Majors since the trial. Still, if sentencing goes lightly, Majors has a chance to rebuild his appeal and not see career derailment.

The GMA interview offers a pivot point for Majors to shape his post-trial persona. What he says could sway public opinion and industry betting on his talent versus liability.

What Happens Next for Jonathan Majors


Jonathan Majors awaits formal sentencing from the judge, likely to happen within 90 days of conviction per New York state law. Based on the misdemeanor charges, he faces up to 1 year incarceration.

His lack of criminal history and acquittal on the burglary could lead to a lighter punishment. But the judge could issue a sentence on the higher end given the violent nature. Jail time seems probable but not for long.

Civil Case

Even after criminal sentencing concludes Majors’ legal jeopardy, Grace Jabbari could still pursue civil damages against him. As the accused victim of assault, she has grounds to sue Majors for battery, emotional distress and other claims stemming from the incident.

Successful civil action could bring Jabbari monetary compensation if damages are proven. But further court battles could also raise publicity and prolong legal fallout for Majors as he hopes to stabilization post-conviction.

Career Impacts

With sentencing expected by early Spring, Jonathan Majors will look to resuscitate his acting trajectory the rest of 2024. He’ll likely keep low-profile during sentencing phase but then attempt to reshape persona for his upcoming projects.

Networks airing his work may downplay associations with Majors in marketing if reputation remains troubled. But if reputational harm stays minimal, Majors has a strong chance to eventually rebound given his undeniable acting range and star potential seen early in roles like HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

Still only 34 years old, Jonathan Majors possesses the talent to overcome these obstacles if he repairs relationships, eliminates further incidents, and shows accountability going forward. But for now, all eyes turn to Good Morning America Monday as Majors breaks silence amid the latest dramatic twist for an actor accustomed to high-profile storylines.




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