May 22, 2024

Lindsay Lohan Makes Surprise Appearance at Mean Girls Musical Movie Premiere

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Jan 9, 2024

‘So Fetch’ Reunion of Original Cast Wows Fans in NYC

In a surprise appearance that delighted fans, Lindsay Lohan joined the cast of the new Mean Girls musical movie at its glitzy premiere in New York City on Monday night. The event marked the first time Lohan reunited with Mean Girls creator Tina Fey and other stars from the original 2004 hit film in over 15 years.

Lohan, who played lead character Cady Heron in the original, shocked the crowd when she appeared unannounced on the pink carpet at the premiere venue. Dressed in a show-stopping black cut-out gown with diamond accents, the 37-year-old actress was swarmed by cheers as she embraced her former co-stars.

“It was so nostalgic to be back together with Tina and everyone,” Lohan told reporters. “This new movie looks amazing and I can’t wait to see the musical numbers performed by such talented newcomers.”

Original Movie Cast Reunites for Special Event

The New York premiere marked the first public reunion of Lohan, Fey and other major players from the 2004 box office hit. Lohan and Fey, who also co-wrote the original screenplay, shared a long emotional embrace on the carpet as flashbulbs popped.

Rajiv Surendra, who played mathlete Kevin Gnapoor, also made a surprise appearance, sporting a look reminiscent of his nerdy character’s style in the film. Surendra said he “couldn’t miss this” and was “so pumped to see the next generation take on our beloved roles.”

Original cast member Jonathan Bennett, who played ultra-hottie Aaron Samuels, attended with his partner Jaymes Vaughan. Bennett expressed how great it was too see everyone together again to celebrate the franchise.

Other attendees from the first movie included Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Franzese, Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler. Poehler joked that the best part of the reunion was “seeing how great I still look compared to everyone else.”

Original Cast Member 2004 Role
Lindsay Lohan Cady Heron
Tina Fey Ms. Norbury
Rajiv Surendra Kevin Gnapoor
Jonathan Bennett Aaron Samuels
Daniel Franzese Damian Leigh

All-Star Cast Dazzles in Stage and Film Adaptation

The premiere screening introduced exciting newcomers taking on the classic roles in the movie musical version, directed by Tony Award winner Casey Nicholaw.

Leading the fresh-faced cast is singer-songwriter Sabrina Carpenter as Cady, alongside Belmont University graduate Reneé Rapp playing Regina George and viral hip-hop sensation KaMillion as Gretchen Wieners.

The trio wowed photographers in glamorous designer gowns, with Rapp channeling her inner Regina in a striking pink tulle number. Carpenter brought her chill California style to the pink carpet in a flowing white Prada dress, while KaMillion served drama in a structural black ballgown.

Other cast standouts generating Oscar buzz include Calvin Moretti as Janis Ian, Tanner Buchanan as Aaron Samuels, and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Ms. Norbury. Moretti identities as non-binary, marking a milestone for LGBTQ representation in a major studio production.

Cast Member Role
Sabrina Carpenter Cady Heron
Reneé Rapp Regina George
KaMillion Gretchen Wieners
Calvin Moretti Janis Ian
Tanner Buchanan Aaron Samuels
Emmy Raver-Lampman Ms. Norbury

What Critics Are Saying About the Musical Adaptation

Early critical reviews published ahead of the premiere have been glowing. Variety calls the movie “a visual and auditory masterpiece,” with show-stopping musical numbers performed by arresting new talents.

Vogue UK raves that the film “will delight diehard fans while winning over new audiences with its fresh take.” They singled out Carpenter’s performance for particular praise, saying her vocals left the screening audience in tears.

The Hollywood Reporter notes the adaptation expands on themes that still resonate today, despite changing cultural landscapes. They credit director Nicholaw with bringing astute creative vision to revitalizing such an iconic property.

Lohan Gushes Over Cast at High-Energy After Party

Following the screening, the theater emptied into an elaborate pink-themed after party at a nearby event space. Lohan and other VIP guests mingled with studio executives and the cast over cocktails in an atmosphere one guest described as “euphoric.”

Lohan, stunning in a glittering pink mini dress, posed for photos with the cast and praised their performances. “You all blew me away – such amazing talent,” she told Carpenter. “I can’t wait to work with you someday.” Lohan confirmed she is planning a return to acting after focusing on business ventures and motherhood in recent years.

At one point, Lohan jokingly reprimanded Buchanan for being “too hot” as Aaron Samuels, playfully fanning herself near him. Her antics delighted fellow partygoers and seemed to signal renewed energy in her career.

What’s Next for the Franchise?

On the heels of acclaimed festival screenings, expectations are extremely high for the new movie adaptation as it heads for a wide theatrical release next month.

Producers are hopeful about sequel potential if it dominates the global box office as predicted. They are eager to sign the breakout cast to multi-picture deals with options for more films, Broadway shows, concerts, merchandising and other lucrative spin-offs.

For now, Carpenter told reporters she is “living in the moment and taking things one day at a time.” Meanwhile, Lohan hinted she is already strategizing with Fey on ideas for possible cameos in future installments.

One thing is certain – with such glowing reviews and pent-up fan demand, the Mean Girls phenomenon looks ready for a new generation of fans in 2024 and beyond. Tonight was just the start of what promises to be an exciting renewal of the franchise.




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