June 17, 2024

Microsoft Releases Xbox Series S Toaster, Allowing Gamers to Toast Their Bread with the Iconic Logo

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Jan 4, 2024

Microsoft has officially released an Xbox-branded toaster that burns the Xbox logo onto slices of bread, turning the long-running meme into reality. The $39.99 appliance, dubbed the Xbox Series S Toaster, is now available for purchase exclusively at Walmart.

Xbox Community Managers Joke About Toaster in 2020, Idea Takes Off

The idea for an Xbox toaster first started as jokes by Xbox community managers in 2020, when a fan asked if Xbox would make an Xbox Series X refrigerator like Sony’s PS5 fridge. Xbox’s Director of Product Marketing Albert Penello responded “we’re not working on a fridge but maybe a toaster?” Other Xbox employees joined in on the fun on social media, photoshopping concepts for a toaster with the iconic Xbox logo.

What started as a silly meme struck a chord with Xbox fans, many clamoring for Microsoft to actually produce the theoretical appliance. The demand inspired numerous fan-made concepts and designs for how an Xbox toaster might look.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Mini Fridge, Fans Also Want Toaster

Last year, Microsoft stunned fans by announcing they would indeed be releasing an Xbox Series X mini fridge. Slated for a holiday 2021 launch, the fridge went on to generate substantial hype and sell out instantly when preorders went live.

The move demonstrated that Microsoft was willing to embrace the memes and produce real Xbox household items. It also emboldened fans to continue requesting that Xbox also deliver on the viral Xbox toaster concepts.

Xbox VP Phil Spencer Teases Toaster at E3 2021

During Xbox’s E3 showcase last June, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer appeared on camera next to…a mysterious Xbox-branded toaster and loaf of bread. He did not explicitly announce plans for the toaster, but the cameo was a clear tease that Xbox was considering turning the toaster idea into reality much like they had with the fridge.

Xbox Mini Fridge vs Toaster Timeline:

April 2021: 
Xbox Series X mini fridge announced and opens for preorders 

June 2021:
Phil Spencer teases Xbox toaster at E3 showcase

Holiday 2021: 
Xbox Series X mini fridge releases and quickly sells out

January 2024:
Xbox Series S Toaster officially launches 

The brief stunt kept the Xbox toaster dreams alive and signaled that Spencer and Xbox found the long-running fan joke charming enough to merit more than just Photoshops.

Walmart Product Listing Reveals Xbox Making Good on Toaster Promise

Word of an actual Xbox toaster product began swirling this week when Walmart posted a product listing for an Xbox Series S Toaster manufactured by Microsoft. The $39.99 kitchen appliance boasted the ability to print the signature Xbox logo right onto slices of bread with heat-activated technology.

Initially, some fans wondered if the Walmart posting was simply a prank piggybacking off the E3 toaster tease. But today Xbox made it official by announcing the toaster across its social media channels with a bread loaf sporting the green Xbox brand.

Xbox Series S Toaster Now Available Exclusively at Walmart

The Xbox Series S Toaster is currently only available for sale via the Walmart website and at Walmart stores for $39.99. As of this writing it remains in stock online with no indication if supplies may be limited.

The toaster offers dual slots so users can brand two slices of bread at a time with the familiar angled Xbox logo. It functions just like any traditional toaster appliance beyond its special Xbox design flair.

To create the logo imprint, the toaster heats up a special insert branding plate when in operation. The plate then sears the Xbox name onto the toast.

What Xbox Gear Could Be Next?

The Xbox Series S toaster adds to Microsoft’s new foray into Xbox novelty appliances, which now includes a mini fridge and toaster under its belt. If these keep selling well, Xbox may expand the product lineup even more to capitalize on fan demand.

An Xbox waffle maker could let gamers adorn their breakfast with little Xbox symbols stamped into waffles. Xbox oven mitts could protect hands when taking piping hot food out of the oven or off these specialty appliances.

Beyond kitchen ware, Xbox blankets, Xbox mousepads, and other gear could certainly be viable. Fans have even created concept Xbox soap bars and Xbox candles, showing the brand’s logo can suit all types of household items or gifts tailored squarely for gamers.

Now that Microsoft has embraced turning community jokes into commercial products, the sky may be the limit for future Xbox goods beyond games and consoles. The Series S toaster proves that everyday appliances can be perfect vehicles for showing Xbox pride and enthusiasm.

Xbox Commits to More Than Just Games

On the surface, an Xbox toaster may seem like a silly novelty move for such a major consumer tech company. However, Microsoft leaning into fan community memes demonstrates that Xbox views itself as more than just a purveyor of games and services.

By responding to fan requests, Xbox strengthens its brand affinity and recognition even for those not actively playing Xbox games. If the logo ends up regularly adorning fans’ kitchen counters and morning meals, it could inspire more goodwill and loyalty towards Xbox as a lifestyle brand beyond console wars and teraflops.

The toaster also taps into nostalgia and fond memories of the classic Xbox logo’s place in gaming history. Allowing fans to showcase that logo in their real-world lives through household goods keeps its legacy and brand power alive while also signaling Xbox does not take itself too seriously. It wants to have genuine fun with its community.

At the end of the day, whether or not an Xbox toaster dramatically drives console sales or xCloud subscriptions may not even be the key point here. This shows that Xbox recognizes community sentiment and is willing to embrace fan culture to deliver unexpected surprises that keep gamers delighted and proud to support Xbox however they can.

And now whenever players boot up an Xbox console or Baked goods emerge from the Xbox Series S Toaster, they will have a fun new story and point of brand connection to recall from this small but mighty appliance.

That wraps up the breaking coverage on Microsoft’s long-awaited Xbox Series S Toaster finally coming to life at Walmart stores today. Whether fans will use it daily or keep it sealed on shelves as a collectible, it represents a creative way brands can better engage communities. Expect even more gaming-themed products and experiences as companies realize gamer enthusiasm has no bounds.




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