May 26, 2024

Ryan Reynolds Steals Emmys Spotlight With Hilarious ‘Deadpool’ Acceptance Speech

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Jan 9, 2024

Ryan Reynolds stole the show at the recent Creative Arts Emmy Awards, appearing in full ‘Deadpool’ costume to deliver a hilarious acceptance speech after his show ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ took home multiple trophies.

Reynolds’ Wrexham Football Documentary Sweeps Emmys

The Hollywood star’s FX docuseries chronicling his purchase and ongoing adventures co-owning a Welsh football club scooped up Emmys in 5 categories:

  • Outstanding Structured Reality Program
  • Outstanding Directing for a Reality Program
  • Outstanding Picture Editing for a Structured Reality Or Competition Program
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Nonfiction Or Reality Program (Single or Multi-Camera)
  • Outstanding Promotional Announcement

Accepting the Emmys on behalf of the show, Reynolds appeared dressed head-to-toe in his ‘Deadpool’ Marvel costume – known for breaking the fourth wall and making meta, irreverent remarks much like the antihero character Reynolds plays in the films.

His speech quickly went viral, lighting up social media with delight from fans.

Highlights of Reynolds’ Cheeky Awards Speech

Some notable moments from Reynolds comedic act as his foul-mouthed superhero alter ego while receiving the Emmys:

  • Threatening to “burn this place to the ground” if played off stage by music before finishing his speech
  • Calling out Hugh Jackman for apparently breaking Reynolds’ Emmy statue
  • Promising the show’s upcoming third season will include full frontal nudity
  • Suggesting the Welcome to Wrexham crew might steal the Emmys awards next time if they don’t win
  • Singing terribly while waiting awkwardly for his trophy to be engraved

The bit concluded with Reynolds removing his mask and sincerely thanking the television academy. But not before firing off one last zinger about Ryan Seacrest.

Reynolds deadpanned:

“I might venture a guess and say this probably means Wrexham is going to win the FA Cup, or we burn this place to the ground. Death by a thousand cuts.”

Reynolds Over the Moon About Emmys Recognition

While played for laughs, it was clear from Reynolds’ social media post-show that he was genuinely overjoyed by the recognition.

The Hollywood A-lister tweeted:

“We started this show as an underdog story with some underdogs at the heart of it. Never dreamed we’d be standing here now.”

Reynolds and co-owner Rob McElhenney have described their purchase of the humble Welsh club – playing England’s 5th tier at time of purchase – as a “Cinderella Story”.

No doubt thrilled to have their offbeat passion project embracing the working class community of Wrexham celebrated by the Emmys.

Welcome to Wrexham Ready to Level Up for Season 3

With 2 smash hit seasons under their belt and a fistful of Emmys in hand, excitement is already building for what Reynolds and McElhenney will deliver in the next chapter of their feel-good underdog football story.

Some already announced tidbits about Welcome to Wrexham Season 3:

  • It will premiere sometime later this year exclusively on FX in the US and Disney+ in the UK/Ireland
  • Cameras have been following the team’s current historic FA Cup run, chasing the ultimate underdog dream of qualifying for European competition
  • The club’s promotion push as they aim for League Two will feature heavily this season after narrowly missing out on promotion last season
  • Further developing storylines about the community and supporters culture surrounding the club
  • More Hollywood hijinks and sarcastic hilarity from Reynolds and McElhenney as the rookie owners continue getting to grips with football

Reynolds & McElhenney Revel in Emmys Success


Reynolds and McElhenney Celebrate

Alongside his trademark Deadpool appearance, Reynolds also shared a photo with Emmy in hand, crouching humorously as wife Blake Lively snaps the photo above him.

The image pokes fun at the Instagram boyfriend trope, which Reynolds is keenly aware many find his and Lively’s social media presence epitomizing. Lively also made several appearances behind the scenes supporting her husband during the Welcome to Wrexham journey.

Meanwhile McElhenney opted for a more straightforward Emmys celebration post – two middle fingers up alongside his trophy with a simple “Wrexham!” battle cry.

The co-chairmen have truly embraced their new community across the pond. And the feeling appears mutual, with messages of congratulations and pride pouring in from Wrexham AFC, fans and the wider community after the surprise Emmys sweep.

Both Reynolds and McElhenney built their profiles on irreverent, R-rated comedies like Deadpool and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So this venture into documentary filmmaking has been a departure – albeit with their trademark humor stamped throughout.

Judging by the rave reviews and awards showered upon Welcome to Wrexham already, the unlikely sports documentary experiment has been a resounding success.

The club may continue facing an uphill battle on the pitch bidding for promotion. But off the pitch, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have scored their first silverware in Hollywood style – and brought plenty of smiles along the way.

What Next After Emmys Glory?

With Wrexham AFC’s underdog story going from strength to strength, could this surprise Emmys recognition spur interest in adapting the saga for scripted presentation?

Reynolds and McElhenney have joked about exploring a Sister Act 3 movie at the club or having Tina Fey join the writing staff. With their showbiz clout, Hollywood connections and passion for Wrexham AFC – if they wished to explore a scripted Welcome to Wrexham spinoff, no dream would seem too outrageous now.

At the very least – the club is guaranteed greatly expanded international visibility when Season 3 drops on FX and Disney+ around the world later this year.

The wider football world is watching now too, captivated by the club’s historic FA Cup run pitting their humble part-time squad against full-time professional giants.

As Wrexham supporters will be quick to remind you – the underdog’s bark can always prove mightier than its bite when magic is sparked. And Reynolds and McElhenney have certainly brought a heavy dose of Hollywood magic!




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