July 17, 2024

Suits Stars Reunite at 2024 Golden Globes, Stir Talk of Revival

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Jan 9, 2024

The cast of the hit legal drama “Suits” reunited last night at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, stirring talk among fans about a potential reboot of the show. Though star Meghan Markle was not present, her former co-stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty walked the red carpet together and presented the award for Best Drama Series.

Markle Absent From Cast Reunion

Markle, who played paralegal-turned-lawyer Rachel Zane on “Suits” from 2011-2017, was notably absent from the reunion. Her acting career was put on hold after marrying Britain’s Prince Harry in 2018 and taking on full-time royal duties.

According to Torres, who played firm partner Jessica Pearson, none of the cast still has Markle’s phone number or maintains contact with her. “To tell you the truth, we don’t have a contact number for her,” Torres told reporters Sunday on the red carpet. “We respect her new life, her new world, and we carry on in the world that we’re in.”

Markle was likely not invited to participate in the reunion, though a source told Page Six she turned down an offer out of concerns it could overshadow the cast. A comedy routine earlier in the ceremony in which host Jerrod Carmichael jokingly asked if Markle was there reinforced her decision.

Cast Member Character Seasons
Gabriel Macht Harvey Specter Seasons 1-9
Patrick J. Adams Mike Ross Seasons 1-7
Gina Torres Jessica Pearson Seasons 1-6
Sarah Rafferty Donna Paulsen Seasons 1-9
Meghan Markle Rachel Zane Seasons 1-7

“Suits” Found New Life on Netflix

“Suits,” which aired on the USA Network for nine seasons, has found renewed popularity since being added to Netflix last year. Macht and Adams now joke it may be more popular in reruns than when new episodes aired.

“So many people [have come] up to me who saw the show for the first time and binged it on Netflix. It’s crazy,” Macht told The Hollywood Reporter.

The show follows hotshot New York lawyer Harvey Specter (Macht) who hires Mike Ross (Adams), a talented college dropout, as his associate despite Mike not having a law degree. Over nine seasons, the pair takes on high-profile cases while hiding Mike’s secret, aided by loyal paralegal Rachel Zane (Markle), Harvey’s no-nonsense assistant Donna Paulson (Rafferty), and head of Specter Law Firm Jessica Pearson (Torres).

Speculation Mounts Over a “Suits” Revival

With the show’s current wave of popularity and the nostalgia generated by seeing the stars reunited, speculation is mounting that a “Suits” revival may happen. Nothing is officially confirmed, but both Adams and network USA have made positive comments about revisiting the show.

In an interview with Variety on the Golden Globes red carpet, Adams revealed he’d be up for playing Mike Ross again under the right circumstances.

“I’d be more than happy to come back,” he said, while noting he thinks the show “ran its course”. However, he added: “If there was ever a world where [bringing Mike back] made sense, I’d be happy to put on a suit.”

There’s also buzz around the idea of a Jessica Pearson spinoff with Gina Torres after the positive reception to the 2019 “Suits” spinoff series of the same name. Adams told ScreenRant any revival ideas have “got to start with Gina.”

USA Network, which aired “Suits” for its full run, is reportedly looking at options around bringing the show back. NBC Universal executive Chris McCumber told Deadline revivals and reboots are “always on our mind”.

Though Markle is unlikely to return to acting, the success of the show in streaming and its stars’ openness to returning leaves doors open for some kind of “Suits 2.0” down the line.

Mixed Response From Fans

Fans online had mixed opinions around hopes for a revival following the “Suits” cast reunion last night.

On social media, some fans expressed disappointment Markle did not participate in the reunion and felt a revival would not work without her character Rachel Zane.

“No Meghan, no care,” tweeted one fan.

“She was a core part of the show, they should respect Meghan not wanting to act and leave it alone,” said another.

However, others were enthusiastic about the idea of revisiting the show’s other iconic characters.

“I would LOVE to see the further adventures of Harvey, Donna and Louis! More Suits please!” exclaimed a Twitter user.

The mixed response underlines the complexities around bringing back such a well-loved show. While interest appears high, capturing the magic of the original “Suits” may prove difficult without a key member of the cast.

What Happens Next?

For now, a “Suits” revival remains speculative despite last night’s buzz-generating reunion. Gabriel Macht returns to filming his new legal series “The Pact” next month, while Patrick J. Adams begins work on indie drama “All Fun and Games”.

But “Suits” creator Aaron Korsh has left the door open to revisiting the show’s world, saying he’s always loved writing these characters. Meanwhile, streaming has created demand for revivals of shows with existing fanbases, even years after ending.

USA Network has reason to seriously consider bringing “Suits” back in some form. As streaming creates chances for second lives for content, executives will be weighing options around capitalizing on the current wave of nostalgia and popularity around the show.

It remains improbable Meghan Markle would ever return to acting. However, a comeback centered around Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson seems increasingly viable. With the cast expressing openness to return given the right script, fans may indeed see their beloved legal eagles back in court in future.




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