June 23, 2024

Samsung Accelerates One UI 6 Android 14 Rollout Across More Galaxy Devices

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Nov 27, 2023

Samsung is rapidly accelerating the rollout of its One UI 6 software based on Android 14 to more devices across its Galaxy smartphone and tablet portfolio. Over the last week, stable updates have reached new lower-cost phones like the Galaxy A14 5G as well as Samsung’s latest top-tier foldable flagships.


Samsung previewed One UI 6 and Android 14 for the first time back in November 2022. After an extensive beta testing period on phones like the Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 over subsequent months, wider stable updates officially kicked off in February 2023 across Samsung’s portfolio.

The South Korean company’s custom skin One UI 6 keeps many of the underlying capabilities of Android 14 like improved privacy controls and notifications as well as optimizations for large-screen and folding devices. But it also adds unique Samsung features on top related to customization, connectivity with Windows and other Galaxy products, and improved camera functionality.

Specific One UI 6 additions span new modes and effects in the Camera app to an expanded selection of dynamic widgets and color options for personalization. Under-the-hood improvements also promise better memory management for improved multitasking and longevity over years of use.

Latest Update Rollouts

Over the past seven days, Samsung has significantly accelerated its One UI 6 upgrade schedule by pushing the latest software to over a dozen additional devices.

This wide-ranging update activity spans everything from affordable Galaxy A series models to last year’s foldable flagships all the way up to 2023’s brand new Galaxy S23 series.

Here is a detailed breakdown of some of the most notable Samsung devices now receiving Android 14 and One UI 6:

Lower-Cost Phones

  • Galaxy A14 5G – Samsung’s latest low-cost 5G phone, unveiled just months ago, is already updated to One UI 6. The rollout kicked off in markets like Europe over the weekend. Given the A14 5G’s positioning as an affordable 5G device, it is impressive that Samsung has prioritized software support with the quick upgrade to Android 14.

  • Galaxy A34 – Expanding updates to other budget options, the One UI 6 update also recently reached the Galaxy A34 in Asia. The A34 packs a more powerful chip than the A14 5G, an AMOLED 90Hz display, and quad rear cameras with optical image stabilization. With the update now hitting Asian units, a wider international rollout shouldn’t be far behind.

  • Galaxy A53 5G – Samsung’s popular upper mid-range Galaxy A53 5G from early 2022 is receiving One UI 6 as well across Europe. The A53 5G stands out for its vibrant 6.5" 120Hz AMOLED screen, 5G connectivity, and quad camera array so owners will benefit from Android 14 features plus customizations and modes from One UI 6 to further enhance their experience.

2022 Foldables

  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 – In tandem with updates for cheaper devices, Samsung’s foldable lineup is also now upgrading to the latest and greatest software even just one year after launch. Owners of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 can now install One UI 6 following recent rollouts in countries like Canada and the U.S. The update is delivering camera improvements plus interface customizations optimized for the Z Flip 4’s unique folding form factor.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 – Alongside updates for its smaller flip-style foldable, Samsung has also pushed Android 14 upgrades to last fall’s premier Galaxy Z Fold 4. The stable One UI 6 update is rolling out in regions such as the United Kingdom following extensive beta tests. Z Fold 4 owners gain new ways to multitask leveraging the foldable’s large tablet-sized internal display.

2023 Flagships

  • Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra – Most impressively, just weeks after their announcement and launch, Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S23 series is already updating to One UI 6 even before reaching customers’ hands in some regions. Units in Europe and Asia are seeing Android 14 upgrades with additional interface refinements and exclusive Galaxy S23 photo and video modes. The breakneck update pace shows Samsung’s commitment to fast software support for those opting for its ultra-premium flagships.

What’s Next?

With updates now making their way out to over a dozen past and present Samsung phones in recent days, what could be coming next?

Based on Samsung’s official Android 14 upgrade roadmap for 2023, rollouts will continue at a rapid pace over the coming weeks and months spanning additional Galaxy S phones, Note flagships, foldables, tablets, and A series devices.

Many of these models like the Galaxy S21 series and older foldables such as the Z Fold 3 already received initial One UI 6 beta builds so expansions to stable channel updates globally shouldn’t be far off. And previous release patterns suggest more affordable options like 2021’s Galaxy A52 5G could get their turn for Android 14 upgrades soon as well.

Samsung’s goal is to have the latest Android version running on over 40 eligible devices by the end of July 2023. If update speeds continue at the current trajectory, they look well on the way to hitting that target.

For the full list of Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets planned to receive Android 14 and One UI 6 down the line, refer to the update timeline tables below:

One UI 6 Update Timeline for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Device Update Schedule
Galaxy S23 Ultra February 2023
Galaxy S23+ February 2023
Galaxy S23 February 2023
Galaxy S22 Ultra February 2023
Galaxy S22+ February 2023
Galaxy S22 February 2023
Galaxy S21 Ultra March 2023
Galaxy S21+ March 2023
Galaxy S21 March 2023
Galaxy S21 FE April 2023
Galaxy S20 Ultra April 2023
Galaxy S20+ April 2023
Galaxy S20 April 2023
Galaxy S20 FE May 2023
Galaxy Z Fold 4 February 2023
Galaxy Z Flip 4 February 2023
Galaxy Z Fold 3 March 2023
Galaxy Z Flip 3 March 2023
Galaxy Z Fold 2 April 2023
Galaxy Z Flip April 2023
Galaxy Z Flip 5G April 2023
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra April 2023
Galaxy Note 20 April 2023
Galaxy A73 5G March 2023
Galaxy A72 April 2023
Galaxy A71 May 2023
Galaxy A53 5G March 2023
Galaxy A33 5G April 2023
Galaxy A14 5G February 2023
Galaxy A13 May 2023
Galaxy A04e July 2023

One UI 6 Update Timeline for Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Device Update Schedule
Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra March 2023
Galaxy Tab S8+ March 2023
Galaxy Tab S8 March 2023
Galaxy Tab S7+ April 2023
Galaxy Tab S7 April 2023
Galaxy Tab S7 FE May 2023
Galaxy Tab A8 June 2023
Galaxy Tab A7 Lite July 2023

With additional Galaxy phones and tablets slated for Android 14 in the coming months, Samsung shows no signs of slowing down its largest annual OS upgrade push. One UI 6 brings meaningful improvements tailored specifically to Samsung devices on top of the underlying capabilities included with Google’s latest Android platform.

This level of long-term software support spanning the spectrum from affordable A series to ultra-premium foldables demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to adding value and features over time across its mobile portfolio. Existing Galaxy owners can look forward to fresh features and interfaces soon with Android 14 while new customers can buy Samsung confident future-proofing with upgrades is a priority.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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