June 17, 2024

Samsung Unveils Bold New Display Innovations at CES 2024

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Jan 8, 2024

Samsung unveiled several groundbreaking new display technologies at its CES 2024 press conference on January 7th. The company showcased bigger and more advanced foldable screens, expansive rollable displays, next-generation QLED TVs with customizable bezels, and innovative curved display solutions.

Foldables Get Supersized

Samsung announced newer, upgraded versions of its foldable phone displays in even larger sizes up to 7.8 inches when unfolded.

Foldable Phone Concept

The displays on the concept foldable phones shown are over 10% larger than current models like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when opened up. Samsung confirmed they can expand the internal foldable screen area further by minimizing the surrounding bezels.

This allows more screen real estate for immersive viewing and multitasking without increasing the overall device size when folded. The ultra-thin glass foldable displays also have a redesigned underlying layer structure for enhanced durability.

Key Foldable Display Upgrades:

- Screen size expanded over 10% 
- Minimized bezels around screen
- Reinforced underlying layer structure

Samsung indicated the new extra-large foldable displays are headed to actual smartphone models that will launch within 2024.

Rollable Display Prototype

In addition to larger foldable screens, Samsung demoed expandable rollable display technology in a video wall concept. The rollable display prototype featured a 65-inch 4K screen that can unfurl sideways from a base unit to over 100 inches wide.

The self-rolling OLED screen rolls back into place with the press of a button, showcasing its portability. Samsung engineers confirmed that it utilizes a new ultra-thin flexible glass cover developed specifically for rollable displays. They are aiming to introduce it in future rollable tablets and monitors.

Rollable Display

QLED TVs with Interchangeable Bezel Concept

On the TV side, Samsung showed off a new concept QLED 4K TV model that takes customization even further. Dubbed the Samsung Modular Display, it features an innovative magnetic bezel frame that can be detached and swapped for different colors and material options.

The Modular Display aims to allow consumers to periodically change the TV’s look and style by simply installing an alternate prefabricated bezel. Samsung said it is exploring materials like fabric, leather, metal, and wood for customizable bezels.

Samsung Modular QLED TV Concept

- Detachable magnetic bezel frame 
- Interchangeable bezel options:
    - Colors
    - Materials: fabric, leather, wood

Additional specs revealed for Samsung’s latest 2024 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models include:

  • Ultra-slim profiles
  • Quantum mini LED backlights with thousands of dimming zones
  • Neural Quantum Processors that use AI picture enhancements
  • Next-gen HDR formats supported

The new Neo QLED TVs are tailored to deliver intensely vivid colors, precision backlight control, and improved upscaling of lower resolution content.

Curved Everything

Samsung also provided a peek into how curved display panels may expand into other devices like laptops in the near future. It revealed multiple curved OLED prototype concepts beyond just TVs.

There was a curved gaming monitor with an engrossing 1000R curvature matched precisely to the human eye. Samsung also collaborated with a luxury vehicle manufacturer to develop curved OLED car interior surfaces and screens.

Curved car display

The company is actively working to adapt its OLED and QLED bendable screen technologies to more product categories where the extra immersion and wide viewing angles can enhance the user experience.

What This Means for the Future

Samsung’s striking CES 2024 display innovations tease a fascinating future filled with expansive foldable phones, giant rollable tablets monitored, wraparound car displays, and exceptionally customizable TVs.

The technology demonstrated shows Samsung’s continued leadership in pioneering advanced display solutions and new OLED and QLED panel manufacturing techniques. The bold concepts indicate an ambitious long-term product roadmap.

Consumers can expect these display advancements to steadily make their way into exciting new devices and form factors over the next few years. Each breakthrough promises to push the boundaries of what screens are capable of and how we interact with technology.

The Road Ahead

While Samsung’s expandable displays dazzled at CES, it remains to be seen how soon rollable screens become commercially viable. The mechanically complex engineering involved currently restricts rollable display technology to concepts and prototypes.

However, Samsung confirmed it already enhanced the durability of the sliding flexible OLED panels substantially by refining materials and internal structures. This gives hope that rollable products may emerge onto the market faster than anticipated.

Meanwhile, the enlarged foldable displays previewed are near certain to manifest in Samsung’s next flagship foldable phones in 2024. Those will undoubtedly captivate early adopters eager for more expansive screen real estate that still folds down conveniently.

If consumer response to the new extra-large foldable phone models proves sufficiently positive, even bigger variations could emerge the following year.

For the TV segment, Samsung will concentrate on boosting 8K content and gaming support throughout its high-end Neo QLED lineup. The beginnings of the customizable bezel concept could also spawn additional user personalization options for future QLED TVs.

CES 2024 provided an exciting first look at the diverse display advancements Samsung is pioneering behind closed doors. Foldables, rollables, modular TVs and curved screens each offer enticing functionality that could soon reshape consumer technology in unexpected ways. Samsung appears fully committed to converting its most promising display innovations into commercial products as swiftly as possible.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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