June 25, 2024

LG Unveils “Invisible” Transparent OLED TV at CES 2024

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Jan 8, 2024

LG Electronics has unveiled a new transparent OLED TV technology at CES 2024 that allows the screen to seemingly disappear when not in use. Dubbed the “Signature OLED T,” the innovative television leverages LG’s transparent OLED panel technology to create a viewing experience quite literally like no other.

cutting-edge transparent display wows CES crowds

According to LG’s press release, when powered off, the Signature OLED T becomes fully transparent, allowing the TV to literally blend in with its surroundings. When powered on and displaying content, it offers self-lit pixels with no backlight, enabling unbeatable contrast and perfect black hues.

Early hands-on impressions are very positive, with CNET calling the transparent OLED TV “wildly impressive” in how it can transform from a television into something akin to a giant fish tank or aquarium artwork. The aesthetic possibilities are certainly unique for a television.

“It was a genuine ‘wow’ moment to see this TV appear out of nowhere on the wall and then somehow disappear entirely when not being used,” said CNET writer David Katzmaier. “I’ve seen a lot of displays at CES but nothing quite like this.”

elevated picture quality with self-lit OLED technology

LG’s groundbreaking transparent OLED technology enables each pixel to act as its own light source, meaning no backlight is required. The result is what LG claims are vastly improved black levels, contrast ratios, and viewing angles compared to traditional LCD and LED TVs restricted by their backlight limitations.

The Signature OLED T can achieve near infinite contrast between its deepest blacks and brightest whites. This helps deliver much more detail in dark scenes, avoiding dull shadows or blocked up regions that can occur on LED TVs with weaker native contrast capabilities.

As OLED TVs emit their own light, they can also allow for slimmer overall displays. The Signature OLED T has an incredibly slight 0.19 inch thin profile when mounted flush to the wall, almost impossible to discern visually, adding to the illusion the screen can simply disappear when powered down.

see-through design enables new installation possibilities

Unlike conventional TV designs that are bulky boxes anchored to tables or walls, LG’s see-through OLED panel can enable radically new placement options.

Blends seamlessly into any environment

The ability for the Signature OLED T to be both visually transparent and ultra thin allows interior designers and consumers to seamlessly match their décor or tastes. The TV can be installed covering a full wall, a portion of wall space to highlight an art piece or architectural detail behind it, or even used as a transparent partition between rooms.

TV Integration Possibility Description
Full Wall Partition Display can cover a complete wall surface, creating an immersive viewing experience with screen size only limited by wall dimensions
Partial Display with Accent Wall TV can selectively cover parts of a wall, allowing architectural details or wall art/murals to remain visible
Room Divider Transparent quality enables TV to act as see-through partition between rooms/spaces

“The Signature OLED T gives interior designers, homeowners, and businesses a completely new way to utilize a television without compromising surrounding design elements or having to design spaces around the constraints of conventional TV form factors,” said LG CTO Dr. I.P. Park.

Understated aesthetic for minimalist environments

For those desiring a more understated, minimalist environment, the ability for LG’s transparent OLED TV to literally disappear when not in use makes it an ideal choice over more permanently bulky conventional displays. The Signature OLED T can allow pristine wall spaces and open room designs when powered down, with no indication a high-tech display is even present.

Enhanced durability from resilient materials

According to early hands-on looks, LG’s transparent OLED panel and television housing appear very well built and durable. The sleek design conceals an aluminum body housing the display components and inputs, promising resilience and structural integrity suitable for commercial applications.

The proprietary transparent OLED film layers are also rated to be highly durable and scratch resistant compared to other display types thanks to the materials used in its construction. This gives confidence the TV can stand up well to heavy daily use over its lifetime.

LG plans 2024 consumer release

LG is aiming to bring its radically new transparent TV technology to market sometime later in 2024 after finalizing manufacturing and panel optimizations. No firm pricing has been unveiled, though units will likely fall in the premium category given the R&D costs involved bringing transparent OLED panels to commercial viability.

Retail materials promise the Signature OLED T will deliver a consumer experience that needs to be seen firsthand to fully appreciate what this breakthrough screen technology makes possible. To that end, select LG retail partners should have demo units on hand later this year to showcase transparent OLED’s capabilities.

Follow-up CES concept models tease future potential

In addition to the formal launch of its Signature OLED T transparent TV lineup, LG’s display research division “LG Labs” demoed several tantalizing concept models at CES 2024 that combined transparent OLED panels with other display and audio innovations:

LG Dukebox – A transparent OLED panel fitted over a retro-futuristic jukebox system with integrated vacuum tube amplifiers, marrying LG’s display tech with warm analog audio. Early reactions are very enthusiastic over the novelty blend of vintage and modern tech.

LG Bon Voyage – An updated version of LG’s camping trailer concept enhanced with new transparent OLED panels able to display scenic outdoor vistas or information during travel. Offers a preview of how LG aims to integrate transparent OLED tech into new applications like automotive and transportation where slim, durable displays are beneficial.

The Future Is Transparent

It is an exciting time for display enthusiasts, interior designers, and consumers alike following LG’s CES launch of its breakthrough transparent OLED TV. Expect transparent OLED technology to open up radically new options for not just televisions, but potentially monitors, digital signage, partitions, automotive displays, and augmented reality applications in the years ahead. LG has achieved bringing transparent OLED to market – now the real fun begins seeing how consumers and businesses end up utilizing these uniquely versatile “invisible” displays.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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