June 21, 2024

Withings Unveils BeamO – A Revolutionary 4-in-1 Home Health Checkup Device

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Jan 8, 2024

Consumer electronics company Withings unveiled a new device called BeamO at CES 2024 that aims to revolutionize at-home health checkups. BeamO packs four vital health measurement tools – a thermometer, stethoscope, ECG, and blood pressure monitor – into a single compact device.

Overview of BeamO’s Capabilities

The BeamO works in conjunction with a smartphone app to provide users with a quick and convenient way to check key health parameters at home. Here is an overview of the four tools integrated into the device:


  • Takes temporal temperature readings with clinical accuracy
  • Can detect fever and track temperature over time


  • Records 20-second heart and lung sound snippets
  • Advanced algorithms analyze recordings for abnormalities
  • Helps identify potential cardiac or respiratory issues

Single-Lead ECG

  • 30-second ECG recordings
  • Detects arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation
  • Tracks heart rate and rhythm over time

Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Clinically validated oscillometric blood pressure monitor
  • Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Detects hypertension

Convenience of At-Home Health Monitoring

A key benefit of BeamO is enabling people to perform important health checks conveniently from home. The device aims to provide clinical-grade measurements so users can share detailed health data with their doctor during telehealth consultations.

Rather than scheduling time-consuming doctor visits for routine checkups, people can quickly use BeamO to take key vitals and log any issues or concerning symptoms in the app. This facilitates earlier medical intervention and allows physicians to provide guidance based on trended health data.

Advanced Health Insights Through App Integration

The information BeamO records syncs with the Withings Health Mate app on the user’s smartphone. The app provides additional health insights by combining BeamO’s readings with other tracked metrics like sleep, activity, weight changes, and nutrition.

By correlating different data sources, the app can reveal underlying health issues that may not be evident when looking at parameters in isolation. Users also have the option to share their health dashboard with medical professionals for personalized advice and treatments.

Telehealth Integration for Remote Doctor Consultations

In addition to the consumer use cases, Withings designed BeamO as an integrated telehealth platform. The device allows patients to take vital measurements at home in preparation for remote consultations with physicians.

Doctors can then access the readings directly through electronic health record systems. This telemedicine integration eliminates the need for in-clinic visits solely to record vitals and makes remote care delivery more practical and effective.

Here is a comparison table highlighting the vital measurement capabilities of BeamO versus traditional devices:

Parameter BeamO Traditional Devices
Temperature Yes – temporal thermometer Separate thermometers
Heart rate & rhythm Yes – via ECG Separate ECG devices
Lung/breathing sounds Yes – via integrated stethoscope Standalone stethoscopes
Blood pressure Yes – oscillometric monitoring Standalone blood pressure cuffs

Development Over 3 Years

Withings invested significant R&D over the past three years to integrate clinical-grade sensors and measurement capabilities into BeamO’s compact form factor.

The device builds on the company’s expertise in developing consumer health devices like smart scales, wearables, and sleep trackers. BeamO represents a more advanced push into clinical-level vital sign monitoring for at-home use.

Preorders Open Now Ahead of Q2 Launch

The company opened preorders for BeamO today on its website for $499. The devices will begin shipping later this quarter.

Withings aims to drive broader adoption of remote patient monitoring solutions that enable people to take greater ownership over tracking and managing their health.

Reaction from Industry Experts

Industry analysts have responded positively to BeamO’s launch at CES 2024. Daniel Matte, Research Director at Gartner, commented:

“Withings BeamO is an ambitious play to break down barriers between consumer wellness tracking and medical-grade health data. The ability to conveniently check multiple vital signs in one device unlocks new possibilities for continuous health monitoring outside clinical settings.”

Fast Company’s Michael Grothaus argues BeamO could be a game-changer for telemedicine:

“While telehealth boomed during the pandemic, inconsistent vital data and lack of examination hampered its effectiveness. BeamO finally offers patients a convenient way to collect and share complete health metrics with clinicians remotely.”

Privacy and Data Security

As a medical device recording sensitive health information, data privacy protection is a priority for Withings. According to the company, BeamO has end-to-end data encryption, compliant with relevant healthcare regulations.

Users have granular control within the app over what data they share and with whom. There is also an option to localize all data storage to the user’s device only.

Withings states it will never sell personal data from BeamO or its other devices to third parties without explicit user consent.

Outlook for Home Health Technology

BeamO’s launch demonstrates renewed interest in home health monitoring technology post-pandemic. With shifting care delivery models, medical experts anticipate rapid innovation in the virtual care space combining advanced sensors, connectivity, diagnostics and telehealth.

Consumer-grade devices that offer both convenience and clinical-accuracy for health metric tracking will play an increasing role in preventative care and chronic condition management.

Going forward, seamless integration with electronic records and physician platforms will improve remote consult capabilities and enable more continuous care journeys supported through at-home measurement technology.


In conclusion, Withings new BeamO device represents a major leap forward for at-home health tracking. By providing accurate vital sign monitoring comparable to professional medical devices alongside software-based health insights, BeamO promises to transform how people monitor and manage health issues from their home.

Experts say BeamO is indicative of a broader push to integrate advanced health sensor technology outside of clinical settings to support telemedicine and personalized preventative care.




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