June 24, 2024

Samsung Unveils Groundbreaking MicroLED TV Technology at CES 2024

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Jan 9, 2024

Samsung electrified the crowd at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with the unveiling of multiple new display technologies, headlined by the “world’s first” transparent MicroLED display. This nearly bezel-less screen points to a future of boundary-blurring transparent and customizable displays in homes and businesses.

The new transparent display was the showstopper, but Samsung’s announcements also included upgraded versions of existing technologies like Neo QLED, QD-OLED, and The Frame art TVs, plus innovative projectors and soundbars. The company is leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence and sophisticated hardware for more immersive viewing experiences.

Transparent MicroLED Display Pushes Boundaries

The aptly named “Self-lit Transparent Display” stands over 6 feet tall with a screen diagonal of 55 inches. Using MicroLED technology composed of microscopic LEDs emitting their own light, the screen can achieve up to 40% transparency while still displaying crisp images.

This allows the display to blend into environments and serve as an ambient window into other worlds. Virtual fish can swim through the screen into a real aquarium behind. An oak tree can sprout leaves that mesh with those of an actual tree outside a window, erasing indoor/outdoor boundaries.

"Samsung transparent MicroLED display showing tree blending with real tree"

The modular MicroLED matrix allows for customizable sizing, shapes, and ratios between opaque and transparent portions. This paves the way for innovative commercial applications:

  • Retail stores can install transparent screens in windows and walls to blend virtual products with real showrooms
  • Restaurants can spice up ordinary windows with digital art, decor, or even a virtual aquarium while still allowing diners to gaze outside
  • Airports, hotels and office lobbies can create interactive transparent displays that engage visitors

Samsung plans to ship the Self-lit Transparent Display in February, likely targeting commercial projects first before potential wider consumer rollout. No pricing details were announced.

While a consumer version may be a few years away, Samsung’s accomplishment pushes boundaries of what’s considered possible:

“This technology removes boundaries and stimulates imaginations about what displays can do and where they belong…a self-lit transparent display that can appear anywhere while blending into its environment beautifully,” said Samsung Display CEO JS Choi.

Upgraded Neo QLED, QD-OLED, and Frame TVs

In addition to the transparent stunner, Samsung unveiled 2024 upgrades across their television lineup:


  • New Neural Quantum 8K Processor powered by proprietary AI analyzes picture quality and optimizes on the fly
  • Expanded 14-bit processing and 4,000 nit peak brightness provide more precise control over colors and contrast
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Sizes ranging from 50 to 110 inches


Samsung’s new 77-inch S95C QD-OLED introduces:

  • Quantum Dot OLED pixels with Samsung technology enhance color volume and accuracy
  • Matte, anti-glare panel that reduces distractions and eyestrain
  • Up to 144Hz refresh rate ideal for gaming
  • Integrated SmartThings Hub

The Frame Art TV

Samsung updated its lifestyle-focused Frame series with:

  • New Matte Display Filter also reduces glare and reflections
  • Auto HDR tone mapping
  • Thinner bezels with various frame customization options
  • 85″ model joining lineup ranging from 32 to 85 inches

The new sets target higher-end consumers looking for best-in-class picture quality wrapped in elegant hardware meant to accent living spaces.

Projectors With Lasers and Wirelessness

Samsung further pushed boundaries by unveiling two new lines of ultra short throw projectors featuring:

Premiere 4K

  • 2800 ANSI lumens
  • Lasers rather than bulbs promise higher brightness and longer lifespan
  • 127-150 inch screen size
  • Integrated woofers and acoustic beam surround sound

Freestyle Portable

  • First portable projector with auto leveling and autofocus
  • Smart TV interface provides access to streaming services
  • Wireless DeX connectivity mirrors content from compatible Samsung smartphones
  • Battery capable of powering up to 4 hours streaming

Projector market growing as consumers seek more flexible large screen options beyond traditional TVs. Samsung’s laser models provide immersive theater-like experiences for home spaces where permanently mounting massive screens may not be practical.

Meanwhile, the Freestyle’s wireless capabilities and portability open new use cases like impromptu group viewing during camping trips or backyard movie nights.

What Samsung Achieved at CES 2024

With its boundary blurring transparent screen and updates across multiple product lines, Samsung aimed to stimulate imagination about the future of displays in the home, office, and everywhere in between.

“We’re entering a new era of screens where displays can fit any size, shape and space while meeting every lifestyle need,” said President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Han Jong-hee.

Though pricing remains a question, the concepts and technologies shown at CES 2024 suggest consumers may one day enjoy personalized spaces where screens fluidly integrate into environments and serve up immersive content almost anywhere.

Gartner analyst Paul Semenza summed up Samsung’s ambitious showing:

“Samsung has fired a shot across the bow to suggest it plans to aggressively target the high-end TV market, taking advantage of new technologies to produce televisions whose picture quality exceeds that of anything its competitors can deliver.”

Competitors like LG, Sony, TCL and others showcased their own advancements at CES 2024 but did not demonstrate breakthroughs on par with Samsung’s transparent marvel. It remains to be seen how quickly such innovations filter down to mainstream affordable TVs. But the dream of interactive displays blending seamlessly into daily environments appears nearer than ever thanks to MicroLED’s potential.

What’s Next for Display Technology?

Samsung wowed CES 2024 attendees but left them wanting more next-generation display magic. If transparent TVs represent screens breaking free of rectangular constraints, where might the technology expand next?

Industry sources suggest several possible directions:

  • Rolls Royce has floated the idea of customizable car dashboard screens conforming precisely to interior shapes for more seamless design
  • Transparent commercial refrigerators could enable consumers to view actual food/drinks behind digital labels and pricing
  • Curved transparent displays that surround hotel lobbies, museums or other grand spaces may create more immersive experiences
  • Transparent screens overlaying building windows to layer digital art, decorations, or information onto real cityscapes

Samsung may reveal additional variations of transparent screens for new environments like these at next year’s CES 2025, along with upgraded versions of newly announced technologies like QD-OLED TV’s.

If the company can drive down production costs, mainstream consumers may get their first taste of boundary blurring displays built using MicroLED matrices or similar technologies. For now, the innovative Self-lit Transparent Display remains firmly targeted at commercial applications.

The dream of vibrant customizable screens enhancing rather than displacing reality appears well underway thanks to MicroLED’s potential. Samsung has lit the way forward from traditional rectangles to displays acting as ambient windows blending seamlessly into previously ordinary spaces.

Samsung 2024 TV Lineup

Series Sizes Key Features
Neo QLED 8K 50 to 110 inches
  • Neural Quantum Processor powered by AI
  • 14-bit color processing
  • 4,000 nit peak brightness
  • Dolby Atmos
S95C QD-OLED 77 inches
  • Anti-glare matte panel
  • Quantum Dot OLED pixels
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in SmartThings Hub
The Frame 32 to 85 inches
  • Matte anti-glare display
  • Auto HDR tone mapping
  • Thinner bezels with customization
Premiere 4K Laser Projectors 127 & 150 inches
  • 2,800 ANSI lumens
  • Lasers for higher brightness
  • Integrated sound system with woofers & beam surround
Freestyle Portable Projector Up to 100 inches
  • Auto leveling and autofocus
  • Smart TV platform built-in
  • Wireless screen mirroring from phones
  • 4 hour battery for streaming



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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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