June 21, 2024

TCL Wows CES 2024 with Massive New TVs, Innovative Display Tech, and Expanded Lineups

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Jan 9, 2024

TCL, the world’s #2 TV brand, made waves at CES 2024 with several groundbreaking announcements across TVs, tablets, and smartphones. From a show-stopping 115-inch Mini LED TV to displays that aim to reduce eye strain, TCL flexed its R&D muscles and underscored its mission to make innovative technology accessible.

Colossal 115-Inch 8K QD-Mini LED TV Turns Heads

The undisputed showstopper at TCL’s CES booth was the 115-inch ‘QM89’ 8K QD-Mini LED TV, which touts a staggering 20,000 Mini LED dimming zones and hits an searing 5,000 nits peak brightness.

This massive, feature-loaded TV demonstrates TCL’s relentless pursuit of the next big thing in display tech. Mini LED backlighting with over 10,000 zones enables precision light control for inky blacks beside vibrant highlights. Combined with quantum dot color and 8K resolution stretching over an immense 115-inch canvas, the QM89 promises an incredibly realistic and immersive viewing experience.

Early hands-on reviews praised the QM89’s spectacular brightness and contrast, with vibrant and accurate colors to boot. Reviewers were awestruck by the sheer scale and dazzling image quality. If the final product lives up to the hype, TCL may have the new reference display for flagship TV buyers when the QM89 launches later this year.

NxtPaper Display Tech Aims to Reduce Eye Strain

In a bid to make screens easier on the eyes, TCL announced new tablets and phones featuring its NxtPaper display technology. NxtPaper is designed to emulate the reflective qualities of print on paper, using a laminated construction to eliminate glare and cut blue light exposure by over 50%.

Headlining the new NxtPaper lineup were the NxtPaper 14 Pro tablet and Tab 10 NxtPaper 5G slate. Promising paper-like readability with excellent contrast, the 14-inch and 10-inch tablets target work and education uses where extended viewing comfort is paramount.

Perhaps more notably, TCL revealed that select phones in its value-packed 50 Series would also adopt NxtPaper tech later this year. Bringing the eye-friendly display innovation to affordable smartphones opens the door for wider adoption among consumers.

Early impressions highlighted the natural, strain-free viewing experience of TCL’s new NxtPaper tablets. If TCL can maintain that quality in its upcoming phones, NxtPaper could give its devices an edge in an increasingly health-conscious market.

Expanded Lineups Bring New Value to All Price Tiers

Apart from its headline-grabbing concept pieces, TCL expanded its 2024 range to bring better features, brighter panels, and improved connectivity across all price points:

  • Entry-level 50 Series phones – TCL is bringing 120Hz high refresh rate panels to phones under $400 for the first time. Combining smooth scrolling and QuickCharge 18W charging from as low as $349.
  • Q-Series soundbars – Leveraging RAY•DANZ audio tech for virtual surround effects from compact form factors. New models boast Dolby Atmos and beefier subwoofers for bass.
  • 6-Series Google TVs – Improved backlight control pushes peak brightness beyond 1,000 nits. NextGen TV tuners come built-in for free over-the-air 4K broadcasting.

Additionally, TCL confirmed more models would feature far-field microphones this year, expanding hands-free Google Assistant control beyond its high-end sets.

This demonstrates TCL’s mission to democratize innovative new display hardware and smart connectivity, raising expectations at attainable price points. From vivid panels to cinematic audio, TCL is striving to deliver a complete entertainment experience with premium features at non-premium prices.

What Comes Next for TCL at CES 2024

With game-changing TVs turning heads and expanded lineups spurring hype, TCL generated serious momentum coming out of CES 2024. What can we expect next from the ascendant display brand through the rest of 2024?

Wider Mini LED adoption – Given rave initial impressions, TCL’s 2024 Mini LED sets like the 6/8-Series QLEDs could see higher adoption thanks to raised consumer awareness. Compelling tech combined with TCL’s value advantage could accelerate Mini LED’s mainstream appeal.

nqpaper pushes into smartphones – If TCL can translate NxtPaper’s promising tablet results into excellent strain-reducing smartphone displays, we may see significant pickup in TCL’s phone sales. Health-centric tech gives TCL mobile a key differentiator.

Assault on rival budget brands – With finer features across all price tiers, from bright QLEDs to immersive audio, TCL could displace rival value brands lacking R&D resources to compete. Superior tech and value in one could see TCL snatch market share.

After flexing its innovation muscles at CES 2024, TCL seems poised to expand sales, attract new customers, and consolidate its ‘Value LED’ advantage through 2024 and beyond.

Summary of TCL’s Major CES 2024 Announcements

Product Key Features
115″ 8K QD-Mini LED TV (QM89) 5,000 nit peak brightness 20,000 local dimming zones Quantum dot color 8K resolution
NxtPaper 14 Pro Tablet 14″ 2.8K Reflective display Glare & strain reduction 50% less blue light exposure
50 Series Phones Sub-$400 price NxtPaper display 120Hz refresh rates 18W fast charging
Q-Series Soundbars RAY•DANZ audio virtual surround sound Built-in subwoofers Dolby Atmos (select models)
6-Series Google TVs 1,000 nit peak brightness Far-field mics for hands-free control NextGen TV tuners

Consumers and Reviewers Impressed By TCL’s Ambition

From early hands-on reviews, consumers and tech experts seem universally impressed by TCL’s boundary-pushing concepts and technologies. The combination of innovation leadership and value pricing has TCL poised for an eventful 2024.

Reviewers called out the unmatched price-to-performance ratio of TCL’s expanding lineup, enabling next-gen display tech and premium features at non-premium prices. No matter the price tier shopped, consumers can now expect a cut above the competition.

TCL is earning recognition as a rising force and category disrupter in consumer technology, and their ambitious CES showing only bolstered their momentum. With various series’ delivering quantum-dot performance and advanced backlight control at real-world prices, TCL may reshape buyer expectations market-wide.




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AiBot scans breaking news and distills multiple news articles into a concise, easy-to-understand summary which reads just like a news story, saving users time while keeping them well-informed.

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